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The School of Business offers three flavors of its MBA to meet the demands of ambitious professionals looking to become problem-solving leaders.

Stevens MBA

The Stevens MBA prepares you to lead conversations about how technology creates a strategic advantage for the business.

Few MBA programs consider how rapidly the data revolution has changed the ways managers recognize opportunities and identify trends. The Stevens MBA is taught by faculty who understand the traditional managerial toolkit — marketing, strategy, and finance — must be complemented by skills in technology and analytics to create success.

Your courses will feature applied exercises that prepare you to be a leader who is capable of making fast, data-supported decisions. Coursework emphasizes collaboration through group projects and presentations and develops your creativity and critical thinking skills through the incorporation of new analytical tools and the latest research insights.

Curriculum and Concentrations

The Stevens MBA is a focused management program that allows students to tailor their education to their specific career interests. Students complete a core of courses that provide a broad overview of technology-focused management education, with special emphasis on leadership, innovation, and analytics. They then round out their degree through one of four concentrations in in-demand areas or choose four electives to develop expertise in a discipline of their choice. Courses in the MBA program can be delivered at our Hoboken campus or online — the Stevens online MBA regularly appears among the best in the country from U.S. News & World Report.

Prerequisite courses

The three prerequisite courses are intended to provide students with a solid foundation in basic business skills, to ensure their ability to meaningfully engage in high-level discussions with their classmates. Students with business degrees or backgrounds in these fields may speak with the program director about waiving one or more of these courses.

  • FIN 623 Financial Management
  • FIN 600 Financial and Managerial Accounting
  • MGT 606 Economics for Managers

Language of business

Courses in this block provide fundamental skills in marketing, operations management and strategy — three crucial areas that give students mastery of topics central to every business unit in every industry.

  • MGT 641 Marketing Management
  • MGT 657 Operations Management
  • MGT 699 Strategic Management

Leadership and innovation

The three courses in this block will challenge you to think differently about leadership — how to manage resources, inspire teams and foster innovation. You'll get a better sense of your personal leadership style while developing the confidence and capability needed to fearlessly attack missions and drive change.

  • MGT 612 Leader Development
  • MGT 635 Managerial Judgment and Decision Making
  • MGT 663 Discovering & Exploiting Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Analytical thinking

Courses in this block emphasize highly advanced analytics techniques that will teach you the ways successful managers look at and use data in understanding how markets work and making better recommendations to guide the enterprise.

  • BIA 600 Business Analytics: Data, Models, and Decisions
  • BIA 610 Applied Analytics


The Stevens MBA curriculum includes four elective courses, giving you the flexibility to explore a discipline in depth or further round out your studies. If you seek more structure, you can use your elective courses to pursue one of the below concentrations, each of which is aligned with a distinct area of need in the industry.

Corporate Innovation

How do you move beyond "innovation" as a buzzword, to ensure you're creating processes that identify and reward real innovation and nurture a culture that effectively pushes boundaries in ways that benefit the business? Courses in this block showcase successes and teach you to leverage new methods in obtaining better results.

  • MGT 695 Leading Creative Collaboration
  • MGT 696 Human-Centered Design Thinking
  • MIS 714 Service Innovation
  • MGT 671 Technology and Innovation Management


Courses in this concentration go beyond basic concepts in finance to prepare students for leadership roles in this industry, or in the financial departments of companies of other disciplines. Our location, just minutes from Wall Street, makes this a popular choice with many Stevens students.

  • FIN 626 Venture Capital
  • FIN 627 Investment Management
  • FIN 628 Derivatives
  • FIN 638 Corporate Finance

Information Systems

In today's globally connected world, information systems are integral to company operations. This concentration blends both strategic and tactical perspectives, providing you with skills that enable you to advance to the highest ranks within a corporate IT department.

  • MIS 699 Managing Emerging Information Technology
  • MIS 710 Process Innovation and Management
  • MIS 714 Service Innovation
  • MIS 730 Integration Information Systems Technologies

Project Management

Excellence in project execution is the hallmark of successful companies. This concentration provides you with the skills to lead complex projects and programs within organizations. It leverages new concepts in strategic project management and leadership that were developed by School of Business faculty and have achieved international acclaim.

  • MGT 609 Project Management Fundamentals
  • MGT 610 Strategic Perspectives on Project Management
  • MGT 614 Advanced Project Management
  • MGT 619 Leading Across Projects


After completing the rest of the curriculum, students may choose one of the three capstone courses:

  • MGT 678 Technology Commercialization Practicum.
  • MGT 810 Field Consulting Program.
  • MGT 798 Application and Integration of Technology Management.

Each of these courses demands the application of the lessons in analytics, leadership, and innovation taught throughout the curriculum. Technology Commercialization Practicum is an opportunity for students to use what they've learned about entrepreneurship to start a business or create a product. The Field Consulting Program gives students real-world experience by putting them to work with managers at a company on an industry problem, concluding with a formal recommendation to corporate leadership. The application course is a high-intensity business simulation in which students manage the entire spectrum of a business as it attempts to grow through turbulent market changes.

Admission Requirements

The Stevens MBA is designed to meet the needs of part-time students — particularly through its award-winning online offering — as well as full-time students seeking a valuable early-career boost to their professional prospects. If you're passionate about the role technology plays in business and are willing to work hard to break into management, you'll find the Stevens program rewarding for its emphasis on applied learning and better decision-making through data and technology.

Analytics MBA

In a business world that prizes technology, data, and analytics, the traditional management toolkit is in danger of becoming outdated.

So we created a new kind of MBA.

The Analytics MBA at Stevens is a STEM program for recent college graduates who have studied a technical discipline, have no professional experience and want to quickly earn an advanced degree to compete for exciting jobs at the world’s most prestigious companies — where, increasingly, even entry-level work requires a master’s.

Here, faculty present traditional themes like strategy, marketing, finance and accounting through an analytical, problem-solving lens, with an emphasis on applying data-intensive methods to industry challenges. And the program’s structure encourages your personal and professional development through career support, mentorship, and business immersion.

Executive MBA (EMBA)

Executive master’s programs are an excellent investment in your career — but few emphasize technology and data like the Executive MBA at Stevens.

Like most EMBA programs, Stevens offers a careful work-life balance for aspiring leaders, with courses meeting on alternating Saturdays. And you move through the program with the same group of professionals, giving you an incredibly powerful network and enriching classroom discussions with perspectives from a variety of industries.

The Stevens EMBA, though, recognizes that executive-level courses must offer a strong technology perspective to be relevant in a fast-changing world. Here, courses in marketing, finance, strategy and operations emphasize the use of analytical tools that are changing how decisions are made in these disciplines. Class projects encourage you to approach problems like an entrepreneur and use emerging technologies to become an innovator who brings greater sophistication and efficiency to the toughest decisions.

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Seven thousand students, 300 faculty. One jewel of a campus, beside one amazing city, in a top-3 college town. Countless ideas. Infinite questions. And answers that matter. This is Stevens.

Seven thousand students, 300 faculty. One jewel of a campus, beside one amazing city, in a top-3 college town. Countless ideas. Infinite questions. And answers that matter. This is Stevens. Read less