Master of Business Administration (SHU MBA)

SHU MBA is one of the first MBA programs in China committed to the whole-person development curriculum, which includes three categories of modules “Global Local and Specific Business Skills”, “Personal Development and Leadership”, action-learning emphasized “Career Intelligence”. The “Personal Development and Leadership” courses and action-learning “Career Intelligence” courses are articulated as compulsory credits (about 30-40% of 60 total credits) in addition to its Global Local Business Skills courses.

Glocal Excellence

Ranked Top

In 2009, GLMBA, the flagship program of MBA, was ranked the best in China amongst all MBA programs in group 5 and 6 of the fifth and sixth batches of MBA programs in China.SHU MBA may be the first MBA education in China with a focus on the GLOBAL LOCAL subject framework: by integrating global standards and thinking into local practice.SHU MBA uses its social recognition and actions to prove its full commitment to delivering a responsible education that will further each and every one of our ongoing and prospective MBA students.


A Pioneer of New MBA Education under a Committed Mission
To echo the education thoughts of Shanghai University and talent needs of Shanghai, we, Shanghai University’s MBA Center (SHU MBA) are one of the pioneers in Whole-person and Global Local MBA Education in China and in the world. Having undergone explosive transformation since our inception in 2004, we aim to deliver a new generation of MBA education through a unique and innovative teaching model. We are committed to our mission of “Developing Outstanding Whole-person and Global-Local Talents You can Trust and Work with(培养全面发展的,可相信与共事的Global Local人才)”.

We at SHU MBA trust that our MBA education is more than just a knowledge-building experience. More than just a collection of mathematical models, facts, data, and figures, this is a journey that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. You will study societal & business leadership here, and most importantly, you will demonstrate it. You will undergo a transformation that ultimately lets you answer the question: “What do you want to contribute to the business as well as community sectors of the world?”

Right Program, Right Person

We understand that there is no single MBA program catered to suit each individual student. Thus, our applicants are required to understand their future personal and career goals and their life mission before pursuing SHU MBA degree programs, which include Global Local MBA (GLMBA), Global Finance MBA (GFMBA), and Global Sustainability MBA (GSMBA). We also recognize the growing trend that the China MBA Education is becoming more competitive but also becoming more mature. Hence, we also welcome applications from overseas to prepare the new generation of global business and community which should also accommodate the change of China and its MBA education.

Inter-locked Competency Development Journey

SHU MBA trusts that an effective MBA education learning journey should be a well-planned and inter-locking blocks of competency-building process under highly dynamic interactions between lectures and course works inside classroom, and simulated action-learning projects and extra-curricular student initiatives outside classroom through student unions, career development student club (CDC Club), global exchanges student club (GE Club), and global sustainability and responsibility student club (GSR Club). These learning journeys of our students are supported and facilitated by the intimate co-operation from our faculty, who are (i) our world-class professors crossing different disciplines of the campus, and (ii) our corporate-community adjunct professors formed by experienced practitioners from real-world.

Our Outstanding Graduates

SHU MBA expect after paying full efforts on completing the learning journey, our outstanding MBA graduates should be fortified in having “Global Mindsets and Vision”, “Local Respects and Actions”, “Integrity in Personal Life, Business Practice and Academic Learning”, “Professionalism in global soft skills and specific knowledge catered to specific industries”, “Entrepreneurship and Innovation through strong abilities of framing issues and propose multi-solutions” and “Community-Responsible Leadership for a better and sustainable future for both corporate and community development” at the end of SHU MBA’s educational journey.

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Sep 2020
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Sep 2020
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Sep 2020

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