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Dual MBA

A dual degree allows an individual to master two different disciplines at the same time. This is a great option for individuals with a specific career goal that is not fully covered by just one major. Such a path allows students to tailor a program for themselves to best suit their needs and aspirations.


What is a dual MBA? It is an option that makes it possible for an individual to master management practices from a business administration standpoint as well as another choice of study. Being that an MBA, or Master of Business Administration, is an interdisciplinary study, it is easy to incorporate such concepts into other fields. The business administration portion will focus on the methodology and skills necessary to put into place, maintain or enhance business functions.


Pursuing a dual MBA can prove to be very beneficial. The management skills that the course helps you to hone can be applied in any position or occupation. It can give you the competitive edge over other job competitors or place you at the head of the line for the next promotion within your current company.


Dual MBA programs vary in cost due to a few different factors. Choosing to study on campus or online can weigh on the cost, as well as the geographic area of the school and the common cost of study at the actual institute.


With a dual MBA you can pretty much set your own career path. Depending on which field of study you choose to pair with your business administration degree, there are various career choices available. Being that an MBA is management focused, most graduates can expect to start in a lower management position with no experience, with increased opportunities with gained experience.


Your dual MBA is completely dependent upon you and your desired career path. To learn more about your options and to apply, search for your program below and contact the admission office of the school of your choice directly by filling in the lead form.


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Dual Master of Business Administration - Dual MBA; Rome-Paris or London

Swiss School of Management, Rome Italy
Campus Full time Part time 24 months October 2018 Italy Rome + 1 more

A one of a kind international experience that will allow you studying and working in two main capitals of the European Union; Rome, Paris or London. Giving you the opportunity to earn an International Accredited dual Degree in only 18 months. [+]

Why the Swiss School of Management in Rome?

Simply put, a Swiss education carries value.

Our US and EU accredited Dual MBA Degree gives you more than a new line on your résumé. It gives you a professional getaway to the career you want, anywhere in the world.

The SSM-INSEEC dual Masters Degree Program provides our MBA students with a strong set of international experiences and opportunities. During the course of the program, the Dual MBA offers students an international perspective both in and out of the classroom. Leveraging the experiences of two dynamic business schools, students’ networks of classmates and professors will be doubled, while Dual MBA grads can become stronger candidates for employers with master’s degrees from both the Swiss School of Management in Rome and INSEEC in Paris or London. And with time spent in Rome, Paris or London students can truly make friends from all over the world! The program ends with a six-month paid internship either in Paris or London.... [-]