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Tourism and Hospitality

Given the power of an MBA and the doors it opens, the network it offers and the problem-solving skills it teaches, business students need to be more engaged in their education and to make a conscious effort to understand what they want to get out of their MBA degree.

Students who love meeting people, traveling to different places and who have great interpersonal skills may wish to study tourism and hospitality. This program of study can cover the fundamentals of the hospitality and tourism industry and even provide hands-on experience through internships in foreign lands.

Mauritius being an island nation, this African nation will offer you the best moment as you study in the university. The beaches in Mauritius and coastal life of the country is just breathtaking. You will live a relaxing life and enjoy studying in either University of Mauritius or that of Technology.

Top MBA Programs in Tourism and Hospitality in Mauritius 2019

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MBA in International Hotel Management specialization in Resort Management

Vatel Mauritius
Campus Full time 9 semesters September 2019 Mauritius Quatre Bornes

The Resort Management specialization targets students aiming to work as senior executives in the international hospitality industry to work in companies that include, outside of traditional hotels and restaurants: spas, golf courses, leisure activities, theme parks, etc. Managing a resort means understanding and controlling a highly complex organization whose constraints are often heightened by its location (in a desert, a savanna, on an island, in the heart of a big city, etc.). This specialization teaches students to understand operational, financial and strategic logic pertaining to each type of entity. They will be required to work in a “hands-on” way for marketing or human resource missions with professional partners. [+]