Master of Business Administration (part-time)


Program Description

Master of Business Administration (part-time)

The University of Southampton MBA will give you the tools, knowledge and confidence to challenge conventional thinking and succeed in today’s fast-moving business world by standing out, not blending in.

The Part-time MBA stream is aimed at candidates who have at least five years of significant managerial experience who wish to further develop their understanding of, and effectiveness in, their organisational and business context.

Entry to the programme is in late September and February. The overall period of study is typically between two and three years, depending upon the time of entry and the amount of time that can be devoted to attending units and to private study. Students must complete the core units and any two optional units within a three year period. A further six months is allowed for the dissertation.

Programme Overview

Taught in our new Executive Education Centre, our MBA meets the global standard of the Association of MBAs (AMBA), through a broad curriculum aimed at developing your business skills in all areas. Key management theories and concepts are taught by inspirational academic staff who also carry out cutting-edge research in their specialist fields.

Whether on our full-time or part-time programme, the Southampton MBA will challenge you to look at business issues from different perspectives in order to find the best solutions. You will learn from real business problems and share experiences with the diverse cohort that makes up this programme. Throughout your time at Southampton, you will be encouraged to consolidate and reflect on your learning.

Studying for the Southampton MBA will also give you the chance to meet and network with other future business leaders from around the world. You will make friends and contacts for life.

Programme Structure

During each academic year, some of the core units will be scheduled during day-time ( 9am-5pm), normally Fridays, and the remainder in weekday evenings ( 6pm-9pm), Monday to Thursday. For the core units delivered in day-time during one year, we will aim to deliver some of them in evenings in successive years. In this way, students are able to choose whether they undertake mainly day-time or evening study, or simply choose whatever pattern of attendance happens to suit them from time to time. Optional units may be delivered during day-time or evenings.

Clearly, a student’s workload at any point in time will depend upon the overall duration of the study (anything between one and three years) and the number of units studied in any Semester.

Completing the degree within one year would be equivalent to full-time attendance, but with a different schedule to the full-time stream. It would not be realistic to study the programme in one year and to have significant other work commitments.

To Apply

If you wish to apply to the School's part-time MBA programme you should complete a University of Southampton application form and return it to the Academic Registrar. You can fill out the form online or download an application pack.

Typical entry requirements

Degree requirements

1st or 2nd class honours degree from a UK university. Equivalent overseas/ professional qualification in an appropriate subject also welcomed. Relevant levels of work experience.

Selection process:

Intake: 22
Average applicants per place: 2

The average age of participants is about thirty-six years. It is unlikely that anyone much under the age of thirty would be deemed to have sufficient managerial experience to obtain maximum benefit from this stream of the MBA programme.

Your application will be carefully considered by a specialist member of the academic staff who will weigh up many factors; not only your academic achievements, interests and aptitudes but also your motivation and your referee's confidential report.

We make our decisions in most cases on the application form and supporting documents alone. Candidates who require special consideration, e.g. on grounds of age, disability or non-standard entry qualifications may be interviewed.

Accreditation: AMBA

Fees: £18500 over two years. £9250 per year.

Last updated Mar 2018

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