Master of Business Administration

The aim of this Master is to form professionals capable of solving problems, making decisions and innovate in the ever-changing and competitive environment that characterizes the productive sector. The program does so by linking theory and practice and thus improving the individual’s professional performance.

The Master program consists of 20 courses, of which 15 belong to the core and 5 represent one of the following specialization areas:

  • Finances
  • International Management
  • Project Management
  • Marketing

This online master program targets those people who have completed their college degree (in engineering, science, administration, social sciences, etc.) and require broadening their formation in business administration in order to tackle the challenges of their professional life more efficiently, but due to their work cannot attend classes in a classroom with a fixed schedule.

Candidate Profile

  • Bachelor degree, preferably related to the area of study.
  • Good skills in reading and written expression.
  • Logical and mathematical reasoning.
  • Good disposition towards collaborative work over the internet.
  • Able to use Information Technologies and computers.
  • Positive attitude towards self-regulated learning and self-training.
  • English proficiency equivalent to 450 points in TOEFL.

Graduate Profile

  • The ability for decision making, problem-solving, innovation, and collaborative work.
  • Knowledge of basic areas of an Enterprise, such as marketing, accounting, finance, international management and human resources.
  • Interest in innovation and the use of Information and Communication Technologies, ability to question the knowledge and existing practices in a business context, ethics in diagnosing and solution of management problems.
  • Use of auxiliary models and methods in the decision-making process.


Each On-Line Master Program consists of a total of 80 credits (20 courses, of 4 credits each). They are designed to be taken in 2 years, by taking 2 courses per period (5 periods per year), thus making a total of 10 courses per year.

The cost of one credit is currently $1,420.00 pesos, each course then costs $5,680.00 pesos.


One credit $1,600
One course (4 credits) $6,400
Admission Fee $7,210
Graduation Fee $9,000 Paid once the student is a candidate for graduation
SEP Fee $145 To be paid once each year

Note: All costs are in MX pesos.

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This course is Online, Campus based
Start Date
July 2019
2 years
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Start Date
July 2019
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July 2019

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