Master of Business Administration (MBA)

What is the future of management education?

Join us and we will build it together at Asia School of Business.

Bank Negara Malaysia and MIT Sloan School embrace the challenge to trace a new and better path. ASB is the opportunity to start an educational institution from scratch and address the needs and challenges of management education with a fresh, innovative and entrepreneurial approach. We strongly believe that the next generation of transformative leaders for the emerging world will be developed on the basis of theories found in the top global universities combined with the experience and action learning perspective.

student Learning about problems companies face from case studies is a model of the past. Action Learning is the future. ASB will offer management students, management practitioners, and the institutions that employ them a new way of doing things, new ways of learning, new ways of thinking and a better integration of theory with practice.

ASB's MBA 3.0 blends theory and practice at every level. The MIT Sloan faculty will teach the same rigorous core curriculum at ASB that is delivered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Additionally, ASB's curriculum will include action learning projects with our corporate partners and institutional partners throughout Asia, providing ongoing opportunities to test and apply the theories of the classroom in a broad range of organizational, institutional and field challenges.

Our exciting and highly innovative curriculum is in the approval process but in the meantime visit our Curriculum page to learn about the main highlights of the program.

Action Learning at Asia School of Business

Action Learning is a process which involves working on real challenges, using the knowledge and skills of a team to question and re-interpret old and familiar concepts, create new solutions and execute them to evaluate the outcome. Action Learning projects can resolve significant business, organizational and social problems and take the classroom into the field and the client companies into the classroom.

Action Learning projects (4-5 projects over the course of the MBA program; 40% of the curriculum): the students have the option to specialize in a particular industry or function while working with real companies or can choose to get broad exposure to a range of different types of projects. Action Learning projects take place across the region and ASB facilitates placements (students are not expected to find their own projects).

Other Highlights:

  • Approximately 80% of the courses are delivered by MIT faculty
  • 6 weeks trip to the US (4 weeks in MIT and 2 weeks in the industry

The curriculum will feature the MIT Sloan Action Learning pedagogy:


  • THINK - the class experience
  • ACT - the "go and see" experience
  • REFLECT - the critical thinking experience
  • REPEAT - Knowledge comes from repeated experimentation.

The ASB education puts you in a position to experience exponential growth — academically, personally, and professionally. More than that, the MBA program at ASB will build your confidence as a leader and an agent of change, putting you on a path to accomplish your career goals and aspirations.


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There is a career module as part of their curriculum in order to help our students to find employment after graduation. Students also participate in Action Learning projects for 40% of their time in the program, and through this exposure to working with real companies, there is a high potential for career placement with Action Learning partners. In addition to hosting more tradition career fairs, we engage extensively with our industry partners for post-employment opportunities, as well as with consulting services such as Career Muse (an MIT Alumni founded company) to help our students advance their post-graduation career objectives.

Cost & Fees

Approximately 85, 000 USD (all inclusive of tuition fees, accommodation, course materials and travel for Action Learning projects as well as travel to the U.S.)

It is the goal of Asia School of Business to admit the most qualified applicants. Asia School of Business uses a “needs blind” admissions process which does not consider the economic status of the applicant. It is the goal of Asia School of Business to admit the most qualified applicants and will work with admitted applicants to secure the financial assistance they need through scholarships and/or loans.

Program taught in:
  • English
Last updated May 6, 2019
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18 months
80,000 USD
- Total Mandatory Tuition Fees, Accommodation and Travel
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