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Program Description

The University of New York in Tirana, in collaboration with the Institut Universitaire Kurt Bosch, Switzerland, offers the following MBA programs: MBA (General); MBA in Banking; MBA in Marketing; MBA in Human Resource Management; MBA in Management Information Systems.

The Institut Universitaire Kurt Bosch (IUKB) is a private university created by the industrialist Kurt Bosch and established in Sion, 150 km from Geneva in the Rhone River Valley (Valais). The Institut is recognized by the Swiss Government for post-graduate level education. It has developed links with European universities for various programs and to date, several hundred students have been awarded postgraduate degrees in many disciplines.

The MBA programs are suitable for: Graduates who want to take a step forward in their education before they undertake the rigors of employment. The MBA (Gen) helps them to develop appropriate skills that will be critical to their career pursuits. If however, they would like to take the opportunity of working as they study the MBA, then they are able to take advantage of our provision of the executive route.

Graduates who are already in the job market but are interested in exploring new opportunities within the industry in which they are, or even change their professional route into a new field, the MBA will give them the passport to success. Even if graduates have spent time outside formal education, perhaps bringing up a family, our MBA provides modern courses that have a flexible structure and focuses on skills and critical thinking, thus building upon skills that have already been acquired.

The MBA in Banking offers the opportunity to develop the required skills needed to manage finance, people, and information and to learn how these skills can be applied in banking and elsewhere in the financial sector. This degree will equip you with the managerial knowledge and skills to respond successfully to rapid changes in technology, customer requirements and regulations in order to make smart decisions about operations and strategies within a multinational organization. By taking advantage of the Swiss expertise in banking we use case studies to illustrate the principles of management to help you develop commercial awareness, leadership, communication and presentation skills.

The MBA programs aim at:

1.Exposing participants to an advanced study of business and management in a local and international context;
2.Helping them to develop further in their careers by enhancing their management skills and knowledge;
3.Enabling them to apply knowledge on business and management issues with a view to improving their decision-making ability at work;
4.Directing them towards the acquisition of learning skills that will help them operate in a continuously evolving business environment;
5.Familiarizing them with the different business functions that lead to effective decision-making; and
6.Developing managerial skills through their exposure to applied problem-solving, role-playing and experiential learning situations.


Either MBA is acquired by the attainment of 60 Master level credits, which include 12 credits from the Business Consultancy Project.

Students will study in an executive mode of studies. As a result, they will be able to continue their career while studying for their MBA degree.

The MBA will be delivered by local tutors as well as visiting professors approved by a joint academic Committee of New York College, University of New York Prague, University of New York Tirana and Institut Universitaire Kurt Bosch.

Emphasis Modules

General Route
• Global Business and International Trade
• Entrepreneurship & SME Management
• Innovation & New Product Development
• Knowledge Management

• Financial Strategy & Policy
• Global Business and International Trade
• Financial Markets
• Retail Banking

• Marketing Research
• Advertising and PR
• Sales Management & Operations
• Innovation & New Product Development

Human Resource Management
• Organization Development & Change
• Human Resource Strategy
• Industrial Relations & Legal Aspects in HR
• Cross-Cultural Management

Management of Information Systems
• IT for Competitive Advantage
• Electronic Commerce
• Telecommunications Management
• Knowledge Management

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The UNYT is a fascinating blend of challenge and vision, in response to the needs of a global society and era. It is for this reason why the UNYT attracts students of high ability and employs academic staff of distinction, some recognized as international leaders in their fields. Read less
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