Master in Business Administration


Program Description

As a manager focused on creating value and generating results, you want management training that reflects your commitment to performance. As a rising executive, you want knowledge and skills that enable you to accelerate your career. As an ambitious professional eager to assume a leadership position in a high-performance organization, you want the Telfer MBA.

About the Program

At the Telfer School, we believe that an MBA education should prepare managers and leaders to focus on results, value, and outcomes with discipline and adaptability. To that end, we offer an intensive and integrated program that features small classes, high interaction and peer learning— all conducted in world-class facilities.

All business schools face the challenge of integrating curriculum in a way that is relevant and practical. We believe that leadership of high-performance organizations provides us with an integration theme that has several unique advantages. This theme:

  • works well to advance the careers of our graduates;
  • goes to the heart of strategic leadership and creating value and results—a leading-edge way of dealing with complexity and ensuring organizational focus;
  • ensures students gain hands-on, practical and transferable skills through the use and support of specific tools and applications; and
  • applies to all sectors and industries and is therefore highly relevant to all students.

The theme of performance management is also reflected in the Performance Management Fundamentals course, the Applied Performance Management course (new in 2008), related integrative casework in key courses such as Marketing and Accounting, and the International Trip. In addition, the Telfer MBA provides you with opportunities to work directly with business-intelligence software and closely examine methods and processes used by organizations to create integrated performance-management systems.

MBA Academics

Hands-on, practical and relevant

The University of Ottawa MBA program at the Telfer School of Management exposes you to pioneering, global perspectives that capture the changing face of management in the 21st century.

Through close interaction with national and international executives and public figures, our program immerses students in the realities of private and public sector management today.

It affords a first-hand view of the complex and significant relationships between business and government. And it provides a unique advantage on what’s required to become a successful leader.

Our aims and objectives:

  • Gain a clear understanding of management foundations and the global business environment
  • Develop a strategic perspective Learn to think strategically
  • Establish an integrated perspective on business functions
  • Learn how to manage in a technology-driven global economy
  • Understand how to provide value to the business community

MBA Admission

Admission to the MBA program is competitive and granted to candidates who clearly demonstrate “high promise of success” in the MBA program.

Preference is given to candidates who have greater work experience, particularly where there is evidence of career progression. Note that entry into the MBA program takes place in fall only and begins in mid-August.

In the application to the MBA program, students must elect to study in English or in French and are placed, once admitted, in a cohort/study group accordingly.

  • A Canadian baccalaureate degree or its equivalent with a minimum standing of B or 70 percent
  • Minimum two years of full-time managerial or professional work experience
  • Minimum 50th percentile score on the GMAT
  • English proficiency

Last updated May 2018