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Masters of Business Administration (MBA) are postgraduate degree programs in management, in their own league. The MBA is the traditional academic offer for management education. The universities answer to questions from business for a precise and profound qualification for the future and modern managers based on a standardized title. It is frequently shortened as MBA or M.B.A. and in opposition to the Master of Science (MSc) or the Master of Arts (MA) it without a doubt points to one program solely.

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Other options within this field of study:
IFA Paris

“A Unique Program For A Unique Industry.” ... [+]

IFA Paris MBA Certified by FEDE (Fédération Européenne Des Écoles) Duration: 15-month program in English Campus: Paris Next Intake: January 2019 ECTS Credits: 120 Application Fee: €150 Tuition Fee: €15,800 Limited to: 25 students per class

"A unique program for a unique industry"


“The persuasive power of an odor cannot be fended off, it enters into us like breath into our lungs, it fills up, imbues us totally. There is no remedy for it”

Patrick Suskind, Le Parfum

The inescapability of a scent’s inebriation is very much akin to the power of attraction of a beautifully designed dress. It is with this idea in mind that newest postgraduate course of IFA Paris was built: offering an innovative approach to Perfume and Cosmetics management through the integration of its 20 years expertise in fashion.... [-]

France Paris
January 2020
15 months
ISC Paris Business School

At the end of the program, participants will be able to analyze their environment and take up related challenges while demonstrating outstanding managerial skills and int ... [+]

The key points of the MSc ISC Paris:

12 or 16-month Full-Time program (6 months’ practical mission) AACSB accredited Network of partners (DE BEERS DIAMOND JEWELLERS, LOUIS VUITTON, RALPH LAUREN, KENZO, G. ARMANI etc) Companies relations department and 60,000 job offers each year The strength of the network of more than 16,000 alumni of ISC Paris International dimension: high cultural diversity and profiles, high-level international faculty Full English Campus: Paris

3 options :

Fashion Art & Culture Fragrances & Cosmetics


a minimum of 3 years' of Higher education (bachelor or equivalent)

CAREER & JOB OPPORTUNITIES Brand Manager, Development and Marketing Manager, Area Manager in Retail or Wholesale, Product Manager... [-]

France Paris
October 2019
12 - 16 months