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Given the power of an MBA and the doors it opens, the network it offers and the problem-solving skills it teaches, business students need to be more engaged in their education and to make a conscious effort to understand what they want to get out of their MBA degree.

A Master in Business Administration (MBA) in Finance is a specialized degree that may help graduates to advance their career as well as improve their existing knowledge. Students can choose to earn an MBA in Finance after completing a bachelor’s degree in a related field.


Australia has seven of the top 100 institution of higher learning in the world! Australia sits above the likes of Germany, the Netherlands and Japan, placing eighth in the Universitas 2012 U21 Ranking of National Higher Education Systems.

Top MBA Programs in Finance in Australia 2017

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Master of Business Administration

University of Technology Sydney
Campus Full time Part time 2 - 4 years January 2018 Australia Sydney + 1 more

The UTS MBA is distinguished from the competition by its practical, vocational orientation and by the open architecture of the course design. All MBA subjects are approved by an industry board that insists on 'relevance to workplace' as a pre-eminent subject design principle. The MBA provides knowledge and skills that are essential for superior management performance. [+]

The course provides unparalleled program flexibility. Students design their MBA to match their employment aspirations. A wide range of specialist skills is also introduced through a choice of majors and sub-majors. The teaching staff are drawn from among the finest researchers and university educators around the world, keeping students abreast of current trends and focusing on the global picture.

General management skills develop expertise in strategic thinking, critical analysis, developing and implementing business plans, decision-making under uncertainty, understanding organisational dynamics, motivating others, effective communication, leadership, and promoting change in dynamic environments. Functional skills develop competency in a number of key disciplines including accounting, finance, marketing and human resources management. Specialist skills are introduced in areas such as: international marketing; human resource management; management in the public, private and international spheres; tourism; sport; arts management; engineering management; and information technology. ... [-]

Master of Business Administration / Master of Applied Finance

The University of Newcastle, GradSchool (Online)
Online & Campus Combined Full time May 2017 Australia Newcastle Sydney

The combined Masters in Business Administration and Applied Finance incorporates a problem based learning approach to develop graduates with technical proficiency and expertise in applied finance as well as enhancing knowledge and understanding from the perspective of the entire organisation. This program has been strategically developed and will challenge your approach to leadership, enhance your ability to think and act analytically as well as master your strategic financial management capabilities. [+]

Are you passionate about Finance and want a strong foundation in business administration? To extend your business capabilities as well as obtain specialised Applied Finance knowledge, the combined Master of Business Administration/Master of Applied Finance is the program for you. A combined Master of Business Administration / Master of Applied Finance through the University of Newcastle is for professionals aiming to further expand their career opportunities, readying themselves for senior management positions. With a focus on high level management capabilities as well as developing technical expertise in finance, the combined the MBA/Master of Applied Finance arms you with the high-level skills and "know-how" to succeed in senior management roles. These skills are transferrable to organizations of all sizes in the public, private or not-for-profit sectors. A combined Master’s degree program will set you apart. In the highly competitive global business environment it is critical that senior managers have a multi-disciplinary approach to business operations. A combined Master’s program in Applied Finance and Business Administration aims to equip graduates with the technical expertise to work in the fast paced world of Finance. This program also develops an extended understanding in whole-of-business practice, and builds a knowledge-base that serves as a platform for senior management competence. Our advanced online learning system provides you with the flexibility and support to study anytime, anywhere and thereby balance work, life and study. You can achieve your fully accredited Master of Business Administration/Master of Applied Finance at a time that suits you. Is it for you?... [-]

Master of Business Administration (Professional)

Bond University
Campus Full time 92 weeks January 2018 Australia Robina

The professional program follows the same structure as the MBA program with an additional 20-week Work Integrated Learning component. [+]

Best Masters in Business Administration in Finance in Australia 2017. The professional program follows the same structure as the MBA program with an additional 20-week Work Integrated Learning component. Work Integrated Learning is a 45 credit point subject designed to promote and support learning, personal development and professional practice. The subject focuses on developing self-analysis and reflective learning skills, and applying theoretical solutions for practical workplace problems. [-]