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MBA Leadership

A master of business administration, known as an MBA, is a graduate degree awarded to those who complete a program focusing on business management. Finance, accounting, human resources, and other business-related topics are focused on.

An MBA Leadership is a master’s program for students and professionals who want to manage and lead employees. Programs may focus on topics such as employee motivation, management skills, team organization, and productivity issue troubleshooting.

The United Arab Emirates is a federation of seven emirates on the eastern side of the Arabian peninsula, at the entrance to the Persian Gulf. Much of the work force in the UAE are foreign expatriates - hence the country's population makeup being so diverse, with Emirati citizens being a minority in their own country.

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MBA in Human Resources Management

Ajman University
Campus Full time Part time 2 - 4 years September 2017 United Arab Emirates Ajman + 1 more

The AUST MBA program seeks to satisfy the quality assurance standards set by world-class business programs accreditation organizations such as AACSB and the Association of MBAs. [+]

Best MBAs in Leadership in United Arab Emirates 2017. Overview Distinguishing Features The AUST MBA program seeks to satisfy the quality assurance standards set by world-class business programs accreditation organizations such as AACSB and the Association of MBAs. Program Objectives To train students in the theoretical and applied aspects of the core business functions such as accounting, marketing, finance, information systems and operations management. To train students thoroughly in one of the subject area specializations such as Marketing, Financial Management, and Human Resource Management. To ensure, with the help of course offering and case studies, that the students communicate effectively, and provide leadership ability, and team-building skills. To train students to manage ethical issues and multicultural diversity. To equip students with the techniques and strategic tools to recognize, comprehend and analyze the various dimensions of business environment. To promote scholarly research for finding solutions for real-life business problems for the benefit of the academia, business organizations, community and the nation. Curriculum Core Courses (21 Credits) 471004 Operations Management 471005 Business Research Methods 471006 International Business 472002 Financial Accounting 472003 Corporate Finance 473001 Marketing Management 474001 Human Resource Management Track Options (12 Credits) Human Resource Management 474003 Management of Change 474004 Training & Development of HR 474005 Cross-Cultural Management 474006 Organization Development Capstone Course (3 credit hours) 471007 Strategic Management Learning Resources Students have access to all the learning resources offered by AUST – library, computer labs, Internet and web platforms, online international business game competitions with students of other eminent institutions, databases for academic journals, and resources of collaborating institutions. The MBA courses ensure an optimum classroom learning environment to achieve the program’s objectives. Knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation are emphasized in the design and delivery of courses. The system of instruction employed in the MBA program provides a new learning approach that is student-centered and involves discussions, participation, and shared responsibility for learning, co-operation, case analysis, examinations and expert role responsibilities. The use of technology, simulation and the synthesis of expert knowledge applicable to business organizations in the new economic environment will be the key focus points designed to enhance and ensure the program’s academic quality. Attendance Policy Students are expected to attend and fully participate in all classes. A minimum of 75 percent attendance will be required in each course registered. Academic Standing for Graduate Students If the student’s GPA is less than 3.0 after the second semester, he/she will be placed on probation. If the student does not raise his/her CGPA to 3.0 in the following semester, he/she will be placed on a second probation. If the student fails to raise his/her GPA to 3.0 in the following semester, the student will be dismissed from the program. The Graduate program coordinator may advise an academically warned student to repeat one or more courses to increase his/her chances to raise his/her CGPA to 3.0. Time Allowed to Complete the MBA Program The study time for the MBA program is normally two years or four semesters. However, the maximum time allowed to complete the program is 4 years or 8 regular semesters Study Load for Graduate Students The study load for a full-time MBA student may rise up to four courses (12 credit hours) per semester depending on his / her CGPA. Graduation Requirements A student will be awarded the degree of Master of Business Administration upon meeting the following requirements: Completion of the required MBA courses : 12 courses of 3 credit hours each Achievement of a CGPA of not less than 3.0 Admission Requirements In accordance with the University requirements for graduate degrees, a candidate to be admitted into the MBA program must fulfill the following requirements: Hold a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration or a related field from a UAE-recognized university with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0/4.0. Students enrolled into the MBA program without prior course work in the business areas are required to complete the following five foundation courses and obtain an average “B” grade to be admitted to the program. Foundation Courses: 410808 Organizational Theory & Design 102211 Statistics for Business 400393 Microeconomics 400292 Principles of Accounting I 400396 Fundamentals of Finance Students with a GPA below 3 may be admitted conditionally. A minimum score of 550 on paper based TOEFL or 6 on IELTS (or its equivalent). An Interview with the MBA Admission Committee. Transfer Students from Accredited Institutions Graduate students from accredited institutions of higher education may apply for admission in an AUST MBA program. Documents Required for Admission to a Graduate Program Completed Application Form UAE Secondary School Certificate, or its equivalent Certified copy of the Bachelors degree certificate or its equivalent, Certified copy of the Grade Transcript Certificate of proficiency in English Language, Photocopy of valid Passport A copy of UAE ID Card for UAE residents Health Certificate, issued by a University doctor Certificate of good conduct, issued by an official body Six recent passport-size photographs 2 Reference Letters A written commitment signed by the applicant that he/she will observe university rules and regulations Admission Validity Admission to the MBA program is valid for at most two semesters. If an admitted student does not join the program within this period, the admission offer will be cancelled. [-]

MBA (Top-up)

University of Bolton - Ras Al Khaimah Academic Centre
Campus Full time 6 months August 2017 United Arab Emirates Ras Al Khaimah

The MBA Top-up is a fast track programme for those who already have a post graduate qualification in management. A key element of this programme is the MBA dissertation. [+]

The MBA Top-up is a fast track programme for those who already have a post graduate qualification in management. A key element of this programme is the MBA dissertation. Applicants will study full-time over two trimesters, which is less than a full calendar year. They will need at least two years’ work experience and a level 7 qualification with at least 100 credits at HE7. A variety of teaching and learning methods provide access to learning to meet a range of learner needs and are aimed at; widening participation amongst learners, avoiding exclusion and developing learner skills in both academic and workplace arenas. The methods employed include: lectures; workshops; tutorials (group and individual) and guest speakers. However individual tutors are free to introduce techniques that they view as especially suitable in aiding learning in their specialist area. The learning and teaching strategy for each individual module is detailed in the module guides that you will receive at the beginning of each semester. About the course The overall aim of the programme is to prepare students for a career at senior management level. Students will enhance knowledge and skills in strategic thinking appropriate for a global economy. Specifically the programme seeks to develop and enhance: Critical knowledge of organisations, their management and the changing external contexts in which they operate. Knowledge/understanding to complex business issues, both systematically and creatively, to improve business and management practice. Intellectual capabilities of research, critique, synthesis and innovation, culminating in a masters’ level dissertation. Academic and professional skills to allow for opportunities for career development and further study. Lifelong learning skills and personal development so as to be able to work with self-direction and originality and to contribute to business and society at large. The MBA is an internationally recognised management qualification sought by those who wish to either inject pace into their goals of career progression or those who wish to reinforce their position in the management chain. Special features The MBA offers you the chance to join a well established postgraduate community engaged in preparing themselves for a career in executive management. In addition, teaching and supervision is offered by a well qualified and dedicated team of experienced staff drawn from business and academia. The university enjoys excellent libraries, 24/7 IT facilities, WiFi and learning areas. What you will learn Depending upon the syllabus of your previous programme of study, you will have the opportunity to study one of the taught modules outlined below in addition to the Research Methods and Academic Skills module and the Dissertation. What you will study Research Methods and Academic Skills This module prepares you for the dissertation. It will enable you to make informed decisions about which research methods are appropriate under particular circumstances and specifically in relation to your own research. You will develop your knowledge of a range of research tools and analytical techniques. You will also receive guidance on the structuring of your dissertation. A component part of this module will be the development of your academic skills to further support your studies. MBA Dissertation The dissertation provides you with the opportunity to undertake an extended and substantial piece of research. It allows students to synthesise their academic knowledge acquired from the taught modules and to produce an evaluative and critical discussion of a strategic issue relevant to your organisation, your recommendations following the research process and a proposed implementation plan. One option module from: Leadership and Management Sales Management and Marketing Financial Management and Decision Making Human Resource Management Change Management Strategic Management Entry requirements Applicants will have at least two years relevant work experience and a HE Level 7 qualification with at least 100 credits (minimum). These include: Post-graduate Diploma Edexcel DMS ABE Level 7 Extended Diploma If English is not your first language you will also normally need IELTS 6.5 (or equivalent). If you do not have the required English level, you can study English with us from IELTS 4.0 (or equivalent). Applications must be accompanied by a reference from your current employer. The reference must be on official letter headed paper and should clearly state how long you have been employed by them and a breakdown of the content, roles and responsibilities of the job. [-]

MBA with a specialism in Leadership Studies

University of Strathclyde Business School
Campus Full time Part time 24 - 36 months

Our aim is to develop directors and high-potential managers into outstanding leaders in their own specialist business fields. The programme is valuable for those in the private, public and voluntary sectors. [+]

Best MBAs in Leadership in United Arab Emirates 2017. Why this course? The MBA with a specialism in Leadership Studies has been developed by Strathclyde Business School (SBS) and the Leadership Trust Foundation (LTF). Our aim is to develop directors and high-potential managers into outstanding leaders in their own specialist business fields. The programme is valuable for those in the private, public and voluntary sectors. Good leadership skills are essential for directors and senior managers to run their businesses effectively. With the challenges of the 21st century, these skills are now even more in demand. Specialist features The course structure combines an understanding of business functions, strategy and strategic thinking with an understanding of the leadership process and the practical development of leadership skills. You’ll enhance your self-awareness, self-control and self-confidence through personal experience of practical leadership and teamwork situations. We provide you with an innovative range of learning approaches to suit your own circumstances and you’ll gain a unique mix of practical leadership skills from one of Europe’s foremost leadership development organisations. We offer the academic depth and rigour expected of a top university business school. Benefits of the MBA with a specialism in Leadership Studies For you You’ll gain a better understanding of yourself and how others perceive you in your leadership role. Exposed to key business management and leadership theories and practices, you'll have an unparalleled opportunity to develop your strategic and behavioural leadership skills. You’ll gain a greater understanding of business management and will be able to lead your people more effectively, and will have the opportunity for networking through an outstanding international alumni network. We have thousands of members worldwide, many of whom have reached the highest positions in their fields. For your organisation By supporting your directors or managers on the MBA in Leadership programme, you'll be helping determine the long-term success of your organisation. A survey conducted by an independent consultancy on behalf of The Leadership Trust Foundation found that strong leadership qualities are the most important factor for achieving optimum performance at board and senior management levels. Flexible study routes The MBA with a specialism in Leadership Studies can be taken as part of the Flexible Learning route. It’s designed to fit with your demanding work responsibilities. Usually, you'll take the course part-time on a modular basis over three years but it can also be taken from between two years and six years. Based on the core curriculum of the Strathclyde MBA, the programme uses a combination of formal courses, self-study through supported distance learning, practical training and project work. Accreditation Less than 1% of business schools in the world hold "triple accreditation", and Strathclyde is one of them. The three international accrediting bodies are: The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business The European Quality Improvement System The Association of MBAs To gain accreditation by one of these bodies is an achievement in itself. To gain accreditation by all three bodies is a truly outstanding accomplishment and one we're proud of. Association of Masters of Business Administration (AMBA) You’re eligible to join AMBA after enrolment on an MBA course. Entry requirements Our selection process is designed to identify talented professionals from a wide range of academic, business and cultural backgrounds. While there are formal requirements for entry listed below, we take into consideration: your potential your interpersonal and team working qualities the range and nature of your managerial experience In order to assess these skills we ask you to complete a number of essays outlining your experience and aspirations alongside references supporting your work experience and academic record. We may ask you to undertake a formal interview to discuss your achievements and aspirations. We would encourage you to visit the school or centre you’re applying to and to ask as many questions as you need to clarify your decision. Qualifications & experience For entry to the MBA with a specialism in leadership studies programme you must: hold a degree from a UK university, or equivalent academic qualification from a comparable non-UK institution. If you studied for your undergraduate degree at a non-UK institution we will need a copy of your degree transcript. Professional qualifications will also be considered. be at least 28 years of age. have a minimum of three years' full-time postgraduate experience where the management of people and resources has played a significant role. Admissions testing Although the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) is not a standard requirement of our admissions process, strong verbal reasoning and numerical abilities are critical for the MBA and we may ask you to undertake such a test. Competence in English The MBA programme is highly interactive and requires a high level of competence in English speaking, writing, reading and understanding. A minimum score of 6.5 in IELTS is required for applicants whose first language is not English. We may consider applicants who fall slightly below these standards if they're willing to undertake pre-sessional study. Computer competence In order to undertake the Diploma/MBA you need to be competent in word processing, the use of spreadsheets and in report writing. The application process Completed application forms are considered by the Admissions Committee as they're received. You’re encouraged to submit your application form and all the supporting documentation as soon as possible. Once all the details are with us you should receive a decision within three or four weeks of application. Exemptions If you've undertaken courses at The Leadership Trust Foundation that are common to the MBA with a specialism in Leadership Studies programme within the past three years, you may be granted exemptions provided you fulfil the course requirements for written assignments. If you have completed a Strathclyde Diploma in Business, DMS, CNAA Diploma in Management Studies or a CIMO or Open University qualification, you may also be eligible for exemptions. If you've completed the Strathclyde MSc in Business and Management (MBM), you may upgrade to the MBA with a specialism in Leadership Studies. Applications for exemptions, which carry fee reductions, will be considered on an individual basis and the final decision will rest with the Exemptions Committee. Careers We recognise that career development is one of the main reasons why people invest in an MBA. The MBA job market offers plenty of global opportunity but can be complex and challenging. That's why we also offer a dedicated careers service for MBA students. You'll get career planning and skills development as well as unlimited access to personal advice and coaching. Our careers service is delivered in-house and by a team of top consultants. We work with you to complement your own proactive job search efforts too. We help you use your own career background and strengths to progress to your next career move. You’ll gain the understanding and tools to develop your personal, strategic career plan, as well as the self-marketing and communication skills to make effective applications and impress at interview. You’ll have the knowledge of the global job market and a range of contacts to make it work for you. Career & Professional Development Programme Our professional development programme is delivered in four modules throughout the year. Each is a week long and they're held in October, November, January and February. The programme includes: CPD 1 Introduction to strategic career planning and how to get the job you want Creating a personal profile (to be published on our profile site) Presentation skills workshop Networking skills, including social media The Glasgow Challenge CPD 2 Personal skills audit Setting career development goals Self-branding/self-presentation (CVs, cover letters and applications) Supporting resources CPD 3 Company visits and industry presentations, including alumni The Scottish MBA Careers Event CPD 4 Practical interview and assessment centre sessions Throughout the year, there will be additional workshops, master classes and company presentations. Dedicated careers resources You’ll have access to a library of MBA-specific information and resources through our Careers Portal. This offers: company and market information, both UK and global vacancies all over the world links to top MBA sites Where are they now?* MBA graduates' job titles include: Audit Manager Business Consultant Business Development Manager Change Project Manager Chief Executive Director Head of Operations Managing Consultant Operation Manager Quality Manager Senior Accounting Manager Quality Manager Regional Finance Manager Employers include: Cisco Deloitte EDF Enegery Glasgow City Council HSBC KPMG NHS Scottish Power Renewable Thermo Fisher Scientific Vets Now *Based on the results of the national Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education Survey (2014/15 and 2013/14). [-]

MBA - University of Wolverhampton, UK

Westford School of Management
Campus or Online Full time Part time 1 year Open Enrollment United Arab Emirates Dubai + 1 more

*More than 100 students passed out from Westford in 2016 *MBA from world class University in One Year without breaking your career *International study trip with Industry visits, management Seminars, military style boot camp, sight-seeing, real life case studies and group activities *Experiential learning, where our students put into practice everything they learn *Robust learning management system containing study materials, case studies, HD-quality video lectures *University of Wolverhampton Alumni Status *Option to attend University Convocation in UK *On-line Library Access *Our Students speak​ *Our 2015 convocation pictures​ [+]

MBA - University of Wolverhampton, UK Why Westford MBA One Programme, Two Qualifications, Three Countries and tons of experience.. MBA from world class University in One Year without breaking your career International study trip with Industry visits, management Seminars, military style boot camp, sight-seeing, real life case studies and group activities Experiential learning, where our students put into practice everything they learn Robust learning management system containing study materials, case studies, HD-quality video lectures University of Wolverhampton Alumni Status Option to attend University Convocation in UK On-line Library Access Our Students speak You will study tools and techniques that will help you develop and manage products and services that will be competitive internationally. As an ambitious and driven student, you will bring to the programme your work experience. This might be from a functional role, for example in marketing or HRM, or a profession such as law or accounting. In either case, you will have a considerable depth of experience in one specific area. This MBA will help you to gain a broader understanding of business by exposing you to key aspects of it and showing you how it all fits together. Conversely, you might have had a more varied role, perhaps in running a small business, where you have some understanding over a range of business activities, but need help in developing your existing business knowledge further. In both cases this MBA will update your management toolkit and give you a broader stronger profile to enhance your career. Aiming to give our students the knowledge they need for the career they want, we maintain strong links with the business world and offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses which provide the experience and practical skills that employers value. Our graduates become digitally literate, knowledgeable and enterprising and have a global outlook on life. About the University The roots of the University of Wolverhampton lie in the 19th century. The University of Wolverhampton is a dynamic, innovative and business focused university in the Centre of England. With over 23,000 students from 100 different countries - including around 2,500 overseas students - our students become part of a learning community that promotes knowledge, innovation and enterprise. With 150 years of pioneering education for all, the University is now a global provider of entrepreneurial education. The University has areas of research ranked among the best in the world. The 2008 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) ranked eight of 11 areas of research as world-leading. The University of Wolverhampton performs a vital role in the delivery of high quality education and training in the UK and the wider global community. With 150 years of experience, we aim to support and transform the lives of those who engage with us through knowledge, innovation and enterprise. The University has around 2,500 overseas students studying with us in the UK, with many more benefiting from our transnational education. Our internationally important research focuses on aspects of life that affect us all. UK and global businesses come to us because we provide them with solutions that tackle the complexities of the international workplace and help them to sustain their future. The pool of eminent personalities who have been honored doctorate from University of Wolverhampton includes Sri. Pranab Mukharjee (President of India), His Highness Lieutenant General Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan (Deputy Prime Minister of UAE), Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam (Former President of India), Sri. Arun Jaitley (Opposition Leader, Rajya Sabha - India), Sri. N. Ram (Chief Editor - The Hindu, English Daily) and Mr. Frew McMillan (Five time Wimbledon Champion – South Africa) etc. Key Facts Qualification: MBA Duration: 1 year [full-time, part-time and online] Delivery Format :Modular Intake : Rolling Intake Onsite Campus : Onsite at Sharjah, Dubai, Abudhabi, RAK, Fujairah, Doha, Lebanon/li> Online : Available Admission Entry Requirements Bachelors Degree in any discipline Two years work experience preferably in managerial/supervisory level Candidates without graduation will be considered based on minimum 5 years of supervisory/managerial level work experience Age - 23 years and above Admission to the course is subject to the terms and conditions of Westford School of management and university / awarding bodies. Program Structure This MBA is a comprehensive, industry-relevant degree program designed to take your career to the next level. This MBA program is structured to encapsulate the needs of modern day global business, a fine blend of academic excellence and professional skills helping you to gain exemplary skill sets and the means to excel in strategic level positions. This MBA structure consists of 2 parts and includes 10 core modules and a final dissertation, modules listed below: PART 1 International Human Resource Management International Marketing Management Strategic Change Management Operations Management Upon Completion of Part-1, the successful students will receive Level 7 Executive Diploma in International Business Management, awarded by PEARSON Assured UK. PART 2 Accounting and Financial Management Strategic Management Dissertation Upon completion of Part -2, the successful students will be awarded Master of Business Administration by University of Wolverhampton. The university is accredited by UK government, well reputed and recognised worldwide. Recognition status of the university can be further verified from British Council or Education UK. [-]

Master of Business Administration

Kilroy Norway
Campus Full time Part time

The Bond MBA is a generalist degree based on three pillars – leadership, global business and entrepreneurship. Designed by internationally renowned educators acknowledged for their global [+]

Master of Business Administration

Awarding Body:

Bond University


The Bond MBA is a generalist degree based on three pillars – leadership, global business and entrepreneurship. Designed by internationally renowned educators acknowledged for their global experience, this accelerated program blends the most current industry-relevant research with application to business challenges. In the most recent Financial Review BOSS MBA rankings, Bond’s MBA was ranked in the top 10 in Australia.


The Bond MBA will give you a comprehensive understanding of the theory and practice of management in a globalised world. Studying at Bond’s state-of-the-art campus on the Gold Coast, you join a truly international cohort of students. Your professors know you by name and their doors are always open.... [-]