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Earning a master of business administration (MBA) is accomplished by fulfilling the requirements of a graduate program at a business school. Many schools offer full-time, part-time, or online options to earn your degree in business management.

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a graduate degree that takes about two years of study to receive. Individuals who earn this degree gain important knowledge and experience within the fields of business and management, and may be able to find a job quickly due to their improved proficiencies.


France offers a superb higher education system to not only its citizens but also foreigners. The country's dynamic culture attracts foreign students and those interested in pursuing international courses. France has a tradition of scientific and technological innovation. This ensures that scholars fully utilize their creativity.

Toulouse is situated along the banks of River Garonne in the Haute-Garonne department, southwestern France. It is the center of the European aerospace industry. Having the 3rd largest student population in the country, Toulouse is home to the University of Toulouse and several other higher learning institutions.

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IDRAC Business School
Campus Full time Part time 1 - 2 years October 2017 France Amiens Bordeaux Grenoble Lille Lyon Montpellier Nantes Nice Paris Toulouse + 10 more

The curriculum programme of IDRAC's "Businesseering" MBA can be fulfilled in one or two years, with the possibility for the participants [+]

MBA Programs 2017/2018 in Toulouse France. PARTICIPANTS The curriculum programme of IDRAC's "Businesseering" MBA can be fulfilled in one or two years, with the possibility for the participants to maintain their professional activity. In order to complete the programme in one year's time, the course demands full-time availability. Participants who choose the two-year track, can advance through a series of modules specially designed to help them continue their professional activity. Some modules can be attended by occasional participants. The men and women who will design and implement the new Business Models which are required by our economies must aspire to promote change, to act as competent facilitators and inspirational leaders able to motivate their team; in a nutshell, they must be people who make things happen. AT A GLANCE Global crises follow one another at an unprecedented pace jeopardizing the world's economic stability through successive interlocking commotions: financial crises, debt crises, competitiveness crises. Political unrest is spreading too, and numerous countries are calling into question the existing governing systems, particularly in Northern Africa, and the Middle East. The difficulties of the European integration policy and the problems regarding our common currency add to the complexity of the constraints that weigh heavily on the strategies of businesses. Moreover, the Internet revolution in Management and Marketing is disrupting the management and organisation styles of the economic agents. Therefore, in the midst of an economic crisis, while consumption is, at its best, slack, e-commerce is riding high on a double digit growth. Should... [-]