Master in Advanced Management in Purchasing

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Start date: January 15, 2019

Training in purchasing is one of the most important tools to ensure the growth of a professional career and to set future prospects. Both for active professionals and for those who see this activity as a future option, the programs of the Official Purchasing Certifier offer an extraordinary preparation to successfully face one of the most significant functions of any business structure.

Globalization, new markets, swings in financial markets, new purchasing management strategies, optimization of resources ... Our profession faces exciting and changing challenges. In this framework, training is the accent that marks the difference in a professional, adds value to their profile and enables them to aspire to more.

What will you achieve with this course?

Provide access to adequate training, which gives purchasing professionals skills, knowledge, skills and tools to optimize their decisions in the company and gain competitive advantage.

"The participant has the possibility of carrying out individual modules to complete the Master in Advanced Purchasing Management"

Course aimed at:

Managers and Purchasing Managers, Purchasing Managers, Category Managers, Purchasing Analysts and Senior Buyers, as well as professionals related to suppliers and Purchases and Procurement.

Obtained title

Certificate of Academic Competence issued by SGS ICS IBÉRICA

Private Qualification issued by the UADIN Business School


Module 1. Global Sourcing

  • Globalization of the economy
  • Definition of Global Sourcing
  • Adaptation of purchases to Global Sourcing
  • Import Processes
  • Incoterms
  • International contracts

Module 2. Quality Management in Purchasing

  • Quality management
  • Planning and monitoring of quality
  • Quality systems in purchases ISO9000
  • Purchase specifications
  • Quality control of product suppliers
  • Quality of Services and service level agreements
  • SLA's
  • Measuring the performance of suppliers
  • Improving the performance of suppliers

Module 3. Information Management in Purchasing (e-Purchasing)

  • Information Systems
  • The Purchasing Function
  • Solutions of the Portals of Suppliers
  • Market Trends in e-procurement
  • e-Sourcing: RFx
  • e-Sourcing: AUC

Module 4. Negotiation in Purchases

Part I: The Negotiation Process in Procurement

  • Principles of the Negotiation
  • Preparing the Negotiation
  • Knowledge and application of Negotiation tactics
  • International negotiation
  • Internal negotiation
  • Behavior in negotiations
  • Time management
  • Pre and Post-Negotiation
  • Market and suppliers. Our natural environment

Part II: Psychological tools

  • Negotiation concepts
  • Active listening in the negotiation process
  • Interview techniques to improve negotiation
  • Non-verbal negotiation
  • Assertive negotiation
  • Persuasion
  • The seduction in the negotiation
  • Transactional analysis and the johari window
  • Creative negotiation
  • Negotiating attitudes
  • Negotiating styles
  • Qualities and skills of the good negotiator

Module 5. Risk Management in Purchasing

  • Nature of the risk
  • Risks in the supply market
  • Risk Management in Purchasing
  • Insurance
  • Price risks, volatility
  • Quality of Services and service level agreements - SLA's
  • Measuring the performance of suppliers
  • Improving the performance of suppliers

Module 6. Control and continuous improvement in Purchasing

  • Why do we need Control in the Management of
  • Purchases?
  • Effectiveness and efficiency. Change management
  • Shopping as a strategic figure and its involvement in the organization. Organizational structure
  • Definition and interaction of the different control and decision parameters
  • Management tools
  • Quality of information, analysis and results
  • Informs presentation
  • The UNE-CWA 15896 Standard and the control and continuous improvement of Purchases
  • Structure and responsibilities in management control
  • Innovation processes based on continuous improvement
  • Control of continuous internal improvement and in suppliers
  • Examples of Management Control

Module 7. Purchases and Social Responsibility

  • Sustainable development
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Purchases as a protagonist of CSR in the supply chain
  • Incorporate CSR in Shopping
  • Guides and resources
Program taught in:
  • Spanish
Last updated July 24, 2019
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