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Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs aim to demystify some of the most complex but important areas of business leadership, laying down foundations for all students to successfully plan, organize, staff, direct, control or budget in their own organization after graduation. Many graduates from a variety of academic backgrounds go on to study for their MBA, as it has been shown to add a competitive edge to most professional resumes. MBA programs in Idaho offer students the opportunity to specialize in various different areas of business further adding value to their prior experience with extra knowledge and skills.

Applicants to MBA programs in Idaho should be prepared to compile an application package that contains grades from their bachelor studies, other application materials, and, for international students from non-English speaking countries, a TOEFL or similar standardized English-proficiency test may be required. MBA programs in Idaho take approximately two years to complete, depending on the program, students' needs and the study schedule.

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MBA in Information Technology Management

Boise State University College of Business & Economics
Campus Full time Part time September 2017 USA Boise

Provides the highly marketable and unique skills required to effectively function in those management positions [+]

The impending retirement of many middle managers is creating opportunities for the next generation of technology-savvy business leaders. An MBA in Information Technology Management (ITM) provides the highly marketable and unique skills required to effectively function in those management positions. If you aspire to a career in the general management of technology-dependent organizations or in management of technology within those organizations, the training provided by the MBA-ITM degree could be just what you need.MBA-ITM candidates complete a subset of our existing advanced MBA courses and combine them with several specialized courses addressing the challenges unique to technology-intensive environments. Although technical skill is required, the focus is managerial, not technical. Depending on your prior academic experience, 36-48 semester credit hours are required.... [-]