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Master of Business Administration

Given the power of an MBA and the doors it opens, the network it offers and the problem-solving skills it teaches, business students need to be more engaged in their education and to make a conscious effort to understand what they want to get out of their MBA degree.

MBA Programs, or otherwise known as Masters in Business Administration, are programs designed for students who are aiming of getting management positions in the business world. An MBA gives a well-rounded overview of management practices in various fields of discipline to make sure that students get the preparation to embark their way towards managerial responsibilities.

There are a great deal of institutions for higher education throughout Kyrgyzstan. This includes around thirty-seven public universities and eighteen private universities. Prominent universities in Kyrgyzstan include University of Central Asia and Kyrgyz National University.

Top MBA Programs in Master of Business Administration in Kyrgyzstan 2017

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Masters of Business Administration

American University of Central Asia (AUCA)
Campus Full time 2 years September 2017 Kyrgyzstan Bishkek

The AUCA MBA program is developing the next generation of business leaders in Central Asia who will build competitive, transparent and sustainable local businesses, successfully integrated into the global economy. [+]

Best Masters in Business Administration in Master of Business Administration in Kyrgyzstan 2017. “LEAD BUSINESS IN CENTRAL ASIA” ABOUT МВА The AUCA MBA program is developing the next generation of business leaders in Central Asia who will build competitive, transparent and sustainable local businesses, successfully integrated into the global economy. The AUCA Master of Business Administration Program is designed with one purpose in mind: to provide with outstanding intellectual and practical skills for lifelong achievement. The only graduate program in the country with highly experienced faculty both on academic and professional level with language of instruction in English. Two years of studies is the optimal term to acquire all the necessary skills to be a successful manager and entrepreneur. The curriculum covers all courses needed to perform well and it also enables our students to specialize in a sub-fields of business – such as management /marketing and finance / accounting. The strong sides of MBA program are the Honor codes, professionalism of faculty, individual approach and respect to students and their needs, and great conditions created for obtaining knowledge. Our international community helps to be leaders in all areas of life, not only in business. Not only the student body but the faculty itself represent different nations. The faculty members are the best specialist in their professional areas with strong teaching skills. Majority of our graduates take managerial positions in various top-rank companies and demonstrate how well they are educated by our instructors. Become one of our graduates and you will see the positive difference you made in your life! WHAT IS MBA? Western Educational System AUCA is the only American university in Central Asia. We work on the credit-hour system that allows our students to acquire all necessary knowledge and skills necessary for success in the modern world in the most convenient and interesting way. Opportunity to combine education and career AUCA allows you to combine education and career as MBA courses are taught exclusively in the evening. Thus you can achieve better results in your career owing to that during all your education you will have an opportunity to immediately apply knowledge obtained in the classroom. Rich resources AUCA is a unique university in Kyrgyzstan in the field of providing its students with the resources contributing to the educational process. In our library you will find more than 20 000 carefully picked up books and over 200 periodicals covering all questions interesting to you. In case if you cannot find the needed publication, all that you need to do is to address your request to the employees of our library. Thus, our students directly participate in the selection of library materials. In addition to this, AUCA offers you access to the world’s leading databases such as EBSCO, Springer Link, Oxford Journals, and others. ACADEMICS The Master of Business Administration Program The mission of AUCA MBA program is to grow the next generation of business leaders of Central Asia who will build and develop competitive, transparent and sustainable local business environment, successfully integrated into the global economy. Success in complex and dynamic business environment requires business leaders to be able to analyze large amounts of information in short periods of time, and make right decisions fast. AUCA MBA gives you the opportunity to get good balance of analytical skills and strategic understanding of business issues, strong knowledge of fundamental economic forces, business communication and presentation skills. Basic program features MBA program at AUCA is aimed at people who wish to get high-quality western-style graduate education in 2 years (4 semesters of full-time study). The program consists of six 8-week modules, with at least 6 courses per module. Students can fulfill one of two specializations by taking at least 6 electives from each: Marketing and Management, and Finance and Accounting. The AUCA curriculum is intensive, innovative and is constantly updated to include the latest techniques in business education. There is a strong balance between theoretical and practical interactive courses: lectures, seminar-discussions, group projects, guest lectures, strategic business games and case studies. MBA program courses are taught in English language and classes are conducted Mon-Fri 5.30pm-8.10pm, Sat 9.25am-15.25pm. Faculty of the program Faculty of AUCA business program is its greatest asset that makes high quality education possible. In the faculty selection process AUCA gives priority to professors with strong Western teaching and professional experience, who will help students to learn fundamentals of the developed business environment, best practices of world-class corporations and crucial professional skills. We also invite local business leaders and practitioners to teach specialization courses. They help students to better understand local business environment, its peculiarities and details. This way AUCA MBA program combines the experience and extensive theoretical knowledge of the Western experts with the practical experience of Central-Asian business leaders. Graduation requirements: GPA of 2.5 State examination pass (TOEFL) Defense of Master’s Thesis Points earned for the whole period of study 120 credits ALUMNI Earning an MBA degree at AUCA gives students not only the fundamentals of financial accounting, market research, or strategic planning - but builds confidence and strengthens abilities to effectively tackle everyday challenges in business. The program helps students gain a deep understanding of all aspects of business and develop the skills to adapt quickly and excel in the increasingly dynamic and global business environment. An MBA from AUCA promotes graduate students' careers to the next level and helps them become visionary, ethical leaders in the business world and community. Our grads are working throughout the business environ­ment of Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia, in such companies as Deloitte, KPMG, «Kargoavia» LTD, Bishkek Chamber of Com­merce, CCBB, KICB, Shanghai WEIXING Electronic Co., Ltd China, "Kumtor", "FORESTER" etc. We are proud of our success! [-]