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Given the power of an MBA and the doors it opens, the network it offers and the problem-solving skills it teaches, business students need to be more engaged in their education and to make a conscious effort to understand what they want to get out of their MBA degree.

A Global Master in Business Administration (MBA) instructs students in business courses with an international focus. Global MBA programs require two years of full-time study, and may provide students with the increased skills and experience they need to succeed in the international business world. 


In all, there are over 4000 Higher Education Institutions in Europe offering a wide range of courses at Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate level. With more and more of these organizations offering English as the language of education for at least some of their degree programs, universities in Europe are now of higher quality than ever before. Universities in Europe offer a friendly welcome to foreign students and to give a course of knowledge that meets their profession needs in today’s global demand.

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International MBA in Spain (Barcelona) – New York

EAE Business School
Campus Full time 1 year September 2017 Spain Barcelona USA New York + 2 more

The International MBA is designed to prepare qualified professionals with solid knowledge of different management areas in a company. [+]

Masters in Business Administration in Global in Europe 2017. The International MBA is designed to prepare qualified professionals with solid knowledge of different management areas and moreover, with personal and professional skills, such as versatility, adaptability, reflection, determination and creativity. This is the managerial training program par excellence, which trains its participants to reach positions of responsibility in a company by means of acquiring the managerial skills required for the management of companies and institutions. It is the best program to gain and consolidate new tools and knowledge, through experience, that facilitate the transition towards a better job in our professional careers. The main objectives of the International MBA (Barcelona – New York) are: Constant improvement of the main knowledge of the scope of the company to manage and lead it better. Maintain the competitiveness with adaptation and anticipation of the needs of the company against possible changes. Developing the appropriate tools and capacities for leadership. Adaptation to new technologies and market developments. Evolve promoting sustainable development. Promote the creation of new firms by encouraging innovation and creativity. Semester in Pace University – New York Students are offered the option of studying a semester abroad in the Pace University – Lubin School of Business New York of New York. Pace University – Lubin School of Business is a private higher learning institution committed to offering students a high quality, global business education. Pace University offers our students a real opportunity to gain insight into the meaning of business success, in New York and around the world. Program Organization and Business Administration Quantitative techniques for business Current socio-economic context Marketing and commercialization in international environments Intellectual capital and talent management Management skills Financial management Information technological management International financial risk management Global strategic management Corporate internationalization Drafting an International Business Plan Methodology EAE lectures share their expertise and their knowledge on the latest research and business concepts in class through case studies, role-playing, company visits and group workshops. In some courses, group projects are an integral part of syllabus. Today's business leaders understand that learning is a strategic advantage. EAE offers an interactive, highly functional learning experience for a lifetime of success. Business people who are seeking to renew their outlook will discover that EAE provides a pivotal opportunity to step back from day-to-day-business, to explore new ideas, and to experience the freedom of learning. Double Degree Students who succesfully pass the course will obtain the International MBA Barcelona – New York degree from EAE Business School. Besides, students who fulfill the academic requirements established will obtain the MBA – Master of Business Administration degree from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Requirements The main objective of the admissions process is to ensure the suitability of the candidates for the program, by looking at their professional experience and their academic CV. In order to start the admissions process, it is necessary to fill in the form so that EAE Academic Committee can consider their application. If the decision issued by the Academic Committee for the program requested is positive, the candidate can complete his or her registration for the program. [-]

Magellan MBA

GISMA Business School
Campus Full time 14 months October 2017 Germany Hannover

The Magellan MBA will transform you into an effective and inspiring leader, no matter the industry you wish to work in. Participants study an integrated curriculum, covering a full range of functional business areas, including strategy, finance, and marketing. [+]

Magellan MBA The Magellan MBA will transform you into an effective and inspiring leader, no matter the industry you wish to work in. Participants study an integrated curriculum, covering a full range of functional business areas, including strategy, finance, and marketing. [-]

Master of Business Administration

IESE Business School
Campus Full time 19 months September 2017 Spain Barcelona

At the IESE MBA, you’ll be stretched, pushed and challenged to master the essentials. [+]

Masters in Business Administration in Global in Europe 2017. IESE Difference - A Lifetime Impact At the IESE MBA, you’ll be stretched, pushed and challenged to master the essentials. You’ll hone your entrepreneurial skills. And you’ll be exposed to business in different sectors, markets and regions – across five continents. Give us 19 months. We will give you a lifetime of impact. UNIQUE GLOBAL SCOPE Today’s world is interconnected. If you want to do international business, you need to have a global mindset.With campuses and alliances that span Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia, IESE has more global scope and reach than most other top-ranking business schools. You will learn alongside students from 64 different countries, guided by a faculty of world-class academics, researchers and global business experts of more than 30 nationalities. At IESE, you’ll have access to the biggest picture in global business. A TRULY GLOBAL EXPERIENCE How will you learn? Global challenges need broad perspectives. At IESE you will pursue a curriculum with integrated global content. And you will have the chance to experience how business is done across five continents. You also learn from the interchange of perspectives and experiences with your classmates – an international community of young professionals from more than 60 countries and a broad diversity of sectors. And you will have the support of a worldclass, international faculty. It’s an interconnected world. Gain the global insights and the experience to lead in it. Who are we looking for? There’s no such thing as a typical IESE MBA student. Participants come from 64 countries and a wide variety of industries and backgrounds. Most are young professionals who seek to become leaders within existing companies or to start up their own. Every student is different – but everyone in your cohort will have something in common: a desire to make a deep and positive impact on the world. Admission The admissions process is designed to help you and IESE to figure out if the MBA is the right fit for you and your goals. You must hold an undergraduate degree and, if you are not a native English speaker, pass an English language test. Your GMAT or GRE results are important but not decisive: Your personality, motivation, goals, leadership abilities and communication skills will also be taken into account. REDEFINING LEADERSHIP What makes someone a good leader? We believe that leadership is about striving for the best in yourself, and in others. It’s about drawing inspiration from diversity and the interchange of perspectives. It’s about respecting cultural and individual differences. And it’s about committing to leave a positive and lasting impact on the people, the businesses and the societies that surround you. At IESE you will be challenged, stretched and encouraged to become the very best that you can be; as an entrepreneur, as a professional, as a responsible leader and as a person. THE GENERAL MANAGEMENT PERSPECTIVE All of our programs take an integrative, long-term approach to business and organizations. You will understand business from a general management vantage point, gaining deep insight into how the different and complementary functions of a company work together. You’ll be exposed to active learning methodology – simulations and the case method – which will help you see the big picture, as you explore new approaches and perspectives to real-life business problems from all over the world. ARE YOU AN ENTREPRENEUR AT HEART? Do you have a big dream? Do you have the drive to bring it to fruition? Whether or not your goal is to start your own business, at IESE we will help you develop an entrepreneurial mindset and the creative leadership skills to excel both in the startup and the enterprise environments. [-]


ESSEC Business School
Campus Full time 1 year September 2017 France Cergy-Pontoise Paris Singapore + 2 more

Business is becoming more global every day, transcending cultures and generations, crossing borders that used to stand between technologies, markets, and [+]

Designed to catapult your career Being business savvy on your home turf is no longer enough. To succeed in today’s fast changing business world, global perspectives and intercultural competencies are essential. The ESSEC Global MBA aims to help you develop your creativity and problem-solving skills in a multicultural context, in very different business environments, and in a number of specialized areas of expertise. The ESSEC Global MBA is a full-time MBA, offering six Majors with an overall emphasis on international markets. The digital impact currently experienced by all companies will be strongly present in the program giving it a unique structure. You will focus on fundamental business concepts through strong academic and innovative learning approaches. You will also benefit from immersion in real-world projects and business situations through field trips and company visits, which will provide you with the skills needed to succeed in landing your future dream job. Program structure Over the course of the year, you will obtain a solid foundation in core business concepts, have the opportunity to specialize in a particular area, in the multicultural environment provided by one of our campuses in France or in Singapore. Core courses are taken by all students together whereas during the elective courses you may be in class with students from other programs. Throughout the year, students also go through continuous personal and professional development activities such as mentoring, networking, preparation of CV, interviews, placements, and so on. The ESSEC Global MBA program offers six Majors: 3 can be done in ESSEC France Campus 2 in ESSEC Asia-Pacific (Singapore) 1 in both ESSEC France Campus & Asia-Pacific What makes the program unique? ESSEC’s World Class International Faculty You will have the privilege of being taught by ESSEC’s world renowned faculty, comprised of more than 135 individuals representing 35 nationalities and the world’s most prestigious institutions. The program relies on international professors who are experts in their individual fields and will enrich the experience through case studies that draw on each of the sectors. Mentor Program You will be paired with an experienced executive in your sector of interest who serves as mentor throughout the year. The mentor’s role is to offer insight into career prospects and opportunities in your field, as well as support in defining your professional ambitions and in building networks. Majors anchored in ESSEC Centers of Excellence The ESSEC Global MBA allows students from various majors to benefit from the research, network and resources from various Company Chairs, Centers of Research, and Centers of Excellence. You will get exposure to and involvement with the deep expertise and knowledge base of the faculties involved. They offer strategies for understanding future challenges, and guide the development of partnerships. ESSEC’s cutting-edge research feeds into the centers of excellence in real time, reinforcing their role as incubators of learning innovation. For ESSEC’s corporate partners they represent laboratories where ideas can be tested and evaluated in an “intrapreneurial” context. Leadership Training To begin your MBA journey in the spirit of team building, you will be immersed in an extreme leadership training situation guaranteed to test your assumptions and perceptions of yourself and your peers. Read about previous students' experiences on the blog. For students on the France Campus this takes place in the French military school of St Cyr Coëtquidan. Digital Week Competition The ESSEC Global MBA truly prepares you for the “Digital Transformation” and the technological innovations that continue to transform our world of work. During the ESSEC Digital Week competition you will work in mixed teams on a consulting project for real companies concerning a “digital challenge”, and present a professional proposal at the end of the week in front of a panel of company representatives. International Field Trip International field trips will enable you to understand contemporary business challenges in different socio-economic and cultural contexts. During the second term, you will embark on a week-long field trip, the location of which changes year to year. This field trip is a mix of cultural and professional activities to help you explore how business is conducted in a different part of the world. During this trip you will complete an industry-focused research project, visit companies, and meet local ESSEC alumni. Past trips have been made to China, South Africa, Russia, Hong Kong, Dubai, Italy... Consulting Field Project This final project is specifically designed to give you hands-on experience working with a team on a real-life business problem, enabling you to apply and demonstrate your newly acquired skills and knowledge. Depending on your major, the project could take the form of a say a case competition, or consulting mission, on important and strategic topics defined in collaboration with sponsoring companies. It is centered on a three to four week-long, faculty-supervisor led immersion, culminating in a final written report and presentation, completed during the capstone seminar. Internship (optional) Participants have the option of pursuing an internship at the end of the program. The internship provides an excellent stepping stone and testing arena for all your newly acquired skills. It also provides strong practical examples of business life in reality. It is particurarly interesting for students who are changing countries. The internship will take between 3 and 6 months. In the past years students chose highly diverse firms across industries and continents. You select your firm but you have the large and developed network of ESSEC at your disposal to help you land the job. Do I have the profile that fits? The Global MBA is designed for high-­potential professionals looking to make a career leap.­ Are you motivated to fast-­track your career on an international scale by gaining relevant skills and networks? Are you looking to advance to the next level of management, to start your own business or enhance your existing business skills? Do you have quality post­-graduate work experience? Do you have a competitive GMAT score and an advanced level of English? [-]

MBA with Internship

Sacred Heart University, Luxembourg, Jack Welch College of Business
Campus Full time 16 months August 2017 Luxembourg

The MBA with Internship is designed for young graduates with or without work experience from abroad or from Luxembourg. This program eases the entry of students into the professional life as well as facilitates young professionals to switch careers. [+]

Earn your MBA in two continents and complete a top class internship in Luxembourg

The MBA with Internship program is designed for young graduates with or without work experience from abroad or from Luxembourg. This program eases the entry of students into the professional life as well as facilitates young professionals to switch careers.  

The program starts in mid-August and is completed in 16 months. For students who have not yet taken courses in economics, statistics or management, intensive preparatory courses are offered during July and August.

What sets us apart from other programs?

American MBA, all courses taught in English Faculty: from the main campus in Fairfield, CT and practitioners with strong theoretical qualifications from Luxembourg 6-9 month paid internship supported by individual coaching. Alternative: extensive project of personal choice, e.g. creating your own company. International student body coming from over 30 countries Access to SHU’s extensive online library and databases Option to add courses in the US on Sacred Heart’s main campus in Fairfield, CT Non EU/EEA students graduating with an MBA can obtain a work permit in Luxembourg for a subsequent two-year period under certain conditions. ... [-]

MBA - Global Banking

Global Banking School
Campus or Online Full time Part time 1 year Open Enrollment United Kingdom London + 1 more

This MBA in Global Banking is designed to secure a career in Mergers & Acquisition, Management/Finance Consulting, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Entrepreneurship, Wealth Management, Private Banking, Investor Relations. [+]

The MBA in Global Banking has been created to meet the demands of the Global Investment Banking industry. This will help you to improve knowledge and understanding of the investment banking discipline enabling you to operate at various roles with in Investment banking, Capital markets and Wealth management. It will help you to build a platform for the understanding and critique of current academic theory and concepts relevant to industry, encouraging to explore new approaches to both the study and practice of financial services, introducing and exploring current trends in theory and practice, such as: Leading and managing organizational resources; global Strategy, International Business, Marketing & Entrepreneurship and finally providing you in depth understanding of Investment Banking and Wealth Management along with other contemporary issues pertinent to the strategic implementation of investment banking. You will be filling a gap in the industry for investment banking skills at an analyst or at an associate level globally. There are various compelling reasons for students to join this programme. Lecturers who are practitioners in investment banking High placement salaries compared to other roles in general banking or other industries Practical learning to get applied global investment banking skills Location: London as the centre of global financial services Focused global banking school brand with relations within the industry worldwide Mentoring and job assistance full support to students identifying the specific role within investment Students prior knowledge and skills brought to the course combined with the academic theory, practice-based knowledge, cognitive process and synthesis accessed along the course make for a very powerful combination of skillset to achieve a dream role in: Front office Investment Banking Private equity Leveraged buyout Sales and trading Debt capital market Equity capital market Portfolio analyst Asset management Venture capital Corporate Finance Transaction advisory Financial consulting Hedge funds Financial analysis Finance and business entrepreneurship Quantitative analysis Valuation consulting Market or credit risk Career Development and Employability Global Banking School takes your career very seriously. We start assisting your career opportunities from day 1. You will be having one to one session with your career advisor to identify your strengths and weakness against the top roles you want to achieve after your degree. There are various steps you have to go through: Customising your pitch: In you first term, we will help you customise your CV according to the industry and your preferred role. We will guide you to build your personal brand on social media. We would assist you with case studies, mock interviews and psychometric tests. Conference: You will be encouraged to be involved in assisting the team for industry conferences on various topics. Societies: GBS will suggest you to take volunteer role in various finance and investment societies to connect with industry professionals. Valuation Olympiad: GBS organises each year Valuation Olympiad Competition and teams from various parts of world participate in it. You will be invited to participate in it and benchmark yourself against your competition. Corporate Training: GBS trains professionals in investment banks, private equities, hedge funds, consulting firms and corporates globally. You might have good chances to meet corporate team and ask for the culture of the firm before you start introducing yourself to these firms. Debates: GBS will push you to develop your extra-curricular skills. You should actively organise and participate on debates to master your communication skills. Our greatest asset is our alumni network We encourage you to participate in alumni networking events in different cities and find mentors who share the common vision with you. [-]

Global Executive MBA

CEIBS Africa
Campus Part time 18 months September 2017 China Shanghai Ghana Accra Switzerland Zurich + 4 more

China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) is the leading international business school in China. The school is an autonomous non-prot joint venture established in 1994 under an agreement between the Chinese government and the European Commission. [+]

Masters in Business Administration in Global in Europe 2017. Top 20 Globally for 7 Consecutive Years, #13 in 2016 - Financial Times EMBA Ranking China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) is the leading international business school in China. The school is an autonomous non-prot joint venture established in 1994 under an agreement between the Chinese government and the European Commission. Headquartered at its largest campus in Shanghai’s nancial hub, Pudong, CEIBS also has a campus in China's political capital, Beijing. The Lorange Institute of Business, Zurich is CEIBS' base in the heart of Europe. Classes are also offered at CEIBS’ locations in Shenzhen, in south China, as well as in Accra, Ghana’s bustling capital. CEIBS is the rst Asia-based business school to achieve top-tier global rankings for its MBA, Global EMBA and executive education programmes, and is the rst business school in mainland China to earn the internationally-recognised EQUIS accreditation. CEIBS Global EMBA is a 18-month learning journey that balances China Depth and Global Breadth and offers you unlimited potential to expand your global network while having access to China’s largest business school alumni community. Learning with and from high achieving classmates and a team of world-class faculty will provide you with the world-class knowledge you need to take your career and your organisation to the next level. Language: English Duration: 18 months, September start Schedule: Part-time, 8 days every two months Days out of office: 60 Location: Zurich, Shanghai & Accra 2012-2016 Global EMBA Participants’ Profile Average Age 39 Average Years of Work Experience 14 Average Years of Management Experience 10 Countries / Regions Represented 23 International Participants 34% Female Participants 31% YOUR LEARNING JOURNEY… III INTEGRATING BUSINESS FUNCTIONS • Company Project • Integrative Simulation • Global Electives (choose at least one) USA, Brazil, India, Japan/Korea, Africa I MASTERING BUSINESS FUNDAMENTALS • Understanding Economics & Markets • Global Trends • Becoming Customer-Centric • Managing the Value Chain • Assessing Financial Health • Organisational Behaviour II BUILDING STRATEGIC CAPABILITIES • Strategic Execution • Managing Across Borders • Leading Change • The Innovative Organisation • Electives/Specialisation Admission Criteria Undergraduate university degree or above. 10 years’work experience with 7 years in managerial positions.(You are welcome to contact us for an assessment of your experience) Strong command of both written and spoken English. Tuition The tuition for the 2017 intake is CHF 90,000. How to Apply GEMBA operates with rolling admissions, meaning that candidates can submit their application at any time Leadership Transform your ability to lead your colleagues and your organisation more effectively. Impact Enhance your managerial effectiveness and return on investment by applying new skills, knowledge and frameworks within your company. Faculty Work with world-class faculty and industry experts throughout a 20-month journey that balances China Depth and Global Breadth. Network Expand your global reach and network, while accessing the business school alumni community. Global Develop a greater appreciation of global business opportunities by participating in a minimum of three global discovery modules. Peers Learn from high-achieving classmates and develop the collaboration skills needed to meet the complex challenges of today’s global business environment. "Impossible to describe with words such an incredible journey. CEIBS GEMBA gave me the possibility not only to grow as a professional but more importantly to grow as a person by experiencing true 360 degree learning. The programme is a must do if you want to enjoy a real cross cultural experience and be able to do business successfully with China." "My Global EMBA experience at CEIBS was a transformational one from a personal and professional leadership perspective. CEIBS aims not only to deliver a world class business education, but to shape and create the global business leaders of tomorrow." Louise Vogler, Canada Global EMBA 2010 Regional Credit Ofcer, Wholesale Bank Standard Chartered Bank David Sancho, Spain Global EMBA 2012 CEO (East Asia & India), Mango "My Global EMBA experience at CEIBS was a transformational one from a personal and professional leadership perspective. CEIBS aims not only to deliver a world class business education, but to shape and create the global business leaders of tomorrow." Louise Vogler, Canada Global EMBA 2010 Regional Credit Ofcer, Wholesale Bank Standard Chartered Bank [-]

MBA Global Fashion Media

IFA Paris
Campus Full time 15 - 15 months September 2017 France Paris

For those who are interested in a future career in this highly innovative area that requires fresh approaches and cross-disciplinary skills, this unique course is aimed at developing the potential of applicants from a variety of backgrounds such as fashion design, graphics, product management, journalism and media studies. [+]

IFA PARIS MBA Under Accreditation by IDEL as "International Master" “THE ONLY FASHION MEDIA PROGRAM IN ENGLISH IN PARIS.” - 2 CAMPUSES FOR AN INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVE - 9 MONTHS PARIS, 3 MONTHS SHANGHAI - INTAKE: October 2015 - ECTS CREDITS EARNED: 120 - APPLICATION FEE: €150 - LIMITED TO 25 students per class Fashion is as much about stories, words and images as it is about products, garments and accessories. It has become a global cultural and social phenomenon, and advertising, photography, magazines and events are a main part of this shift. The recent changes in digital communication tools and social media have led to words and images becoming even more pivotal to it, yet have also made this system increasingly complex and hard to control. Our Global Fashion Media MBA was specifically designed to address these changes. It is mainly aimed at students or young professionals from a wide range of backgrounds who are interested in careers related to visual representations and communications, journalism, advertisting, photographic styling, artistic direction, e-commerce, public relations, photography, and even digital technologies and social media management, either in the fashion world or in the creative industries at large. This course has 3 main objectives : Enriching our students’ fashion, visual and media culture with modules such as « Fashion Photography History » that puts in perspective the historical changes in visual representations of fashion and makes the connection with other creative fields, or « Fashion 2.0 » that focuses on the latest developments in digital communication. Helping our students understand the strategic challenges faced by fashion companies and brands and the role of communication tools in it. Modules such as “International Marketing Communication”, “Branding” or “Sensorial Marketing” articulate communication tools with the global management of companies that have creative activities at the heart of their business. Allowing students to use the skills they have acquired during the numerous workshops run by professionals that we offer throughout the year. Examples of this include maintaining a blog dedicated to fashion and culture throughout the programme and producing a fashion magazine in full, from feature and article writing to photo shooting and artistic direction. This program ends with what we call the Capstone Project, an individual research and creative project. When working on the Capstone, each student is encouraged to appropriate specific topics of the MBA Global Fashion Media according to his or her own professional projects and areas of interest. Moving from the Paris to the Shanghai campuses allows students not only to compare the sectorial differences between mature and emerging markets, but also to better understand the impact local cultures can have on communication and image production. In both cities, students have the opportunity to attend a wide range of events, from meeting with professionals, attending fashion shows, exhibitions and professional fairs to taking company tours, thus allowing them to build their own professional network. The Career and Alumni Centre is also there to offer guidance to IFA Paris students and alumni, and brings together a large network of graduates and alumni from over 50 different nationalities. All our programs are articulated around the ECTS framework as defined by the Bologne convention. After completing their course, students receive a total of 120 ECTS that can easily be transferred if they decide to study further. This program also received the IDEL/IDEART accreditation and is certified as an “International Master.” Course structure Our Global Fashion Media course covers a wide range of modules clustered into five main module groupings: Marketing and Management: This grouping encompasses a series of modules that will be sequentially planned based on the structure of a marketing plan. The overall body of knowledge acquired by the students will prepare them to: analyze complex marketing challenges based on practical case studies allocate resources strategically to achieve pre-determined objectives craft brand DNAs allowing for the achievement of a sustainable competitive advantage Business Issues: The capacity to listen and interpret markets’ signals is a key component of today’s managers. It needs to be continuously cultivated. Within this module grouping students will discover the idiosyncrasies of the media industry from an economic and financial view point. Technical Process: The modules taught within the “Technical Process” are based on an innovative learning philosophy. Students will be put in a real life context through a series of hands-on workshops ranging from photo-shooting to creative journalism. Media Environment: Participants will develop a theme that will represent a common concept to be implemented through various media supports in the modules BLOG, SHOOT, WORD and VIDEO. Media Lifestyles: A series of seminars based on experiential learning during which students will be immersed in specific universes structuring the Media Industry. Admission Info: Bachelor education, preferably in marketing, business administration, media and communication or fashion design. Preferably 2 years of working experience in a related field. Fluency in English. Non-native English speakers should provide an IELTS score of 6.5 or equivalent. Prior education in higher education courses delivered in the English language medium will be considered for exemption of IELTS score. All applications will be reviewed by the Program Director and Course Director of the Post Graduate Department. Should applicants be deemed to not meet the minimum admission requirements in terms of academic background, they will be asked to enroll in a Foundation Workshop held prior to the starting date of their MBA Program. The Foundation workshop will be taught over 2 full weeks (75 Hours) and comprise the following modules: Principles of Marketing – 15 Hours Quantitative Research Approaches – 15 Hours Accounting Principles – 15 Hours Working Methodology – 15 Hours Project Management – 15 Hours [-]

WHU Part-Time MBA Program

WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management
Campus Part time 18 months September 2017 Germany Düsseldorf

Our Part-Time MBA Program is designed for young professionals who want to perform effectively in a challenging global environment by enhancing, deepening, or developing their knowledge in the field of business administration and economics. [+]

Focusing on all fields of General Management required to master today’s global business challenges the WHU Part-Time MBA Program in Düsseldorf is especially tailored to highly motivated professionals with a minimum of two years post-graduate work experience from different industries and functions eager to foster their career and take it to the next level. We target a group of individuals with a profound international outlook and experience who don’t want to interrupt their career


The Program

The 18-month WHU Part-Time MBA Program is conducted at WHU Campus Düsseldorf and starts in September with a kick-off week. Following classes are held mainly during weekends (Sat + Sat/Sun).... [-]

Full-time MBA

Nottingham University Business School
Campus Full time 1 year September 2017 United Kingdom Nottingham

The MBA is an advanced course in management which will equip you with the skills needed to succeed in today’s complex business environments in the private or public sectors. The core modules of the MBA focus on fundamental management disciplines. The elective modules allow you to concentrate in-depth on specific subject areas to suit your individual interests and career requirements... [+]

The Nottingham MBA is an advanced course in management which will equip you with the skills needed to succeed in today’s complex business environments in the private or public sectors. The core modules of the MBA focus on fundamental management disciplines. The elective modules allow you to concentrate in-depth on specific subject areas to suit your individual interests and career requirements. You can also choose to customise your MBA with a focus on either finance, entrepreneurship, or corporate social responsibility/sustainability. The course involves participation in group work and is aimed at improving your decision-making abilities and producing managers of the highest quality. We also offer the full-time MBA at our campus in Malaysia. Course duration: One year full-time. Semester one - core modules Accounting and Finance Business Economics Managing People Marketing Operations Management Strategic Management Semester two - core modules Entrepreneurship and Creativity Sustainable Decisions and Organisations Elective Modules (choose four from a choice of): Strategic Change in Dynamic Markets Business Ethics Business Intelligence in the Digital Economy Contemporary Themes in Marketing Corporate Finance Corporate Governance and Social Accountability Entrepreneurship in Practice Financial and Monetary Economics Games and Strategies for Business Leadership and Management of Change Innovation Management International Finance Management Consulting Managing the Global Firm Managing the Human Resource Portfolio Management and Investment Analysis Social Entrepreneurship Venture Capital and Private Equity Plus - Management Project [-]

MBA International Full-time

Athens University of Economics & Business
Campus Full time 11 months September 2017 Greece Athens

The Full Time MBA International Program of the Athens University of Economics & Business (AUEB) has a course duration of 11 months, divided in 5 academic periods, [+]

The Full Time MBA International Program of the Athens University of Economics & Business (AUEB) has a course duration of 11 months, divided in 5 academic periods, followed by the Field Study Project, with duration of 3 months. The Program offers to the participants of the program the possibility to follow the general track or one of the 5 majors:

    Business Administration (general track)


    Major in Finance     Major in Marketing & Strategy     Major in International Business     Major in Innovation & Entrepreneurship     Major in Technology, Logistics and Operations

After the successful completion of their courses, students normally undertake a Field Study Project. The Program is administered by the Program Committee, according to the regulations for graduate studies of the program and of the University. The Committee is assisted by the executive administration of the program, composed of the Program Director, the coordinator of the Field Study Program, the Heads of Academic Affairs, and of the Career Planning and Development Office, and the program secretariat.... [-]

Kelley/Manchester Global MBA

Kelley School of Business Indiana University
Online & Campus Combined Part time 2 years July 2017 USA Bloomington United Kingdom Manchester + 2 more

Today’s fast-paced global marketplace requires business leaders to navigate the complexities of many cultures with business expertise. Acquire the skills and coaching you need to lead a multinational business in just two years’ time with the Kelley/Manchester Global MBA Program. [+]

Business Is Global. Your MBA Could Be, Too. Today’s global marketplace demands international business savvy and a multicultural perspective. The Kelley-Manchester Global MBA combines one of the world’s best online MBA programs with immersive, face-to-face teaching at a choice of eight global locations. The result is a flexible MBA that is truly a global experience. The Kelley-Manchester Global MBA is jointly delivered by the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and the Alliance Manchester Business School—top-ranked institutions in the U.S. and the U.K. You’ll earn two MBAs from two top schools and gain the global perspective necessary to become a multinational business leader—without interrupting your career. Earn Two Degrees, From Two Elite Schools, in Only Two Years. Widen your expertise with a degree program that combines British and U.S.-style business and management education. In the Kelley-Manchester Global MBA Program, half of the courses are delivered online by the Kelley School of Business, a world leader in online learning. Kelley’s rigorous curriculum is delivered in a flexible, interactive format designed for busy professionals. You’ll learn from the same respected faculty that teach in Kelley’s residential programs—award-winning, accessible teachers with formidable real-world experience. The other half of courses in the Kelley-Manchester Global MBA Program are delivered in-person by the Alliance Manchester Business School, one of the U.K.’s oldest and most respected business schools. These courses typically include intensive three-day workshops delivered by senior faculty—at the Manchester campus as well as at one of the Alliance MBS global centers. With The Kelley-Manchester Global MBA, the Globe Is Your Classroom. In addition to online learning and face-to-face visits to the Kelley School in Bloomington, Indiana, and Alliance MBS in Manchester, England, students have the option to attend workshops in Dubai, Hong Kong, São Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore and Washington, D.C. By providing hands-on experiences in a variety of locales and cultures, the Kelley-Manchester Global MBA will prepare you to lead a multinational business and take your career global. [-]

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Koc University - Istanbul Turkey
Campus Full time 12 months September 2017 Turkey İstanbul

Koç University MBA program was founded in 1993 to provide a comprehensive business education involving a rigorous and innovative curriculum taught by world class faculty. It is designed to include the best features of MBA programs offered at major universities worldwide. The language of instruction is English. [+]

Masters in Business Administration in Global in Europe 2017. Koç University MBA program was founded in 1993 to provide a comprehensive business education involving a rigorous and innovative curriculum taught by world class faculty. It is designed to include the best features of MBA programs offered at major universities worldwide. The language of instruction is English. The primary objective of the Koç MBA program is to provide knowledge, insight and skills for future global leaders who will influence changes in organizations and communities they are involved in. Koç MBA graduates will be business leaders of the future in charge of effective organizations which are market driven, globally aware, socially responsible and where decision making is based on information with a strategic focus. Our graduates are prepared for a wide array of careers ranging from general management to specialized fields including investment banking, marketing management and supply chain management. Koç MBA is a post-experience program. Compared to regular two year MBA, Koç University's 12-month MBA delivers approximately the same contact hours in a twelve month period with an intense schedule. Admission Criteria The first and foremost condition for joining the Koç MBA Program is to be a highly motivated and dedicated individual. In addition, applicants must possess the following qualifications: An undergraduate degree from an accredited institution Minimum two years of full-time professional work experience Completed military service (if applicable) or proof of deferment Proficiency in English In order to apply to the MBA Program, the applicants must complete the online application ( and upload the following; - GMAT/GRE test score (should also be sent to the institution number 0163) - Average GMAT Score of the MBA Class 2012-2013: 606 - An official academic transcript from every university attended - Three essays as specified - Application fee payment slip - TOEFL and ALES scores can also be uploaded if available - 2 Reference Letters should be submitted for the application. The candidate should provide the contact information of those who will fill in the reference letters in the online application. They will be provided with the web link of the reference letter form via e-mail. Selected applicants will be called for an interview by the Graduate School of Business. The candidates will be given a short article to read and study before the interview and will be asked to answer questions related to the article as a part of the interview process. [-]

Master of Business Administration

UCAM Universidad Católica de Murcia
Campus Full time 1 year October 2017 Spain Murcia

UCAM’s Full-Time MBA was particularly designed for people with a desire to advance their career in the area of business and strategic decision-making. [+]

UCAM is the place for students who want to lead the next generations based on their acquired knowledge, experience and human quality. It is coherent to include an English-taught Master’s Degree in Business Administration in our broad academic offer: with this curriculum, UCAM facilitates a high-quality training program in accordance with the university’s values and objectives and is able to welcome students from all over the world. The here presented MBA provides graduates from a variety of backgrounds – e.g. law, communication, engineering, arts, and health – with a solid formation in business administration, thereby enabling them to further develop their professional career. After UCAM’s Full-Time MBA, graduates will be ready to start their own businesses as entrepreneurs, act as executive directors, accountants, economists, project administrators and human resources experts or fulfill any other managerial position in a company. To achieve this goal, the teaching faculty is composed of both academic lecturers as well as company executives who will assist students in developing their knowledge and skills. With a total of 60 ECTS, the MBA is an Official Master’s Program with recognition throughout the European Higher Education Area, paving access to any aspired Ph.D. program. The 360 hours of lectures are complemented with a minimum of 150 hours of hands-on experience in a company and 990 hours of practical work – individual or as a group. Moreover, from April on students should dedicate 1.5 hours a day to work on their Master’s Project, which they will present and defend in September. The curriculum requires a high level of personal commitment, effort and organization of the students’ daily workload in order to prepare future graduates to achieve their academic goals. KEY FACTS Master of Business Administration Faculty of Business and Legal Studies Full-Time, On-Campus 1 Academic Year 60 ECTS Limited Access: 25 Places Access to PhD Today’s society is evolving at a steady pace. Every day, different problems and challenges emerge, making the development of companies an uncertain path. In order to grow and contribute to the world’s progress, enterprises have to present new solutions to the market and to the business culture, never ignoring the real purpose of any society: to contribute to the common good. The objective of the Full-Time Master of Business Administration is to empower each participant with strong leadership skills in an international and multicultural context. Students will acquire knowledge and competencies about business administration, consulting as well as companies’ evaluation, thereby being able to apply their gained skills in real situations. Recognized academics and successful executives join hands in a strong faculty team representing the broad perspective of a company in its different aspects and assisting future leaders in their decision-making processes. The students’ development depends on their cooperative attitude and open-minded personality. As part of an international, multicultural group, classmates will have to team up with each other and work together to overcome different tasks and case studies based on real company problems. Naturally, networks will grow in this MBA course and the bonds created can lead to new and exciting projects beyond the students’ studies. During the MBA, every participant will have the opportunity to actively engage in the business world by means of an in-company internship. With a minimum of 150 hours, this internship will contribute directly to the experience and professional profile of students. Moreover, UCAM’s career services will be available to the MBA students, including the SOIL – i.e. the “Orientation and Work Placement Service” of UCAM, “Portal de Empleo” – the university’s employment portal – and the “Network of Recruiting Erasmus”, a service that promotes international students’ employment in top companies throughout Spain. Student Profile UCAM’s Full-Time MBA was particularly designed for people with a desire to advance their careers in the area of business and decision-making. Core target of this Master’s Program are international and Spanish university graduates from a variety of academic backgrounds such as law, communication, engineering, arts, health, nutrition, retail or physical activity, striving to gain advanced knowledge in the field of business administration, assessment and consulting as well as general management, strategy formulation and capacity planning. For graduates with previous experience in this area, the MBA will be an opportunity to refresh their knowledge and add new perspectives to their focus based on the objectives and values which the program reflects. Students should be ready to work and relate with mates from different countries, cultures and backgrounds in a multicultural environment that reflects the globalized world we live in. The Full-Time MBA focuses on people that are willing to lead, contribute to humanity and engage in social and economic sustainable development. Students should intrinsically wish to become leaders of empathy and ethics who put sincere efforts into the projects they are involved in. Moreover, future graduates should be capable of working hard and inspiring others as role models, show team spirit and be eager to help others succeed in their endeavors. [-]

MBA Global Business

Coventry University London Campus
Campus Full time 1 year April 2017 United Kingdom London

MBA Global Business has been designed to provide graduates with expertise in strategy, marketing, leadership, finance, global human resource management, international business, internal trade and project management in an internal context. [+]

Masters in Business Administration in Global in Europe 2017. OVERVIEW MBA Global Business has been designed to explore in detail the nature and implications of current changes to the business industry. You will gain the skills and mindset that will allow you to operate within and lead the organisations of the future. You will cover areas including marketing, finance, strategy and you will be equipped to successfully manage businesses globally. Furthermore, the Business, Management and Marketing subject areas of Coventry University is ranked 20th in the Guardian League tables 2016. WHY CHOOSE THIS PROGRAMME? By choosing to study this programme you will have the opportunity to put your new found business knowledge into practice in the real world. We offer a number of work experience options as part of your project pathway options, including an internship and consulting project option with employers. MODULES Sustainable Strategy – from Planning to Implementation Marketing in a Global Age Finance, Funding and Legislative - Frameworks for Success Leading in a Changing World Business and Management Research Methods or Entrepreneurship Specialist modules Managing International Trade Corporate Social Responsibility Global Human Resource Management (HRM) Strategies Project Management Project options Internship Consulting Project Entrepreneurship Project Simulation Dissertation ACCREDITATION Upon successful completion of the programme and selected modules you will be awarded the CMI Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership*. *Subject to registering as a CMI member. SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Coventry University London Campus is delighted to have recently launched a number of scholarships for UK and International students holding an offer of study for October 2016, January 2017 and April 2017 entry. You can find out more about our Scholarships by viewing our website. START DATES MBA Global Business has start dates in January 2017, April 2017 and October 2017. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS A second class honours degree (2:2) or above. Applications from candidates with equivalent degree and relevant experience will be considered on an individual basis. Work experience is desirable but not essential. FUTURE PROSPECTS “I work as an Inside Sales Representative for SolarWinds, an international software company. The London Campus equipped me for future employment in a diverse environment. The skills that I developed have been invaluable in my line of work when conducting market research, identifying potential customers and analysing market trends”. - Burak Dirlik, Turkey (Alumni of MBA Global Business) [-]