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MBA International Marketing

Marketing is an ever-changing field that constantly employs cutting-edge technology and outside-the-box thinking. Many students choose to pursue a Master in Business Administration in fields such as international marketing because of the many doors it can open for a career.

People who want to further their education often explore the idea of earning a master’s degree and may question what is an MBA in International Marketing? This degree increases a student’s exposure to global marketing strategies by offering further education and, often, real-world simulation. Many courses will provide students with basic knowledge of business principles such as management, ethics and finance. Those principles will then be combined with learning about consumer behavior worldwide and the practical application of marketing tactics.

As hiring managers browse resumes, a master’s in certain marketing fields will jump off the page. An MBA not only means a job candidate may qualify for certain position tiers and salary levels, but it also indicates that the person is ideal for a variety of roles. To earn such a degree, a student will typically have to have an undergraduate in a related field.

When it comes to the cost of earning a master’s in international marketing, the price will vary depending on the institution. Anyone who is seriously considering obtaining such a degree should contact several facilities to compare programs and pricing.

The cost of education is often worth it, as holding an MBA makes a person eligible for a number of careers in the marketing industry. Possible positions include working in brand management, research analysis and public relations at an international company.

With the emergence of online education institutions, earning a master’s degree has never been easier. There are schools that offer both in-house and online courses and can better educate you on “What is an MBA in International Marketing?” Internet-based learning is a great option for people who need flexibility or who live too far from a facility. Masterstudies features a number of opportunities for prospective students. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form. 

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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Asia School of Business
Campus Full time 18 months September 2017 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

Bank Negara Malaysia and MIT Sloan School have collaborated to create an innovative school in Kuala Lumpur with the mission of changing the business school paradigm. [+]

MBA Programs in International Marketing. Master of Business Administration (MBA) What is the future of management education? Join us and we will build it together at Asia School of Business. Bank Negara Malaysia and MIT Sloan School embrace the challenge to trace a new and better path. ASB is the opportunity to start an educational institution from scratch and address the needs and challenges of management education with a fresh, innovative and entrepreneurial approach. We strongly believe that the next generation of transformative leaders for the emerging world will be developed on the basis of theories found in the top global universities combined with the experience and action learning perspective. Learning about problems companies face from case studies is a model of the past. Action Learning is the future. ASB will offer management students, management practitioners, and the institutions that employ them a new way of doing things, new ways of learning, new ways of thinking and a better integration of theory with practice. ASB's MBA 3.0 blends theory and practice at every level. The MIT Sloan faculty will teach the same rigorous core curriculum at ASB that is delivered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Additionally, ASB's curriculum will include action learning projects with our corporate partners and institutional partners throughout Asia, providing ongoing opportunities to test and apply the theories of the classroom in a broad range of organizational, institutional and field challenges. Our exciting and highly innovative curriculum is in the approval process but in the meantime visit our Curriculum page to learn about the main highlights of the program. Action Learning at Asia School of Business Action Learning is a process which involves working on real challenges, using the knowledge and skills of a team to question and re-interpret old and familiar concepts, create new solutions and execute them to evaluate outcome. Action Learning projects can resolve significant business, organizational and social problems and take the classroom into the field and the client companies into the classroom. Asia School of Business will provide a structured, rigorous and sustainable engagement of learning by and from doing. ASB students and project sponsors engage with real-time management and entrepreneurial challenges that bring theory to life in projects. Action Learning projects will be deployed throughout the curriculum. Action Learning builds self-efficacy in students, through repeatedly taking on real challenges in a safe academic environment. MIT Sloan School is the leader in Action Learning in management education and has held that esteemed position for several decades. This pedagogical approach develops principled, innovative leaders through the active integration of theory with real world practices and personal reflection. The method brings together faculty and students to tackle real world complex managerial challenges, and through this process, enhances students’ leadership capabilities. The curriculum will feature the MIT Sloan Action Learning pedagogy: THINK - ACT - REFLECT - REPEAT THINK - the class experience ACT - the "go and see" experience REFLECT - the critical thinking experience REPEAT - Knowledge comes from repeated experimentation. The ASB experience will span the globe from across Asia to Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. The program will be conducted in the ASB campus in Kuala Lumpur with a four-week residential program in the MIT Sloan campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Ample site-visits will be organized to offices and factories of ASB's corporate and institutional partners across Asia. The ASB MBA program is designed to prepare you for a challenging and fulfilling career ahead. The ASB education puts you in a position to experience exponential growth — academically, personally, and professionally. More than that, the MBA program at ASB will build your confidence as a leader and an agent of change, putting you on a path to accomplish your career goals and aspirations. [-]

MBA in International Marketing

Horizons University
Campus or Online Part time 2 years September 2017 France Paris

This program addresses the interface of marketing logistics and cultural phenomena as they exist in a contemporary global environment. [+]

MBA in International Marketing


The MBA Program at Horizons University prepares students for leadership positions in global organizations and for careers as independent consultants, entrepreneurs, and business researchers.

This program addresses the interface of marketing logistics and cultural phenomena as they exist in a contemporary global environment. Students completing this specialization may seek careers in marketing management, research, consultation, or corporate leadership.Core Courses

Leadership of Contemporary Business Organizations Global Integration Processes Financial Resource Management Business Research Application


Specialized Courses... [-]

Business Admnistration

International University Alliance
Campus Full time Part time September 2017 USA Boston

This extraordinary 12-month program prepares you to be an effective global business leader. Expand your cultural understanding; strengthen foreign language skills; learn to build global strategies; collaborate with students from around the world; hone professional development skills; and gain real-world experience—all from the MBA program ranked among the top international business programs in the U.S. [+]

MBA Programs in International Marketing. Master Technology, International Business and Leadership Effective executives need global knowledge; strong technology skills; and collaborative finesse. The Chapman Graduate School of Business covers it all: International perspective: expands and deepens your global viewpoint across countries and cultures. Hemispheric focus: leverages our pivotal Miami location, bringing Latin America and Caribbean within close reach. Technological excellence: strengthens your IT prowess for more effective learning. International MBA Prepare to compete and succeed on a global level. The full-time, one-year International MBA (IMBA) program is one of the highest ranked programs in the country—ranked #15 by U.S.News & World Report (2016), #40 in the world by América Economía (2015), and #56 for best full-time MBA program by BusinessWeek (2014). You’ll gain a deeper understanding of global business issues, build cultural and linguistic fluency, and choose to study abroad or elect an internship experience at an international or multinational company. Our IMBA experience reflects the world’s diversity—more than half of the students and faculty in this program are international. International Training in a Global Business Setting The University’s Miami location offers you all the advantages of a multicultural, urban, and ethnically rich center. The city is a business hub—connecting the two Americas and serving as regional headquarters for numerous multinational corporations. It’s the ideal setting for your international business education, with career opportunities spanning many dynamic industries. [-]

International MBA

University of South Australia
Campus Full time Part time 2 years February 2017 Australia Adelaide + 1 more

Designed in consultation with industry professionals, the International Master of Business Administration provides early-career professionals with advanced knowledge and skills to qualify for professional practice as a manager in international business. Learning through real-life case studies, graduates will gain the knowledge and expertise to address today’s global business challenges. [+]

Designed in consultation with industry professionals, the International Master of Business Administration provides early-career professionals with advanced knowledge and skills to qualify for professional practice as a manager in international business. Learning through real-life case studies, graduates will gain the knowledge and expertise to address today’s global business challenges. We deliver advanced knowledge and skills in consolidated international business management, with a focus on global strategy, logistics, international trade, financing, marketing and human resource management, to allow you accelerate your career as an international business professional. PROGRAM STRUCTURE The International MBA is offered in two flexible formats, depending on your professional development needs. Our general International MBA comprises 12 core courses in international business and 4 electives. This format will provide you with a breadth of expert-level knowledge and skills across the key disciplines essential for international business leadership. Our specialised International MBA comprises 8 core courses, 4-5 core specialisation courses and 3-4 electives. This format will allow you to develop advanced specialist skills within an international business framework. Specialisations for 2017 include: Finance, Human Resources Management, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, and Tourism and Event Management. CAREER OUTCOMES Upon completion, you will be well placed to pursue an array of employment opportunities in global organisations ranging from departments of foreign affairs and international trade within governments, to multinational enterprises and consulting companies. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS For entry into this program, applicants are required to have completed a bachelor degree, a graduate diploma or a graduate certificate with a recognised higher education institution with a grade point average of 4 or above. [-]

International Organizations MBA

Geneva School of Economics and Management - University of Geneva
Campus Full time Part time 1 - 3 years February 2017 Switzerland Geneva + 1 more

Offered as a one-year intensive MBA as well a part-time program (2 to 3 years), the IOMBA offers a multidisciplinary curriculum taught by an international faculty from worldwide leading universities as well as recognized professionals from International Organization, International (IOs) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Located in the heart of Geneva within a stone’s throw of many United Nations organizations and other prestigious international institutions, the program provides opportunities to students to pursue their career in an IO, an NGO or Transnational Corporation. [+]

MBA Programs in International Marketing. International Organizations MBA Full-time (1 year) or Part-time (2-3 years) Program As a one-year intensive MBA as well a part-time program (2 to 3 years), the IO-MBA offers a multidisciplinary curriculum taught by an international faculty from worldwide leading universities as well as recognized professionals from International Organization, International (IOs) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). This long-standing program (13th edition) offers 24 cutting-edge modules covering political and economic environment of multilateral organizations as well as managerial challenges existing in an international non-for-profit organization. Located in the heart of Geneva within a stone’s throw of many United Nations organizations and other prestigious international institutions, the program provides opportunities to students to pursue their career in an IO, an NGO or Social enterprises. A unique program like the IO-MBA calls for students who wish to learn skills that go beyond “business as usual.” Our candidate profile include professionals who: believe that international collaboration is the key to resolving global challenges. view partnerships between the public and private sectors as a growing area of mutual opportunity for business and international development are currently working in the private sector and are looking to transfer their skills to a career in the international development or public sectors are looking to acquire skills and experiences that will help them advance into a management role within their current non-profit or international organizations Full-time MBA in a nutshell: 24 modules over 10 months from September to June + a 3-months practicum in an international organization, NGO or in the private sector. Fully accredited program. In association with prestigious universities. The IO-MBA program was developed as a multidisciplinary curriculum in consultation with renowned scholars, high-level officials from international and non-governmental organizations and business executives. It connects the organizations’ context with contemporary management tools and techniques. Objectives Master advanced management skills and practices commonly used in intergovernmental, public and non-profit organizations Analyze fundamental concepts of change management in complex organizational settings Explore risk analysis and decision-making mechanisms specific to international institutions and cope with international challenges Gain project management skills within the international development context and set up innovative solutions Strengthen leadership and team management skills and learn to apply intercultural negotiation techniques Develop a professional network to share knowledge and expertise all around the world Teaching Method The IO-MBA Program features state-of-the art teaching methods, including a mixture of lectures, case studies, and practical assignments. Participants work in small multi-cultural and multi-professional groups that reflect the dynamic professional context within international organizations. Audience Participants are from over 20 different countries and come from professional diverse backgrounds. Having worked in IOs, NGOs, NPOs, or in public and private sector, participants have an average of five years of work experience. IO-MBA counts over 250 alumni working in diverse sectors in international development, including business, government, NGOs and social enterprise. IO-MBA Overview List of modules: 1. Introduction to the IO & NGOs 2. Practice of International Relations 3. Leadership and Strategic Change in the UN 4. Sustainable Finance 5. Leadership and Management in NPOs 6. Governance and Management challenges in the UN system 7. Designing Development Projects 8. Performance and Resource Management in NPOs 9. International Trade 10. International Law and its Effects on IOs and NGOs 11. Business & Society 12. Cross Sector Partnerships 13. Social entrepreneurship & Business Plan 14. Communication, Fundraising and Advocacy 15. Risk Management 16. Managerial Accounting 17. Self-Leadership 18. Change Management 19. Team Leadership 20. Effective Communication 21. Conflict Resolution in Business & Politics 22. Global Strategy 23. Doing Business in Emerging Markets 24. Managing Across Cultures APPLYING TO THE IO-MBA The International Organizations MBA program is designed for individuals who aspire to a managerial position in an IO, NGO, or Social Enterprise, and for existing managers who wish to enhance their skills with a view to taking on greater responsibility in their own organization. Given the unique nature of the program, and its small class size, we expect successful applicants to the program to have: An undergraduate degree and demonstrated intellectual capacity. A good undergraduate degree from a university recognized as equivalent to the standard of the University of Geneva is required. Professional experience and management potential. Participants are expected to have a high level of maturity and leadership ability, as demonstrated by their work experience. The contribution of participants from diverse career paths is crucial to the success of the program. International exposure and communication skills. The International Organizations MBA prepares alumni for international jobs anywhere in the world. Accordingly, we seek applicants with proven ability to excel in a multicultural setting and with proven fluency in English. APPLICATIONS Applications for the IO-MBA 2017-2018 are open. Full-time program: from September 2017 to June 2018 / Part-time program: open enrollment [-]


MIP Politecnico di Milano School of Management
Campus Full time 12 months September 2017 Italy Milan

The International Full Time MBA is a 12-month program entirely taught in English. The new improved format of the MBA program is one of a kind designed to impart technical and interpersonal skills needed by the modern manager who is increasingly required to solve cross functional, multi-dimensional and complex problems. [+]

INTERNATIONAL FULL TIME MBA Start Day: September Duration: 12 months Format: Full Time Course fee: € 32,000 Teaching language: English Location: Milan Required qualification: 3 years Bachelor degree (minimum 180 ECTS) An MBA program designed with over 30 Official Partner Companies The International Full Time MBA program is now offered in Official Partnership with over 30 International and National Companies offering key involvement through project works, company sponsorships and placement opportunities. The list of MBA Partner Companies includes Aboca, Allianz, Amazon, ArtRooms, Banale, Barilla, Bip, Blackberry, Edison, EF - Education First, Enel, Expedia, Fire, Halldis, IBM, Kerakoll, Group, Lilly, Microsoft, OTB Diesel, Pirelli, Poliform, Sirti, Telecom - Tim, The Boston Consulting Group, Vente-privee, Vimar, Vivocha, Vodafone, Whirlpool, Xmetrics and many more coming on board in the future. 5 Reasons to choose the International MBA of MIP Politecnico Di Milano Here are the top 5 Reasons why the International MBA of MIP Politecnico di Milano will be a game changer for you 01. 2016/2017 Official Partnership with over 30 Partner Companies The International MBA program is offered in official collaboration with more than 30 Multinational and Italian companies offering company sponsorships as well as project work and job opportunities to candidates. The program is redesigned by and for companies to prepare the 'manager of the future' who is capable of solving cross-functional, multidimensional and complex problems that the corporate world of today faces. The MBA Partner Companies will have a key involvement in the program right from the start through networking events, mentorship, business seminars and funding opportunities for candidates. 02. MBA Program of the Future Designed to train the ‘manager of the future’ capable of addressing cross functional, multi-dimensional and complex problems Focus on new and emerging technologies in management Unique Training Formula: Technological Know-how combined with managerial skills 4 Fundamental Elements: Analytical Approach to Problem Solving, Innovation & Futuristic Technology, Balance of Hard and Soft Skills, Close Collaboration with Companies Diversified Teaching Methodology: Digital learning, interactive lessons, business cases, group activities, business seminars by companies, outdoor training, assessment center, business games and business plan Focus on specializing in new-age management specializations: Seven different bootcamps to join and learn from During the MBA program students will have the opportunity to experience an intensive one-week study tour in the Silicon Valley whose purpose is to expose students to its ecosystem and deepen their understanding of entrepreneurship and cutting-edge topics Small Class Size with an optimal teacher-student ratio and effective peer to peer learning Opportunity to learn the Italian language during the program 03. Your Dedicated Career Service MIP's Career Development Office (CDO) is one-of-a-kind and is dedicated to providing a highly personalized service to each MBA student. The CDO provides guidance and assistance so as to best prepare the candidate for the recruitment process with the MBA Partner Companies as well as all the companies of our network. The CDO’s goal is to provide the MBA students with the right opportunities to grow in their post-MBA career. Our Mission To provide MBA students focused career development support tools for reconfirming, realigining and self-defining contextual career decisions. To support students develop their competitive advantage in the post-MBA recruitment processes. MBA Placement Statistics Job Opportunties Sources New Job Opportunities found by Career Service/School: 55% New Job Opportunities found by graduates: 45% Post-Graduation Placement 96% of graduates seeking employment found a new job within six months after graduation Top Recruiters Boston Consulting Group BIP KPMG Amazon Ferrero Eli Lilly Novartis Post-MBA Compensation* Average Post-MBA Base Salary: USD 74,184 Average Base Salary Increase after 3 years of graduation : 75% to 100% Job Sector Change 71% Project Work Locations 30% outside Italy 70% inside Italy CDO Activities - 2015/16 25 Business Seminars 9 On-Campus Recruitment Activities 280+ Companies Involved in Project Work Opportunities *Source: Financial Times Ranking 04. Celebrate Diversity The International MBA class is composed of over 20 different nationalities with candidates coming from different academic, professional and cultural backgrounds. The experience is truly international thanks to the many short and long term exchange opportunties in France, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Hong Kong, China, India, Australia, USA and UK. 05. Awaken the budding entrepreneur in you The International MBA at MIP is also a unique opportunity for wannabe entrepreneurs. The program offers the platform to build on your own entrepreneurial idea and test it in front of real investors and business angels. Candidates will have access to PoliHub - Politecnico di Milano's in-house start-up incubator to develop their own business venture or new product idea. Programme Structure Admissions The Ideal MIP MBA Candidate The ideal candidate has developed skills through professional experience and is looking to expand their skill set and extend their knowledge through meaningful study and practical work. Candidates should be ready to stretch their minds and be challenged in real-world business situations and should possess the talent and motivation to excel in their chosen careers. Ambition, independence and humility are also highly desirable characteristics and finally, we are looking for people who are highly motivated to bring their own personal contribution to the class and to promote diversity. MBA Admissions Applications for the September 2016 intake are closed. Applications to 2017 International Full Time MBA are now open. Please apply online at . Students who apply within November, 30th, 2016 will receive an early-bird discount of 5%. For more info please contact Selections Process Admission to the MBA is limited to a predetermined number of students. This ensures the optimal development of each student while enriching the group’s learning process. All elements of the online application are carefully studied so we highly recommend that you fill it out carefully and provide us with any extra material you believe might help your candidature. Step 1: Activation of Application Activate the Online Application uploading your updated CV/resume. You will also need to pay the application fee which can be paid online on the application platform itself. You must upload at least your updated CV for initial activation of application while the rest of the documents can be sent after the motivational interview Step 2: Screening of Candidature You will be informed whether you have been selected for the Motivational Interview by our admissions team in due time. Step 3: Submission of Further Documents University Degree or equivalent from an accredited institution and Official Transcripts MIP test (mandatory) GMAT/GRE score if available (optional but highly recommended)* Certificate of English Proficiency* Motivational statement 2 letters of reference (optional) Copy of Passport or ID Digital Photo *If you wish to send your scores directly to MIP, please note that our school code is 7455 Step 4: Final Decision Once the Admissions Team receives feedback from the interviewer, your application will be evaluated and then presented to the Admissions Committee who then decides whether to accept or reject each candidate. The selection is based on the evaluation of the professional and academic background, motivational interview performance with the Admissions Team and an aptitude test score (GMAT/GRE/MIP Test). The selection process assesses the profile of the individual candidate while taking into account the composition of the MBA class, which must be consistent with the quality and diversity the School requires. Acceptance is based on the ability to excel, not only academically, but also in the business community and the School does not provide individual answers to non-admitted candidates. You will be advised by e-mail of the final decision on your application. Prepare for your GMAT, GRE, TOEFL or IELTS Thanks to the special agreement with MasterPrep center, MIP offers its applicants the unique possibility to have a GMAT, GRE, TOEFL and IELTS personalized course from the comfort of their home at a very special price (20% discount), no matter where they live. MasterPrep offers candidates its proven experience and extensive professionalism, focusing exclusively on THEIR specific needs and objectives. Write to for more information so that you can benefit from this partnership International Students in Milan - Assistance Once you have been accepted to the International MBA program, you will be faced with a whole new "To Do" list. This will include visas, housing, insurance, setting yourself up in Milan and much more. MBA students will be put in touch with MIP's Interational Students Office which will be able to provide you with useful assistance and information in order to help your move to Italy go smoothly and your stay in Milan very comfortable. [-]

MBA in International Business

IPAG Business School
Campus Full time 1 year February 2017 France Paris

Ipag’s MBA programmes offer a valued opportunity for students and professionals to learn and enrich their knowledge in the fields of business and management in order to improve their prospects in today’s dynamic and competitive world. [+]

MBA Programs in International Marketing. Ipag’s MBA programmes offer a valued opportunity for students and professionals to learn and enrich their knowledge in the fields of business and management in order to improve their prospects in today’s dynamic and competitive world. These international MBA programmes, all in English, suit students and professionals who either already possess general knowledge in business or intend to start and pursue their career in business and management. Aims of programme Acquiring knowledge of international trade and practices Developing competence in international import/export domains Understanding organisational structures of international firms and businesses Providing insights into international marketing strategies [-]

International MBA

Renmin University of China, School of Business
Campus Full time 2 years September 2017 China Beijing

The IMBA program offers an Inspiration Track where students engage in experiential learning through Company visits (at least 5/semester) and connections to industry. [+]

International MBA Overview English 2 Year Full-Time Inspiration Track The IMBA program offers an Inspiration Track where students engage in experiential learning through Company visits (at least 5/semester) and connections to industry. Guest lecturers and CEOs are invited to the classroom to directly interact with MBA students. IMBA classes and company visits are often merged together to create the optimal learning environment for our students. Financing Your MBA The School of Business offers students with many merit-based scholarships, GMAT rewards, financial aid and exchange subsidies. Over 85% of our international students are offered some type of scholarship/financial aid. MBA Business Mentor Program The MBA Business Mentor Program (MBM) matches students with senior managers to help students develop their networks and expose them to frontline business practices. International Exchanges Globally, RBS has established over 30 MBA exchange partnerships with leading business schools, allowing students to study overseas for one semester free of additional tuition fees. RBS MBA/Yale MAM Students may apply for the RBS MBA/Yale MAM dual degree after their first semester in the IMBA program.Successful candidates will study for two master 's degrees at the same time and gain invaluable insight into both western and eastern management approaches. Business Competitions Business competitions held throughout the school year offer students opportunities to develop innovative ideas and teamwork skills. Furthermore,there's the annual NUS Case Competition, Yale Case Competition and Yale Video Competition. Team Action Project The Team Action Project (TAP) is a distinctive managerial consulting program where students combine knowledge with practice applied to real world projects. Extracurricular Activities Various student clubs and cross-cultural activities enhance interaction between international and local students, and enrich extra-curricular life at RBS. What Will I Learn? Our job here in the IMBA is to provide students with the skills needed for a successful global career. Upon graduation, you will be equipped with technical foundations in fields such as finance, operations management, accounting, etc., and analytical skills in making complex business decisions. In addition, an RBS IMBA Advisory Committee was specifically established to restructure, review and revise each year's curriculum to ensure the quality of our courses. Core Courses Business Ethics Corporate Finance Data Modeling and Decision-making Financial Accounting Managerial Communications Management Information Systems Managerial Economics Marketing Operations Management Organizational Behavior Strategic Management Elective Courses Examples: Consumer Behavior Cross-cultural Management E-Commerce Financial Markets and Institutions in China Human Resources Management International Business International Management Leadership Managing Social Innovation in Business Mandarin Chinese Options and Futures Apart from our own courses, IMBA students can also choose courses from our Law School, School of Finance, School of Economics, International Summer School (over 130 English courses) and International Master of Public Administration program. Eligibility We welcome students with diverse educational backgrounds and experiences to apply for the IMBA program. Overseas candidates must have: Preferably one year or longer of relevant work experience A bachelor’s degree or above Non-Chinese citizenship A competitive GMAT/GRE score(GRE DI: 3735 Renmin U China Schl Business) [-]