Master in Business Administration


Program Description

The MBA covers all the functional areas of a company while, at the same time, offering a special and different focus on the latest marketing and digital economy trends. Participants acquire skills, tools, and the necessary mindset to develop a successful and global professional career.


  • An extensive combination of classes, projects, workshops, real-world business situations, and international experiences.
  • An MBA with a different focus on the latest marketing and digital economy trends.
  • Development and application of key management skills in order to function effectively in today’s increasingly complex and multicultural environment.


The main objectives of the MBA are to:

  1. Understand and master the methods and key concepts of the different disciplines that are related to a company, as well as their practical application.
  2. Learn how to effectively develop yourself in different cultural and social contexts.
  3. Provide your entrepreneurial decisions and activities with human and ethical values.
  4. Acquire the skills and tools needed to successfully develop yourself in today’s business environment.

What Makes Us Different


MBA from ESIC + MIB from FIU. Once the MBA program in Madrid is completed, students will have the opportunity to obtain a Master in International Business at Florida International University, by studying in Miami for 8 additional months (additional payment is required).


As a part of the final project, students will have the possibility to study an additional term at one university from a list of more than 100 around the world that are partners with ESIC. This list includes Shanghai, Beijing, Buenos Aires, Bangalore, New York, Munich, Paris, Bogota, etc. (Tuition fees are included. Personal and travel expenses are not included).


MBA students will also have the opportunity to participate in different immersion trips to China, United Kingdom, United States, or Brazil. These trips will take place during the academic year (additional payment is required).


Throughout the program, MBA students interact in a diverse and multicultural context with other students from more than 10 different countries, as they participate in common activities, both in Spanish and English. ESIC also organizes talks and conferences to encourage the development of professional ties that help students enhance their careers. They will also have access to the ESIC’s Alumni network, which is a great meeting point among students, professionals, and academics around the world.


ESIC encourages learning English as a key skill to successfully develop oneself in an increasingly globalized environment. For this, we offer a free course, as part of the program, so that all those students that have a B2 level acquire a C1 level by the end of the MBA program.


This program is based on specialized learning, focused on the student and guided by professionals and tutors that will help you to understand, practice, reflect, and apply both specific knowledge and capabilities. The idea is to create an action-feedback-analysis-action cycle that supports learning and the student’s development in the program. In this context, the learning strategy will be based on these three principles:


Student Profile

Responsible, hard-working, and proactive graduates and professionals that are open to new challenges. Participants with an entrepreneurial spirit and leadership traits that are willing to expand their business management knowledge, redirect their career, and/or enhance their leadership skills, all within an environment based by decision-making in an increasingly globalized and digitalized context.

Admission Requirements

The admission requirements for the MBA are:
  • Be in possession of a Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Pass the admission tests and the interview with the program’s director.
  • Have at least 3 years of professional experience.
  • It is advisable to have a good level of English. If this is not the case, ESIC will provide a special plan for these students so they finish the program with an appropriate level of the language.
  • As part of the admission process, the candidate will have to take the GMAT or take the admission tests done by ESIC BUSINESS & MARKETING SCHOOL. The places where the GMAT can be taken, as well as its dates, can be found at

To take the admission tests, candidates must contact the Admissions Department:



ESIC’s International MBA (IMBA) appears in the 27th position among International MBAs.

ESIC’s MBAs are included within the top 170 MBA programs in the world, ranked number 62 outside the US.

ESIC’s EMBA is ranked within the top 100 Executive MBAs in the world and number 29 in Europe.
ESIC is ranked within the top 100 MBAs in the world and, more importantly, within the top 50 for Marketing, Finance, and EMBA.

ESIC’s MBAs appears 18th in the ranking of the best 49 programs for Latin American students.

The MBAs from ESIC are included in the top 77 international programs, occupying the 52nd position in this ranking.

Last updated Feb 2019

About the School

ESIC is a group of leading business schools in Spain, with an experience of over fifty years training business and marketing professionals. We strive to incentivize, promote, and maintain a direct rel ... Read More

ESIC is a group of leading business schools in Spain, with an experience of over fifty years training business and marketing professionals. We strive to incentivize, promote, and maintain a direct relationship with the business environment in order to provide you with a practical academic training which focuses on the needs of the labor market. We offer training with values, to engage successfully as a highly qualified professional with excellent command and knowledge of the latest trends. Read less
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