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Given the power of an MBA and the doors it opens, the network it offers and the problem-solving skills it teaches, business students need to be more engaged in their education and to make a conscious effort to understand what they want to get out of their MBA degree.

A Global Master in Business Administration (MBA) instructs students in business courses with an international focus. Global MBA programs require two years of full-time study, and may provide students with the increased skills and experience they need to succeed in the international business world. 


Germany is a great destination for international scholarsand has a high quality higher education system. The value of this level of education has been improved by the Germany's strong economy. Foreign students enjoy excellent living standards in a secure and safe surroundings. Berlin is the capital.

Top MBA Programs in Global in Germany 2017

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Master of Business Administration

IESE Business School
Campus Full time 19 months

At the IESE MBA, you’ll be stretched, pushed and challenged to master the essentials. [+]

Best MBAs in Global in Germany 2017. IESE Difference - A Lifetime Impact At the IESE MBA, you’ll be stretched, pushed and challenged to master the essentials. You’ll hone your entrepreneurial skills. And you’ll be exposed to business in different sectors, markets and regions – across five continents. Give us 19 months. We will give you a lifetime of impact. UNIQUE GLOBAL SCOPE Today’s world is interconnected. If you want to do international business, you need to have a global mindset.With campuses and alliances that span Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia, IESE has more global scope and reach than most other top-ranking business schools. You will learn alongside students from 64 different countries, guided by a faculty of world-class academics, researchers and global business experts of more than 30 nationalities. At IESE, you’ll have access to the biggest picture in global business. A TRULY GLOBAL EXPERIENCE How will you learn? Global challenges need broad perspectives. At IESE you will pursue a curriculum with integrated global content. And you will have the chance to experience how business is done across five continents. You also learn from the interchange of perspectives and experiences with your classmates – an international community of young professionals from more than 60 countries and a broad diversity of sectors. And you will have the support of a worldclass, international faculty. It’s an interconnected world. Gain the global insights and the experience to lead in it. Who are we looking for? There’s no such thing as a typical IESE MBA student. Participants come from 64 countries and a wide variety of industries and backgrounds. Most are young professionals who seek to become leaders within existing companies or to start up their own. Every student is different – but everyone in your cohort will have something in common: a desire to make a deep and positive impact on the world. Admission The admissions process is designed to help you and IESE to figure out if the MBA is the right fit for you and your goals. You must hold an undergraduate degree and, if you are not a native English speaker, pass an English language test. Your GMAT or GRE results are important but not decisive: Your personality, motivation, goals, leadership abilities and communication skills will also be taken into account. REDEFINING LEADERSHIP What makes someone a good leader? We believe that leadership is about striving for the best in yourself, and in others. It’s about drawing inspiration from diversity and the interchange of perspectives. It’s about respecting cultural and individual differences. And it’s about committing to leave a positive and lasting impact on the people, the businesses and the societies that surround you. At IESE you will be challenged, stretched and encouraged to become the very best that you can be; as an entrepreneur, as a professional, as a responsible leader and as a person. THE GENERAL MANAGEMENT PERSPECTIVE All of our programs take an integrative, long-term approach to business and organizations. You will understand business from a general management vantage point, gaining deep insight into how the different and complementary functions of a company work together. You’ll be exposed to active learning methodology – simulations and the case method – which will help you see the big picture, as you explore new approaches and perspectives to real-life business problems from all over the world. ARE YOU AN ENTREPRENEUR AT HEART? Do you have a big dream? Do you have the drive to bring it to fruition? Whether or not your goal is to start your own business, at IESE we will help you develop an entrepreneurial mindset and the creative leadership skills to excel both in the startup and the enterprise environments. [-]

WHU Part-Time MBA Program

WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management
Campus Part time 18 months September 2017 Germany Düsseldorf

Our Part-Time MBA Program is designed for young professionals who want to perform effectively in a challenging global environment by enhancing, deepening, or developing their knowledge in the field of business administration and economics. [+]

Focusing on all fields of General Management required to master today’s global business challenges the WHU Part-Time MBA Program in Düsseldorf is especially tailored to highly motivated professionals with a minimum of two years post-graduate work experience from different industries and functions eager to foster their career and take it to the next level. We target a group of individuals with a profound international outlook and experience who don’t want to interrupt their career


The Program

The 18-month WHU Part-Time MBA Program is conducted at WHU Campus Düsseldorf and starts in September with a kick-off week. Following classes are held mainly during weekends (Sat + Sat/Sun).... [-]

MBA in Global Management

International Graduate Center (IGC)
Campus Full time 3 semesters October 2017 Germany Bremen city

Our MBA course aims to provide the opportunity to junior managers to gain specific competences which are essential for successful global business today. [+]

Best MBAs in Global in Germany 2017. One year full time postgraduate Degree Course The world is globalizing and we are in the middle of it! This fact requires a changing profile of management skills. Our MBA course aims to provide the opportunity to junior managers to gain specific competences which are essential for successful global business today. We congratulate you for taking the opportunity and the challenge of learning together with people who share the same values although coming from different backgrounds. At the end of your studies you will feel more confident and prepared to face the challenges of a multinational business environment around the globe. The choice you make today will make a difference to your future. The program is characterized by a highly qualified teaching staff, an inspiring international and diverse student body, a faculty which offers a unique environment for intellectual exchange, joint research combined with academic excellence, practical orientation and an in-company internship. Course Structure Since the course structure is based upon different modules there is no final general exam. Students have to pass an exam in all ten modules. After passing a module students will gain the determined number of credit points. Students must achieve 60 ECTS Credit Points in total. Course Content Compulsory Modules Diversity Management & Ethics aims to provide students with the capability to apply cross-cultural management skills in negotiations, marketing, leadership etc. Additionally, students will have developed skills to identify, to analyse and to better cope with ethical conflicts in business and will have acquired professional skills to develop an ethical code for a company and make it work after completing the course. Global Management consists of two components: "strategic management and globalisation" and "organizing international and global business". This modul provides learners with a deepened knowledge of internationalisation strategies, concepts and instruments of strategic management, and a systematic knowledge in international marketing. Research & Communication introduces "quantitative methods" to analyse data and apply statistical analyses. In Global economics students acquire the competence to make sound decisions concerning international economic issues especially with respect to international trade and trade policy. They will be familiar with the fundamental causes of exchange rate fluctuations as well as the key determinants of international capital flows and will be able to take up an individual position in discussions of this field. Operations Management, Logistics and MIS addresses adequate solutions for logistic problems. Students will be able to use information systems (MIS) in companies and under­stand the interplay between strategy, organization and information systems. International Finance and Accounting consists of "Global Finance" addressing cost of capital for overseas investment, international transfer pricing and international tax planning and optimizing, and "International Accounting" introducing managerial and financial accounting function from an international perspective. Management Functions in Global Business includes both marketing and HR. The aim is to make students aware of the requirements of a well conceived and implemented marketing programme for international sales. Additionally, they will learn about the eminent strategic relevance of IHRM for the effectiveness of MNEs and will have the competence to elaborate an adequate concept of staffing and individual career planning for global business. International Legal and Tax Framework introduces basic principles of private international business law and addresses the purpose, kinds, regulation and use of taxation in international business. Project and Quality Management addresses fundamental principles of project management and deals with the analysis and development of processes from various perspectives such as efficiency, responsiveness, quality and productivity. Elective Courses German Business Environment includes"German History and Culture" and "German Economy and Business". After completion of this module students will have a profound understanding the political and legal structure of the German state and its historical background and can evaluate social and cultural life in Germany. Innovative Entrepreneurship is designed to provide the innovative, prudent risk taker with a practical approach for converting brilliant ideas into wealth. This course provides a road map for the perseverance and persistence required to successfully start a new business venture. Innovation Management focuses on the concept of innovation and its importance in organization, including the management process. Topics covered include the technology innovation process, innovation in corporations and research, innovation deployment in the manufacturing industry, strategies of using innovation and developing new business, and the creation of market sellers. Comparative East Asian Management examines the main management systems in East Asia (i.e. China, India, Japan, and Korea) and compares the management styles within East Asia and with the Western world. After completion of this module students are familiar with the nature of East Asian business systems and know distinctive features and differences in national management styles. The key element of Business Game: Strategic Marketing (Istanbul) is Markstrat, a strategic simulation game, which is designed to teach strategic marketing concepts such as brand portfolio strategy, segmentation, and positioning strategies. After completion of this module students will have learned to make decisions about the future under conditions of uncertainty. Teaching Methods The basic principle of the MBA in Global Management program is researching while learning. The systematic training of technical and social competences here plays a key role. Classes are generally held as seminars. Lecturers use selective methods of presentation, for example discussions among the students, supervised groupwork, analysis of case-studies and project work to ensure convincing results. Exams Depending on the course different accompanying exam alternatives occur: Written exam (WE) Oral exam (OE) Assignment (A) Written presentation (WP) The master's examination consists of: The course accompanying exams The Master's Thesis plus oral defence Target Group The MBA course Master in Global Management endeavours to offer junior managers the opportunity to obtain specific competencies required for successful global business today. The aim is to provide management skills as well as thought-provoking experiences focused on global business. This is an essential requirement for students interested in a career in either government, international organisations or business enterprises. The course puts students at an advantage when it comes to leadership excellence. Goals The MGM-programme aims to provide management skills as well as mindexpanding experiences focused on global business. This is an essential need for students interested to pursue their career in either government, international organisations and business enterprises. Thus the course gives students an edge when it comes to leadership excellence. Degree The MGM-programme is completed with the Master`s Examination which is taken after two semesters. Students are required to write their Master`s Thesis at the end of the second semester when all modules have been covered in full. The thesis has to be defended in an oral exam. In case a student does an internship after the second semester the oral exam takes place after the third semester. The overall grade incorporates the results obtained from exams during the course and the evaluation of the Master's Thesis. Upon successful completion of the course students are awarded the degree of "Master of Business Administration. Admission An academic, business-related degree (bachelor) Two years of practical professional experience Proof of a very good standard of English shown by appropriate certificates: (A-level English course, TOEFL paper based 560 points, TOEFL computer based 220 points, IELTS 6,0; option: English test) Additional requirements for foreign applicants: The approval of the academic degree achieved and its equivalence to the standard by the MGM-course director and the relevant authority. [-]

MBA Global Business

Campus Part time 13 months June 2017 Germany Stuttgart

In cooperation with the leading American College University of Louisville and the Akademie Würth Business School the AKAD University offers an International MBA from the extra class. [+]

AKAD and the University of Louisville MBA = the extra class In cooperation with the leading American College University of Louisville and the Akademie Würth Business School the AKAD University offers an International MBA from the extra class. ​The MBA Global Business is aimed at professionals and managers with an international focus and executes in just 13 months to complete. Compact part-time study with phases in the US and in Germany is ideal for working professionals who want to get her MBA also have access to an outstanding network. Part-time MBA Global Business The part-time MBA program in cooperation with the University of Louisville in Kentucky / USA which offers four advantages: Top 25 University The University of Louisville is one of the most prestigious universities in the US and is ranked seven of the top 25 US business schools for entrepreneurship. In 13 months the MBA The application and practice-oriented learning content as well as efficiently designed study documents you bring in 13 months the MBA. 98% success rate The MBA Global Business is conducted at the University of Louisville for 13 years and has a success rate of 98%. 3-phase model The program begins and ends with a 4.5-week each study at the University of Louisville. In between are 12 weekend phases of the study sites the AKAD University in Hamburg, Frankfurt or Munich. Master Thesis Not mandatory. The creation of a business plan replaces the often required in other MBA programs Master's Thesis Admission Requirements University degree (Bachelor or Diploma) with a grade of 2.7 or better 3 years experience (internships be recognized) 30-minute call (presence or Skype) to examine the motivation and the knowledge of English Successfully completed Pre-MBA course (about five weeks of online preparation course) Study places University of Louisville in Kentucky / USA AKAD University, Course locations Frankfurt, Hamburg or Munich [-]