Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Program Description

The Master of Business Administration program enables students to contribute to the business profession and fosters independent learning. Upon completion of this program, students are able to:

  • Evaluate an organization’s financial position through financial statement analysis and/or forecasting.
  • Summarize and discuss the ethical and legal responsibilities of organizations.
  • Apply selected methods of quantitative analysis to enhance business decisions.
  • Compare economic environments and markets and their impact on business.

Through a conceptual understanding, apply managerial leadership skills, marketing strategies and/or international business concepts, theory, and research to critically analyze and solve problems in unpredictable environments.

The Master of Business Administration offers an intensive graduate program that educates students in theories and practices of the modern business world. The MBA program fosters independent learning and enables students to contribute intellectually to the business profession.

MBA students complete general coursework in valuable areas such as accounting, finance, management, marketing and business research methods. Graduates demonstrate a conceptual understanding of advanced business strategies and critically analyze and solve problems based on applied research methods. There are four concentrations in the MBA:

The concentration in Marketing is designed to provide students with a basic marketing background to prepare them for positions in business and government.

International Business (IB)
International business is an important aspect of the business world today. This concentration prepares graduates for employment in positions with companies engaged in international commerce.

This concentration analyzes business entrepreneurship in an entirely new way. It is designed to inspire and expand the way business challenges are approached and to offer a curriculum designed to hone the skills of those who are currently – or aspire to be – an entrepreneur.

This concentration prepares students to manage people, teams, and organizations in different cultural environments. It provides students with the tools they need to be successful organizational leaders.

Core Courses

  • MBA 5001 Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • MBA 5002 International Finance
  • MBA 5003 Project Management
  • MBA 5004 Managerial Accounting
  • MBA 5005 Management Information Systems
  • MBA 5006 Competitive Intelligence
  • MBA 5007 Human Resources and Knowledge Management
  • MBA 5008 Business Perspectives
  • MBA 5009 Tools for Business Statistics
  • MBA 6019 Executive MBA Capstone

International Business Concentration

  • MBA 6011 International Competitiveness
  • MBA 6013 Global Business Law
  • MBA 6014 Global Business Environments

or Marketing Concentration

  • MBA 6016 Global Marketing Case Analysis
  • MBA 6022 Marketing Research and Analysis
  • MBA 6024 Marketing Strategy and Planning

or Entrepreneurship Concentration

  • MBA 6030 International Trade for Entrepreneurs
  • MBA 6031 International Entrepreneurship: Case Studies
  • MBA 6032 Creating New Ventures

or Leadership Concentration

  • LMS 5002 Leadership Theories and Practices
  • LMS 6010 Cross-Cultural Human Relations and Negotiation
  • LMS 5003 Creating and Leading in Effective Organizations
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