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Top MBA Programs in Kedah Malaysia 2019/2020

Those who have completed a four-year university may want to consider continuing their education and entering business school. MBA programs may help students obtain specialized knowledge of the business world, which can be invaluable in many jobs.

If you need the best study environment in Asia, enroll to the tertiary education in Malaysia. This is a country with rich culture and vast activities to leave you entertained and relaxed as you study in the country

The Rice Bowl of Malaysia, Kedah is the city filled with rich culture and heritage. This place has some of the large universities of Malaysia such as AIMST University. This university provides a wide variety of degree programs such as medicine.

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Alor Setar
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UUM Othman Yeop Abdullah Graduate School of Business

Recognizing that they have an important role to play in society, the College of Business is offering an MBA program designed to develop future business leaders with “soft ... [+]

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Recognizing that the success and survival of any organization depend much on the effectiveness of its management, the UUM Othman Yeop Abdullah Graduate Business School offers an MBA program designed to develop business leaders equipped with the necessary skills to face the ever-challenging business environment.

Our MBA does not only allow you to gain understanding about how a business organization functions in the context of the globalized world, but it also offers the opportunity for you to apply your functional knowledge effectively in solving complex business problems and issues. Through the theoretical knowledge imparted during class meetings, case studies discussions, small workshops, and group presentations, you have the opportunity to critically appraise the functionality of the management theory, and evaluate its applicability in today’s business organizations.... [-]

Malaysia Alor Setar
January 2020
3 - 15 semesters