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A Master in Business Administration is a postgraduate degree obtained by many individuals who wish to pursue a lucrative career in business. Generally, courses in this program focus on advancing students’ knowledge of business operations, finance, marketing and development.

What is an MBA in Technology? An MBA with a concentration in technology program is geared towards individuals with a desire to learn more about technology, business, and technology as it relates to business. There is a growing need for individuals who are both business-savvy and adept with devices and systems, so courses in this program are designed to equip students with an advanced understanding of technology as well as an understanding of what it takes to operate and manage a successful organization. Degrees in technology are relatively new, as the need for individuals who are capable of running a business and managing IT systems is a relatively recent development.

Individuals who possess a postgraduate degree in technology are generally highly sought after due to their well-rounded skillset. In addition to possessing a sharp business mind, graduates also tend to be well-versed in IT systems and technology and have keen analytical minds. Each of these traits can prove to be beneficial in any number of industries.

How much a student may pay for an MBA depends on his or her location and the duration of the chosen program. Students should also take into consideration the costs of living when budgeting for school.

Individuals with a degree in technology have the opportunity to explore many lucrative careers throughout multiple industries. Because technology is a necessary component in most businesses today, graduates of the program may discover that the world is their oyster. They may find success in the government, academic, research and development or corporate sectors as website developers, IT techs, intelligence specialists, systems engineers, software developers or digital marketing specialists. 

Many institutions offer programs in technology, with many offerings strictly online. To learn more about available options, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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MBA with Concentration in E-Business and Technology

Columbia Southern University
Online Part time September 2018 USA Orange Beach

If you really want to lead, to execute your vision and make a difference on a larger scale, CSU\'s MBA provides you not only the credentials, but also some of the most effective intellectual tools you will need to achieve your dreams. [+]

CSU's Master of Business Administration program provides an understanding of the theoretical, historical practices and current issues in business and industry; trains students in general research methods and to analyze and interpret research in the field; and explores the relationship between business and society and the global issues impacting the professions. CSU's online MBA graduates are primed to become influential business leaders equipped with the ability to identify, analyze, and solve complex business administration and management problems.

MBA with Concentration in E-Business and Technology

Columbia Southern University's online graduate programs are designed to produce exceptional leaders. If your dream is to lead, to execute your vision and make a difference on a larger scale, CSU's online MBA Concentration in E-Business and Technology can be the catalyst to achieving your goals.... [-]