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MBA Strategic Leadership

The MBA is by far and away the most successful degree of the 20th century. Look at the American statistics. The first degree was not given out until the 1900’s. By the end of the 20th century it had a 27% market share of all graduate degrees given out.

The Middle East boasts a uniquely diverse population filled with a myriad of political, cultural and religious identities. In this setting, students have the opportunity to learn first hand about historic cultures and empires based in the region.

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MBA in Human Resources Management

Ajman University
Campus Full time Part time 2 - 4 years September 2017 United Arab Emirates Ajman + 1 more

The AUST MBA program seeks to satisfy the quality assurance standards set by world-class business programs accreditation organizations such as AACSB and the Association of MBAs. [+]

MBA Programs in Strategic Leadership in Middle East 2017. Overview Distinguishing Features The AUST MBA program seeks to satisfy the quality assurance standards set by world-class business programs accreditation organizations such as AACSB and the Association of MBAs. Program Objectives To train students in the theoretical and applied aspects of the core business functions such as accounting, marketing, finance, information systems and operations management. To train students thoroughly in one of the subject area specializations such as Marketing, Financial Management, and Human Resource Management. To ensure, with the help of course offering and case studies, that the students communicate effectively, and provide leadership ability, and team-building skills. To train students to manage ethical issues and multicultural diversity. To equip students with the techniques and strategic tools to recognize, comprehend and analyze the various dimensions of business environment. To promote scholarly research for finding solutions for real-life business problems for the benefit of the academia, business organizations, community and the nation. Curriculum Core Courses (21 Credits) 471004 Operations Management 471005 Business Research Methods 471006 International Business 472002 Financial Accounting 472003 Corporate Finance 473001 Marketing Management 474001 Human Resource Management Track Options (12 Credits) Human Resource Management 474003 Management of Change 474004 Training & Development of HR 474005 Cross-Cultural Management 474006 Organization Development Capstone Course (3 credit hours) 471007 Strategic Management Learning Resources Students have access to all the learning resources offered by AUST – library, computer labs, Internet and web platforms, online international business game competitions with students of other eminent institutions, databases for academic journals, and resources of collaborating institutions. The MBA courses ensure an optimum classroom learning environment to achieve the program’s objectives. Knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation are emphasized in the design and delivery of courses. The system of instruction employed in the MBA program provides a new learning approach that is student-centered and involves discussions, participation, and shared responsibility for learning, co-operation, case analysis, examinations and expert role responsibilities. The use of technology, simulation and the synthesis of expert knowledge applicable to business organizations in the new economic environment will be the key focus points designed to enhance and ensure the program’s academic quality. Attendance Policy Students are expected to attend and fully participate in all classes. A minimum of 75 percent attendance will be required in each course registered. Academic Standing for Graduate Students If the student’s GPA is less than 3.0 after the second semester, he/she will be placed on probation. If the student does not raise his/her CGPA to 3.0 in the following semester, he/she will be placed on a second probation. If the student fails to raise his/her GPA to 3.0 in the following semester, the student will be dismissed from the program. The Graduate program coordinator may advise an academically warned student to repeat one or more courses to increase his/her chances to raise his/her CGPA to 3.0. Time Allowed to Complete the MBA Program The study time for the MBA program is normally two years or four semesters. However, the maximum time allowed to complete the program is 4 years or 8 regular semesters Study Load for Graduate Students The study load for a full-time MBA student may rise up to four courses (12 credit hours) per semester depending on his / her CGPA. Graduation Requirements A student will be awarded the degree of Master of Business Administration upon meeting the following requirements: Completion of the required MBA courses : 12 courses of 3 credit hours each Achievement of a CGPA of not less than 3.0 Admission Requirements In accordance with the University requirements for graduate degrees, a candidate to be admitted into the MBA program must fulfill the following requirements: Hold a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration or a related field from a UAE-recognized university with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0/4.0. Students enrolled into the MBA program without prior course work in the business areas are required to complete the following five foundation courses and obtain an average “B” grade to be admitted to the program. Foundation Courses: 410808 Organizational Theory & Design 102211 Statistics for Business 400393 Microeconomics 400292 Principles of Accounting I 400396 Fundamentals of Finance Students with a GPA below 3 may be admitted conditionally. A minimum score of 550 on paper based TOEFL or 6 on IELTS (or its equivalent). An Interview with the MBA Admission Committee. Transfer Students from Accredited Institutions Graduate students from accredited institutions of higher education may apply for admission in an AUST MBA program. Documents Required for Admission to a Graduate Program Completed Application Form UAE Secondary School Certificate, or its equivalent Certified copy of the Bachelors degree certificate or its equivalent, Certified copy of the Grade Transcript Certificate of proficiency in English Language, Photocopy of valid Passport A copy of UAE ID Card for UAE residents Health Certificate, issued by a University doctor Certificate of good conduct, issued by an official body Six recent passport-size photographs 2 Reference Letters A written commitment signed by the applicant that he/she will observe university rules and regulations Admission Validity Admission to the MBA program is valid for at most two semesters. If an admitted student does not join the program within this period, the admission offer will be cancelled. [-]

MBA (Top-up)

University of Bolton - Ras Al Khaimah Academic Centre
Campus Full time 6 months August 2017 United Arab Emirates Ras Al Khaimah

The MBA Top-up is a fast track programme for those who already have a post graduate qualification in management. A key element of this programme is the MBA dissertation. [+]

The MBA Top-up is a fast track programme for those who already have a post graduate qualification in management. A key element of this programme is the MBA dissertation. Applicants will study full-time over two trimesters, which is less than a full calendar year. They will need at least two years’ work experience and a level 7 qualification with at least 100 credits at HE7. A variety of teaching and learning methods provide access to learning to meet a range of learner needs and are aimed at; widening participation amongst learners, avoiding exclusion and developing learner skills in both academic and workplace arenas. The methods employed include: lectures; workshops; tutorials (group and individual) and guest speakers. However individual tutors are free to introduce techniques that they view as especially suitable in aiding learning in their specialist area. The learning and teaching strategy for each individual module is detailed in the module guides that you will receive at the beginning of each semester. About the course The overall aim of the programme is to prepare students for a career at senior management level. Students will enhance knowledge and skills in strategic thinking appropriate for a global economy. Specifically the programme seeks to develop and enhance: Critical knowledge of organisations, their management and the changing external contexts in which they operate. Knowledge/understanding to complex business issues, both systematically and creatively, to improve business and management practice. Intellectual capabilities of research, critique, synthesis and innovation, culminating in a masters’ level dissertation. Academic and professional skills to allow for opportunities for career development and further study. Lifelong learning skills and personal development so as to be able to work with self-direction and originality and to contribute to business and society at large. The MBA is an internationally recognised management qualification sought by those who wish to either inject pace into their goals of career progression or those who wish to reinforce their position in the management chain. Special features The MBA offers you the chance to join a well established postgraduate community engaged in preparing themselves for a career in executive management. In addition, teaching and supervision is offered by a well qualified and dedicated team of experienced staff drawn from business and academia. The university enjoys excellent libraries, 24/7 IT facilities, WiFi and learning areas. What you will learn Depending upon the syllabus of your previous programme of study, you will have the opportunity to study one of the taught modules outlined below in addition to the Research Methods and Academic Skills module and the Dissertation. What you will study Research Methods and Academic Skills This module prepares you for the dissertation. It will enable you to make informed decisions about which research methods are appropriate under particular circumstances and specifically in relation to your own research. You will develop your knowledge of a range of research tools and analytical techniques. You will also receive guidance on the structuring of your dissertation. A component part of this module will be the development of your academic skills to further support your studies. MBA Dissertation The dissertation provides you with the opportunity to undertake an extended and substantial piece of research. It allows students to synthesise their academic knowledge acquired from the taught modules and to produce an evaluative and critical discussion of a strategic issue relevant to your organisation, your recommendations following the research process and a proposed implementation plan. One option module from: Leadership and Management Sales Management and Marketing Financial Management and Decision Making Human Resource Management Change Management Strategic Management Entry requirements Applicants will have at least two years relevant work experience and a HE Level 7 qualification with at least 100 credits (minimum). These include: Post-graduate Diploma Edexcel DMS ABE Level 7 Extended Diploma If English is not your first language you will also normally need IELTS 6.5 (or equivalent). If you do not have the required English level, you can study English with us from IELTS 4.0 (or equivalent). Applications must be accompanied by a reference from your current employer. The reference must be on official letter headed paper and should clearly state how long you have been employed by them and a breakdown of the content, roles and responsibilities of the job. [-]

MBA with Research Project and Courses

King Abdulaziz University, Faculty of Economics & Administration FEA
Campus Full time September 2017 Saudi Arabia Jeddah

To obtain an MBA degree, students are required to complete 42 units (14 courses) with a GPA of at least 3.75 at a scale of 5 as this is a requirement of King Abdul Aziz University [+]

MBA with Research Project and CoursesTo obtain an MBA degree, students are required to complete 42 units (14 courses) with a GPA of at least 3.75 at a scale of 5 as this is a requirement of King Abdul Aziz University graduate studies regulations. Those 42 units (14 courses) are divided in the fol – lowing manner:


A- Compulsory Courses ( 10 Courses)

Research Methodology and Quantitative Analysis Leadership and Organizational Behavior Strategic Operations Management Advanced Strategic Management Entrepreneurship Managerial and Cost Accounting Strategic Marketing Managerial Economics Corporate Finance Management Information Systems


 B- Elective Courses (3 Courses)... [-]