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Program Description

In the ANU Master in Business Administration program, we know that there is no better way for you to grow as a business leader than to apply the knowledge you gain in the classroom to the real challenges you face on the job. We customize your program experience, equip you with the knowledge and experience you need to succeed, and put that knowledge to work on field projects that solve real-world challenges faced by local business and organizations.

The ANU Difference

  • Put theory into practice by applying the knowledge gained in your classrooms in projects that help local businesses and organizations solve real-world problems.
  • Build a strong network with community business leaders, instructors with in-field experience, and fellow students.
  • Personal attention – You're not just a face in a crowd, our small class sizes allow for personal attention from instructors.
  • Customize your program. Match your program to the specific needs of your field through our specializations or choose from several classes that meet your unique business challenges.
  • Earn credit for your life and work experience.
  • Alumni benefits – Our support doesn't end at graduation, as an alumnus you will have access to our career services and refresher2 courses available throughout your career.


Students may also choose to earn a distinction in their particular field by specializing their program. Rather than choosing five elective courses, students will follow a specific course path (total of 20 credit hours) that would give them an in-depth study in the strategies, legal and ethical issues and management practice that is particular to the following fields:

  • Accounting Management: Master theoretical and practical accounting and management skills and prepare for new requirements for CPA candidacy.
  • Healthcare Management: Focus on knowledge-base and current issues related to healthcare informatics, health policy, patient safety, and the ethical, legal, and regulatory issues that are particular to being a leader in the healthcare industry.
  • Hospitality Management: Students learn about the use and development of natural and cultural resources in tourism projects – and challenges students to attract and retain markets using technology. The international scope of the program provides a framework for students to understand the interrelationship between business and politics, and how lawmakers develop policies that govern the flow of people and businesses within and between countries.
  • International Business: Conduct in-depth study with perspective from peers from around the world – building a solid foundation in global diversity, international finance, international human resources, and accounting -- providing the necessary knowledge and skills in managing multinational organizations.
  • Organizational Management: Design and measure organizational effectiveness, understand leadership roles and learn how to successfully manage teams by applying theory to real-world situations.
  • Information Technology: Students interested in leadership and management of technology businesses or technology operations within an organization can specialize in this field by pursuing the MBA-IT program at ANU. Please see the MBA-IT program page for more information.

Core Courses

Nine core courses (36 core credit hours) focus on the following key business management knowledge areas:


Establish firm knowledge of financial theory and analyze its application through case analysis. Topics include capital management, operating and financial leverage, costs of capital, investment, and financing decisions.


Explore how consumer behavior, market research, environmental trend analysis, new product development, pricing and distribution decisions, and promotional considerations must interact to create a successful marketing program.

Operations Management

Develop an understanding of the strategic role of operations in management and learn key methodologies in measuring effectiveness and improving operation activities.

Legal and Ethical Business Environment

Examine the interrelationships among business, government, and society and explore how the interactions between these three impacts vision, decision-making, and execution of business strategies.

Business Research and Information Systems

Apply information technology in integrating data, developing and utilizing research information, and communicating results in meaningful and effective ways.

Leadership and Human Resources

Strengthen your leadership in applying theory to management situations, exploring effective communications, and learning about the mechanics of human resources and workforce need analysis.

Online Courses (eLearning) Through ANU

At American National University, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to further their education and to achieve their career goals. We offer busy students in bachelor and MBA programs the option of taking classes through our convenient online learning platform. As an online American National University student, you'll receive the same career-focused education with personal attention from our faculty and staff that students receive in our classrooms... such as academic advising, mentoring, and career services. The only difference is you can choose when to study so that it works with your schedule, leaving you more flexibility to balance life's priorities.

Candidate Profile

American National University seeks prospective Master degree students from a wide range of academic fields and professional experiences who demonstrate strong leadership skills and have clear professional goals. We do not require students to complete a GRE – but select those candidates who we believe will succeed at American National University and throughout their chosen careers. We welcome applications from graduates of accredited colleges and universities or an appropriately certified foreign institution in all academic disciplines.

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In 1886, a group of visionary educators and business leaders saw the need for a higher education institution focused on career-based training to meet workforce needs in the southeastern United States. ... Read More

In 1886, a group of visionary educators and business leaders saw the need for a higher education institution focused on career-based training to meet workforce needs in the southeastern United States. Together they founded what is now known as American National University with the intent of training workers in business, banking, accounting, administration, and other skilled professions. Read less
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