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A Master of Business Administration, also known as an MBA, is the next step in your post-secondary education after a bachelor’s degree in a business or business-related field. It usually takes about two years of full-time study to complete.

What is an MBA in e-Commerce? Business of all kinds is increasingly accomplished online. An MBA in e-Commerce can give you all of the tools you need to be successful in a field that deals with the buying and selling of commodities in a virtual environment. In the field of e-commerce, you might be involved in the analysis of market trends, effective strategies for influencing those trends, and different methods for accomplishing the technical aspects of the transactions. You might also find that logistics, social media marketing, and management tools all play a part in your career path.

The benefits of an MBA in e-Commerce can range from professional to personal. You might learn things like digital marketing, time management, and computer science, all of which are helpful in many careers.

The cost of an MBA can vary according to the school you choose and the region where it is located. You can learn more about the projected cost and what expenses are covered by contacting your institution directly.

Careers in the field of e-commerce are growing daily. With an MBA, you might choose to work for a large, established corporation, helping to grow and expand their web presence and sales as a marketing specialist. Or you could opt for small business, opening your own virtual sales location and selling your wares. Alternatively, you might be well-suited for a freelance lifestyle, lending your skills and knowledge to other businesses on a contract basis as an e-commerce consultant. Careers outside of the box as a writer or editor for industry publications and education on a post-secondary level are often available for those with an MBA as well.

Schools around the world offer an MBA in e-Commerce, whether in a traditional classroom setting or online. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Instituto Europeo de Posgrado

Our online methodology incorporates the latest technological developments that make e-learning a simple, comfortable and effective learning. ... [+]


Our online methodology incorporates the latest technological developments that make e-learning a simple, comfortable and effective learning.

With an innovative online platform that allows the realization of interactive exercises and the discussion of practical cases to develop management skills and analysis.With an advanced business simulator that recreates the reality of a company and the real consequences of the decisions taken to manage it.With virtual face-to-face sessions that allow the exchange of doubts and experiences in real time with colleagues and with the teacher.With explanatory videos of the teachers in each module that will facilitate learning and allow you to better consolidate the concepts.... [-]
Spain Madrid Spain Online
September 2019
1500 hours