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MBA stands for Master in Business Administration and consists of a program of curriculum that provides a foundation in the core concepts of business, including management, finance, economics, sales, marketing, human resource management, and supply chain management.

Higher education in Colombia is done in the five common international languages namely English, French, Spanish Portuguese and Chinese. This has eliminated the issue of language barriers in these higher education institutions among other international students.

Top MBA Programs in Management in Colombia 2018

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Masters In Management (mba)

Fundación Universidad de América
Campus Full time 2 years January 2019 Colombia Bogotá

The MBA program is aimed at professionals in different areas of knowledge, executives from different functional areas of public and private companies, with broad intellectual and academic capacities and with the potential to lead competitive and innovative organizations. [+]


The structural changes generated in organizations (in terms of productivity and competitiveness) in response to the continuous and permanent changes that occur in the context of globalized economies require management professionals in companies with skills, management and finances that allow them to guide and direct the businesses guaranteeing their sustainability and survival. This requires that the management teams of the organizations are composed of leading professionals, ethical, innovative and that enhance human talent and optimize the resources available.

GOALS To train masters (MBA) with a high sense of social responsibility and business ethics, with ability to investigate and deepen in the managerial and financial areas, with a differentiating approach oriented to the reflection, analysis and application of the general theory of the administration chord with the needs derived from the economic and social situation of the country. To prepare managers and advisers of competitive companies in an environment of high standards of efficiency and levels of uncertainty regarding the decision making, able to create and use tools and techniques managerial and financial to offer solutions to the problems of the organization. To present an international vision that allows to develop in the master student competences and capacities from the area of ​​the management and of the finances for its contextualización, reflection, analysis and application in competitive scenarios. ... [-]

Mastery In Mba Management

Universidad EAFIT
Campus Full time 3 months January 2019 Colombia Medellin Pereira Bogotá + 2 more

EAFIT University, founded in 1960, now constitutes an important reference to regional, national and continental levels, for their continued evolution and growth, one of the few institutionally accredited Colombian universities for academic excellence. [+]

MASTER'S DEGREE IN MBA ADMINISTRATION (This Master is offered in the following cities) Medellín: SNIES 1265 Bogotá: SNIES 102035 Pereira: SNIES 102034 Llanogrande: SNIES 1265 Guatemala: SNIES 1265 Presentation The EAFIT University, created in 1960, is now an important regional, national and continental reference point, due to its permanent evolution and growth, being one of the few Colombian universities institutionally accredited for its academic excellence. For its part, the School of Administration of the EAFIT University, is an emblem in the process of training executives in programs of high management, being highlighted as one of the best business schools in Latin America and recognized, for being the first in Colombia in to offer the Masters in Administration (MBA) from year 1973, trajectory that speaks of the experience and prestige that has managed to position the program among one of the best of our country. The title of "Master in Business Administration", MBA, is today a recognized brand worldwide, which identifies the professional who has obtained postgraduate training in the field of business administration and management, capable of making management decisions. The Master in Management aims to train professionals, who are responsible for leading welfare and development proposals for companies and organizations in the country, through their insertion in the international environment, based on the identification of their particularities and local potentialities. For this purpose, the masters graduates are characterized by skillfully combining their investigative and creative capacity, with competence to take decisions and execute the corresponding actions to achieve their... [-]

Mba In Management

ISEAD Business School
Online Full time Part time January 2019 Colombia Bogotá

The program is a unit CONTENT AND METHOD, where students, energized by the teachers, develop their ability to identify and decide what is important in every business situation, learning to prioritize management effort and go the goal of enabling seize the opportunity. [+]


Develop the ability to define, structure and plan sustainable business models in increasingly complex and changing environments in the world of business in Central America, which may be consolidated in their natural markets and, consequently, access to international markets.

Reinforces and deepens the competence to manage, operate and control the strategy of the business model through the resources of the local and regional environment. Strengthens the ability to communicate effectively, projects, results, plans, knowledge and reasons supporting the business idea to specialists and non-specialists.

Timing Management: Sorting the DM process ... [-]