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Master of Business Administration

You have at least two years of professional experience in an economic company or a scientific institution after your successful university degree? Are you planning your next career steps?

The Wildau Institute of Technology is aimed at graduates with an engineering or science background, as well as economists and social scientists. Based on your academic and professional knowledge (Bachelor or Diploma), this MBA will provide the basis for your future in a management position. We attach particular importance to practicality and internationality.

In the conception of the study offer, the manifold experience gained from the practice of managers, who participate in our scientific advisory board and / or even lectures. The professors also have their own management experience from previous professional activities (eg at Berliner Bank, DLR, Lufthansa, MTU, Schering) and from current project work in industry. An overview of our teachers can be found under "Team".

The skills acquired in this MBA program allow you, in combination with your existing professional knowledge, to lead a larger company unit on its own responsibility or to take over the management of a smaller company. in the management team of a large company.

A typical career prospect after your successful MBA at the WIT can be, for example, the management of a foreign branch office, a larger production plant or the management of a subsidiary, or a prominent management activity in the company center or an association.

MBA Specialization

Air traffic management

The value chain in the air transport sector is very complex, so the study focuses on the understanding of the interrelations at the interfaces - you are familiar with the viewpoint of the aircraft manufacturers as well as the maintenance and maintenance companies, airports, airspace control and airlines. As successful graduates, you can, in principle, take over all the essential management tasks at an airline, airport or in the aerospace industry around the world. It is also useful for other industries such as international forwarders, tour operators, or authorities or associations.

Energy and infrastructure management

The energy and infrastructure markets are undergoing profound change. The liberalization of the energy markets and the change in the legal framework at European and national level are a major challenge for both companies and employees. We are looking for qualified specialists with know-how, who keep pace with the complex developments of the market and effectively accompany change processes in the company. You will gain insight into the value chain from energy generation, energy transport, energy trading to energy supply.


The specialization area "Logistics" provides the most important foundations in the classic logistics stages procurement, production, distribution and transport. In addition, the elements of supply chain management are analyzed from a processor-oriented and an information technology perspective. This comprehensive approach provides an understanding of the complex interplay between the various actors. Based on this, the ability to evaluate logistical processes, identify potential for optimization, and make them application-oriented. The program is rounded off by a learning center, which offers students the opportunity to practice the applied knowledge holistically in a planning and business game. The focus of the program is the modeling of business process management and various evaluation methods of success analysis.

International project management

With the specialization "International Project Management" you acquire the ability to manage complex large projects and to integrate them into the overall strategy of the company. To do so, you first learn how to exploit your personal potential with modern working and management techniques and to lead some areas of an organization. Then the "Strategic Management" block shows the entrepreneurial success factors of a company as a whole. The specialization module concentrates on the concrete application of this knowledge under the special challenges of international project work, for example in the IT sector, aircraft construction, health care or energy sector. The focus is primarily on real case studies from industry and the public sector. The study program is conducted in cooperation with our practice partner SHC Stolle and Heinz Consultants.


The MBA is carried out in nine intensive courses each week (Monday to Saturday), as well as some weekend workshops (Friday to Saturday); Support and deepening through learning modules for the self-study
e-learning modules is provided.

The study form is designed in such a way that you can reach a balanced work-life balance over the course of the study phase by means of educational leave, the dismantling of additional working days and with free additional days by means of support from your employer. The planning blocks were designed in such a way that you have a realistic chance of a successful conclusion even in the worst case - without any support from your employer.


Your participation in the MBA program requires a successfully completed first degree (Diplom / Bachelor), preferably in an engineering or natural sciences subject, at least two years of qualified professional experience as well as good German and English language skills.

An important prerequisite is also the ability to shape learning processes in the team creatively.


The total fee for the MBA is 11.800, - €.

This fee includes fees for registration, teaching materials and examinations.

The payment is made by a start-up rate of € 2,140, ​​- at the beginning of the studies and in succession over the two years of the program in 23 monthly contributions of 420, - € each.

The costs for care, teaching or evt. On-site events are covered by the study fees. Personally incurred travel and subsistence costs of the respective program participants are, however, to be borne by themselves.


Closing date for applications: 30. June 2014.

Please submit the application form & A: with the following proofs:

  • completed first degree (Bachelor or diploma)
  • at least two years of professional experience
  • good English knowledge
  • qualified application letter

See below: MBA application documents

Please send your application to the following address.


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Who are we? The Wildau Institute of Technology (WIT) is a 2004 newly built Institute at the Technische Hochschule Wildau [FH], one of the largest colleges of Brandenburg with about 4000 students. The range of courses offered ranges from classic engineering courses on business management and business computer science to administrative law. The TH Wildau [FH] is known for innovative and practical work with the private sector and for the economy. She takes in the application-oriented research in Germany a top position among all colleges. What is our goal? The Wildau Institute of Technology (WIT) is the academic training of engineers, economists and social scientists in leadership positions. Target group of our offers are managers and junior staff, the management positions in international corporations or seek growth-oriented medium-sized businesses or pursue their own business creation projects How we are organized? The WIT operates legally independent as a registered association, but in close cooperation with the Technical University of Wildau [FH] Members are institutions and professors of the TH Wildau [FH]. The Board is assisted in its work supported by a scientific advisory board, the leaders from business, science and politics belong (Chairman: Prof. Dr. L. Ungvári, President of the TH Wildau [FH]. Furthermore, advisory boards for the individual study programs are formed. How do we want to work? "WIT will take you further" - this is our motto. For the professional success of our students, we place great value on current curriculum, top quality of our faculty and close cooperation with leading companies in the field. The use of modern learning techniques is a matter of course: the case study work, simulations and e-learning modules as well as excursions and tours round off the classic courses. Read less