The Master of Business Administration and Management (MBA) course aims to develop and strengthen the skills of Mozambican managers and produce business analysts and administrators, both in the public and private sectors, highly qualified.

The program encourages the development of entrepreneurial skills and management practice, addressing the challenges of a regional and global economy, from an international perspective.

The course incorporates the theory and practice of company functions (accounting, finance, management and marketing) as well as more specialized topics with a business focus and public policy interface.


The Master in Business Administration and Management of the Catholic University of Mozambique positions himself as a professional capable of performing functions in the most diverse areas, from a public or private entity.

The extensive management and business management knowledge acquired during the course allows the graduate to have a high analytical capacity, decision-making security in uncertain environments, flexibility for strategic change and development of managerial skills.

The program is designed to prepare students to take a leading role in creating, managing and directing private companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations.


After completing the MBA, the graduate will have the following competencies:

  • Design and develop your own successful ventures;
  • Know how to analyze marketing problems and apply marketing mix concepts;
  • Know how to apply managerial theories in public and private organizations;
  • Know how to apply economic and management fundamentals in the decision-making process;
  • Know how to clarify and quantify the elements of uncertainty that may exist in the decision-making process;
  • Know how to formulate marketing strategies and develop marketing programs;
  • Know how to interpret and analyze the financial documents of the organization and use them to make sustainable financial decisions;
  • Know how to make strategic decisions at all functional levels of the organization;
  • Be aware of the complex challenges involved in managing people.

Professional Exits

The Masters in Business Management and Administration will be able to work in the public and / or private sector, as well as use the knowledge gained to become a successful entrepreneur.

The person who obtains the master's degree in MBA is faced with the following professional exits:

  • Project Analyst;
  • Advisor of Administration of any functional area;
  • Financial advisor;
  • Assistant manager, administrative;
  • Consultant in management, marketing and human resources;
  • Director of marketing, human and financial resources;
  • General manager;
  • Logistics manager;
  • Operations manager;
  • Planner.

Curricular plan

To complete the course and obtain a Master's degree in Business Administration and Management the student must complete with all the curricular subjects in order to obtain a total of 90 credits.

Program taught in:
  • Portuguese
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Feb 2020
Sep 2020
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Feb 2020, Sep 2020
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