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Individuals who wish to further their career in their current job, or with a prospective job, may have better luck by furthering their education first. Earning an MBA in areas such as real estate will put students at an advantage in the business world.

What is an MBA in real estate? This type of program prepares graduates to pursue a wide variety of career choices in the property management and building development fields. Students of the program will be taught skills and techniques that will help them to manage land development or sell buildings and properties. Program options include property management, specialized bank-insurance, wealth management, and real estate. There are online options for students who have particularly busy schedules or who are unable to personally attend the institution of their choice. Students will learn valuable skills such as how to offer advice for individuals who are shopping for a new home or office building, how to market and sell a piece of property, and how to manage land development by using economical factors.

Students who graduate from the program will be qualified to accept high-level corporate and organizational positions related to land development. Students who enroll in the course will learn how to master financing, development, management, city planning, law, architecture, and public planning as they relate to property management and building development.

The cost of completing the program depends on the particular institution as well as its location. Program costs also vary from country to country. Students should check with various institutions to find out how much they charge for the program.

Graduates of the MBA program are qualified to seek high-level positions in a wide range of careers including management positions with real estate investment trusts, developers, investment banks, consulting companies, financial institutions, and more. Graduates may become realtors or they may pursue a wide variety of career choices upon completion of the program, including property development or economics.

Are you still asking, “What is an MBA in Real Estate?” For more information about program details and prerequisites, students are encouraged to get in direct contact with various institutions that offer the program. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Grupo Tiradentes

Teachers with theoretical and practical experience in Strategic Marketing and the specifics of Retail; Success Cases studies with small, medium and large organizations; I ... [+]

Course Differentials

Teachers with theoretical and practical experience in Strategic marketing and the specifics of Retail; Success Cases studies with small, medium and large organizations; Infrastructure compatible with the standard requirement of our target audience; practical experience and the presence of invited professionals in some modules.


Among the main goals of the MBA, we can highlight:

To provide the necessary knowledge in practice directed to the planning, development and control of activities related to the Retail Marketing. Empowering Learners with technical tools and establish necessary parameters to address issues unique to central themes of Strategic Marketing. Direct special attention to sales techniques and promotions carried out by competitive markets and high performance. TARGET AUDIENCE ... [-]
Brazil Aracaju
March 2020
Portuguese (Brazil)
429 hours
Agribusiness Academy

This program is designed for those looking to build their critical understanding of the Food & Agribusiness sector. By the end of the program, learners will be able t ... [+]

An Interactive Digital Learning Experience

The program is delivered by experts in a mix of interactive sessions, self-paced learning content and 1-to-1 coaching.

The focus of each module centres around business cases, aligning learners to the needs of the industry and honing their ability to identify and solve business dilemmas. This approach is similar to Harvard's style of teaching, updated to have a focus on online training and teamwork.

In addition to the core curriculum, learners will have full access to Agribusiness Academy's library of more than 200 digital courses. These will be available for completion throughout the duration of the program.

Module Overview

Module 1: Disruptive Food Value chainsAn overview of food supply and demand dynamics in different countries and what future food value chains will look like.Module 2: AgriFood Tech's Value to the Food Value ChainA look at food & agribusiness tech developments in western and emerging markets and their impact on food value chains.Module 3: Novel Foods and Changing Consumer PreferencesA study of the emergence of premium food marketplaces and how these are disrupting established supply chains.... [-]

United Kingdom Newcastle-under-Lyme Birmingham USA Boston  + 1 More
Open Enrollment
3 - 6 months