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International Relations

Individuals who are interested in international business might also be interested in earning an MBA in International Relations. While earning their degree, students may have the chance to take special electives that are specific to their career goals, such as learning more about the language and culture of the country they are interested in working in. 

What is an MBA in International Relations? An international master’s degree program is designed to prepare students to become international leaders who successfully navigate international public relations as well. Students will more than likely take courses related to business foundations, management, and business environments. Some programs also focus on international law, human rights, and international political economy. Having the proper multicultural and international point-of-view is key to being successful in the modern day business world.

One of the best things about earning an international relations MBA is being able to advance your career. Businessmen and women can travel overseas with confidence and the knowledge of how a certain country’s business industry works. This particular MBA can also help international businessmen and women further their business ambitions and career goals.  

The cost for a person to earn their master’s degree will be mostly dependent on the country in which they are educated, as well as the school where they decide to earn their degree. There’s also the fact that it will more than likely cost more the longer the student is enrolled in the program.

Once a student has earned their international relations degree, it’s entirely possible for them to find employment in management, administration, and global companies that participate in international markets. Not only that, but students might also be able to find opportunities in nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and banking.  


No matter where you might be, chances are good that there is an MBA program for you to apply to, even if it’s online. One of the great things about online degree programs is that they can be more affordable when compared to on-campus programs. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Mba In International Relations

Sciences Po Tunis
Campus Full time 2 years September 2018 Tunisia Tunis

The MBA in International Relations is an elite specialized training, open to the contemporary world and devoted especially to the study of the political life of its actors and institutions at the national and especially international level. [+]

MBAs in International Relations. Duration of studies: 2 years Duration of internships: 1 st year: 2 months 2 nd year: 6 months Objectives: The MBA in International Relations Is a specialized elite formation, open to the contemporary world and devoted especially to the study of the political life of its actors and institutions on a national and especially international scale. It aims to enable students to acquire a solid capacity for reasoning and analysis in order to develop the diagnostic and analytical capacities necessary for international relations and affairs. Conditions of admission : The MBA in International Relations is available to holders of a bachelor's degree and / or an equivalent or higher degree in Law, Political Science, International Relations, Economics and Administration. The admission of candidates is subject to a selection procedure based on a study and evaluation. Occupational Outlook: The MBA in International Relations allows to envisage a varied professional perspectives. The trades to be filled by graduates are in senior positions within: Political parties Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs Foreign organizations International Foundations multinationals Cabinets and Study Offices The MBA in International Relations also allows to evolve in professions related to the council, in business and in international relations as well as in the field of the Lobbybing. Organization of the training: The MBA in international relations is based on the instruments and approaches of the international space, the formation of foreign policies and the cooperation of foreign affairs. The MBA is spread over two years in four... [-]

Mba Communication And Public Relations Abroad

ISCID-CO : Institut Supérieur de Commerce International de Dunkerque - Côte d’Opale
Campus Full time Part time 2 - 4 semesters September 2018 France Dunkirk Longuenesse + 2 more

The ICPR MBA Cycle offers the opportunity to develop expertise over the past two years in the fields of internal and external communications, both in SMEs and in large international groups. [+]

The ICPR MBA Cycle offers the opportunity to develop expertise over the past two years in the fields of internal and external communications, both in SMEs and in large international groups. After a few years of experience, you will become responsible for communication, public relations manager, external communication manager, project manager in an agency or in a community ... STRONG POINTS A journey integrating the strategic and operational aspects of the communication function in the company; Versatile training, largely provided by communication professionals, enabling a very good integration into the company; The possibility of starting two semesters abroad on the entire MBA program; Co-graduation with the MCI Master (Management and International Trade) MMI course (Management and International Marketing); Implementation of what has been achieved through numerous large-scale associative projects TRAINING CONTENT MBA 1: Geopolitical Market Approach: East and South-East Asia Consumer and Communication Law Internal Communication International communication strategy Strategic Marketing DTP software videos Public relations Event communication Communication Workshop MBA 2 Geopolitical market approach: Africa and the Middle East Media and non-media strategy Crisis Communication and Conflict Management Institutional communication Brand image and visual identity Design of communication spaces Journalism and press relations Communication strategy and social networks Introduction to Web SEO Strategies This curriculum is offered in classical and alternating training (contract of professionalisation or internship agreement) ** CONDITIONS OF ADMISSION Open to holders of a BAC + 3 (Bachelor's Degree in Management Science, Management of Sport ...) BAC +4 (Master 1 Sport Management, International Affairs ...). Dossier... [-]

MBA in International Relations

Geneva Business School (GBS)
Campus Full time 18 months February 2018 Switzerland Geneva Spain Barcelona + 2 more

An MBA with a major in International Relations will help you gain a global view and a better understanding of the forces that shape our world nowadays. Graduates can expect to work in a wide range of public and private NGOs, IGOs, the diplomatic service and international organizations. [+]

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a Major in International Relations has been designed to provide you with a deep understanding of the impact international relations and geopolitical factors have on operational management and business success. After completing this MBA, you will be well prepared for jobs in international fields such as human rights, arms control, and international laws and treaties.

Over the course of the program you will:

Gain the capacity to work in the development of diplomatic strategy. Introduce realistic solutions for the management of current global crises. Be familiar with global cultures and social networking. Build contacts with diplomatic organizations and staff to enhance global connectedness and vision. Program ... [-]