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A Master in Business Administration is arguably one of the best advanced degrees of the 21st century. Students with this degree have the opportunity to take their careers to the next level. Those who are wondering, “What is an MBA in Sales?” can learn more about how they can receive a specialized MBA to help them in their sales career.

An MBA is Sales is an advanced degree that is meant for students hoping to build their career in the industry of trade. During their time in school, students will focus on related subjects such as communication, branding, customer relations, personal selling performance, channel management, marketing, and laboratories. There are global programs and programs that emphasize strategy. They have different class options to meet the needs of international students.

After you understand the answers to the question, “What is an MBA in Sales?” it is important to recognize the benefits that come with obtaining one. Graduates from these programs have the ability to create detailed selling strategies for companies around the world. This information is an asset to many companies. Without positive sales growth, it can be hard for companies to stay afloat. With the help of a graduate, companies can experience amazing success. Therefore, these graduates are likely to be in demand for jobs.

The cost of this advanced degree varies depending on where you go to school. There are several universities across the globe. All of them charge different fees.

Upon graduation, students can expect to work in high-level sales positions. They will be able to provide useful knowledge to companies to enhance performance. For this reason, many students will be placed in positions that involve strategy.

If you are interested in studying for your MBA in Sales, it is best to apply online. There are many different options that might work for your needs including online courses. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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7 Results in Sales

IMF Business School Portugal

The course provides an effective professional experience, confronting students with current reality and problems, promoting a deep and rarely seen interaction with the Bu ... [+]

Atlântico Business School is an institution of Higher Education aimed at providing training, both at the Bachelor and Master level and at the MBA and Postgraduate level, in the field of Business Sciences, with special emphasis on Finance, Taxation, Marketing, Resources Human Resources, International Management, Information Systems, Quality, Environment, Health and Safety at Work.

The Atlântico Business School seeks to train senior executives with a structured, high quality and relevant training, with a solid scientific preparation combined with a real practical component. After completing their courses, students will be prepared to manage companies or create and develop businesses, will be able to analyze concrete problems in business life, with specific knowledge in the areas of specialization chosen.... [-]

Portugal Portugal Online
Open Enrollment
2500 hours
University of Applied Sciences Ludwigshafen am Rhein

Master of Business Administration (MBA) with an international approach and focus on sustainable management and sales concepts, using real-world examples from today's wine ... [+]

Our concept

Success in business is no longer just dependent on the quality of the product. Managers face numerous challenges for sustainable business management, including globalization, climate change, shifts in customer behavior, and running large companies with more complex workflows (and greater risks), to name just a few examples. To be successful domestically and abroad, managers must be able to recognize and effectively evaluate business opportunities in the marketplace and pursue them in a sustainable way. That also holds true for business in the wine industry.

Business management and sales skills

Sustainable business management and sales skills are at the center of this programme. Practical problem-solving strategies and business tools are taught using real-world examples from the wine industry.... [-]

Germany Ludwigshafen
October 2019
4 semesters
Online & Campus Combined

The Sales Management concentration provides additional coursework in entrepreneurial strategy, sales management, and leadership. It is aimed at preparing graduates to und ... [+]

The Master of Business Administration degree program prepares students to:

Distinguish the key features of each business function Evaluate how changes to an organization’s knowledge systems can improve performance Lead others in order to meet organizational goals Assess the financial health of an organization using accounting methods Create marketing strategies to meet customer needs Provide information to enable an organization to maximize financial performance Evaluate business situations from legal, ethical, and regulatory perspectives Predict how changes in the international economic environment will affect an organization Propose strategies to improve an organization’s competitive position ... [-]
USA Oakland USA Online
Pebble Hills University

The MBA is recognized internationally as the most suitable qualification to prepare business people for successful careers within the senior cadres of their organizations ... [+]

The MBA is recognized internationally as the most suitable qualification to prepare business people for successful careers within the senior cadres of their organizations. An MBA improves the management skills of participants and innovative study themes unlock new knowledge that guides developing leaders in a creative way to play a definite value-adding role within their organizations.

Admission Requirement Applicants must possess an appropriate Undergraduate University or College degree from a recognized institution Applicants who do not hold a university or college degree will be considered for admissions if they have professional certification/diploma AND minimum three years full-time appropriate work experience Professional Recognition ... [-]
USA USA Online
Open Enrollment
1 - 3 years
EMAS Eurasian Management & Administration School

GET a 50% DISCOUNT + WIN a CAR or MONEY! Advanced (1) Full-time on campus in Russia, (2) Blended learning or (3) Online implemenation education program for those who need ... [+]


Study in English!

Advanced (1) Full-time on campus in Russia, (2) Blended learning or (3) 100% Online implementation education program for those who need to obtain mature modern management skills and who are not satisfied with the basic knowledge that is given by most academic business schools. Because of the Marketing & Sales, specialization students receive a complete course in marketing & sales.

2 prestigious degrees: MBA degree from EMAS (Russia) + MBA diploma of GFKM (European Union, Poland).


TOP-18 in CE Europeamong the best МВАs in Central and Eastern Europe. TOP-18 in CE Europe among the best МВАs in Central and Eastern Europe. TOP-200 in the Worldamong the best programs worldwide. № 1 in Russiaamong Business Schools with online MBA in Russia. № 1 in Russiaamong Business Schools with blended learning MBA in Russia. № 4 in Russiaamong Business Schools with full-time MBA in Russia. What do you get? At least 19 business management skills Practical solutions to your specific problems owing to consulting learning format, fast income growth, and career advancement Streamlined business processes and competitive power upgrade Learning formats & Price Full-time on campus: $ 10 950 (the price is after a 50% discount) Blended learning: $ 7 750 (the price is after a 50% discount) 100% Online: $ 4 700 (the price is after a 40% discount) ... [-]
Russia Moscow Nizhny Novgorod
Open Enrollment
1 - 1.5 years
Online & Campus Combined
OUS Royal Academy of Economics and Technology in Switzerland

At the end of Master (MBA) in International Sales and Marketing study program, the graduates will combine theory with their work experience and display a sound knowledge ... [+]

3 TOP UNIVERSITIES = 1 EUROPEAN DEGREE All students will have in addition to ABMS Diploma a Joint Diploma with University of Dąbrowa Górnicza (WSB) and Taras Shevchenko National University. 3 Top European Universities = Best Virtual/Distance Program = 1 Top European Diploma SWITZERLAND + EU + TOP RANKED 500 Advance Your Expertise at ABMS Connect with learners and leaders just like you in our online master's programs. You will go as far as your mind will take you as a master's student at ABMS. For Professionals The Master's of International Sales and Marketing (MBA) signifies the next level of achievement in any academic discipline. At the end of Master (MBA) in International Sales and Marketing study program, the graduates will combine theory with their work experience and display a sound knowledge of their Sales and Marketing industry. Students are equipped with useful Sales and Marketing tools (including E-Sales and E-Marketing) and theories to enter the labor market and contribute more effectively and efficiently to organizations within this field. The MBA in Sales and Marketing study programs suitable for students who want to follow or keep a career in marketing or sales and become marketing and/or sales directors. This study program will be for 12-month study period where students will be taught the theory of marketing, sales, and essential skills needed for the industry through a series of lectures. In our master's programs, you will:... [-]

Switzerland Zürich
Open Enrollment
16 - 20 months
Instituto Europeo de Posgrado

Our online methodology incorporates the latest technological developments that make e-learning a simple, comfortable and effective learning. ... [+]


Our online methodology incorporates the latest technological developments that make e-learning a simple, comfortable and effective learning.

With an innovative online platform that allows the realization of interactive exercises and the discussion of practical cases to develop management skills and analysis.With an advanced business simulator that recreates the reality of a company and the real consequences of the decisions taken to manage it.With virtual face-to-face sessions that allow the exchange of doubts and experiences in real time with colleagues and with the teacher.With explanatory videos of the teachers in each module that will facilitate learning and allow you to better consolidate the concepts.... [-]
Spain Madrid Spain Online
September 2019
1500 hours