Prague MBA

Earn your MBA in just 17 months from a prestigious American university in Prague, a learning environment that transcends theory, allowing you to apply what you've learned to your everyday job experience.

Chapman University and Anglo-American University (AAU) have partnered to offer you a unique opportunity that will allow you to:

Learn from and collaborate with the best of faculty and business professionals. Combining real-world industry experience with their roles as teachers and scholars, faculty work one-on-one with you to give you an engaging and enriching educational experience. Chapman faculty will be on-site in Prague to teach over 60% of the courses in the program.

Study in Prague, one of the world's most beautiful cities and the political, cultural and economic center of the Czech Republic. With its cosmopolitan character, economic transformation, and Czech's membership in the European Union, Prague is the ideal environment to pursue your MBA.

Have the opportunity to combine your studies in California and Europe. Chapman offers the opportunity to enhance your professional curriculum, helping you secure a place on the global business stage.

Features - Chapman MBA program

The exceptional quality of the Chapman MBA program is based on three main factors:

1. Accreditation of the MBA program

The Chapman University MBA program has the most prestigious accreditation of AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business). It is just one of 593 schools of economics from approximately 8,000 schools of economics in the world which gained a similar accreditation. In the Czech Republic, only one other MBA program has this accreditation. The quality of the program is also reflected in the unprecedentedly fast accreditation obtained from the Czech Association of MBA Schools (CAMBAS), the accessing member of which AAVŠ is.

2. Personnel

Sixty percent of the MBA program is taught directly by professors from Argyros School of Business and Economics at Chapman University. This school has renowned specialists with doctor degrees from Harvard, Princeton, Cornell, and other prestigious universities. The basic qualitative differentiation of the program is demonstrated by Dr. Vernon L. Smith, 2002 Nobel Laureate in Economics, who participates in the academic development of this school. Forty percent of the program is taught by professors from Anglo-American University with the highest scientific and pedagogic degrees and years of practice in the areas of finance and business.

3. Price

We offer the whole program for the price of 430.000 CZK corresponding to approximately 50 % of the price of an identical program taught by the same specialists of Chapman University in the United States. A discount of such significance reflects the strategic interest of Chapman University as an extension of its operation in Europe.

Program Structure

The Chapman MBA program consists of three basic modules which reflect the need for the development of the basic skills of a manager:

1. Management and Personal Development

The first module is focused on the creation of a theoretical framework for understanding and subsequent improvement of the functioning of the organization and on the development of soft skills. This module is the basis for the development of management skills and is a basic element which enables the progress of prospective individuals to higher management positions.

2. Strategic Management

The second module is focused solely on strategic thinking, which is the ability to use all the available information and sources to create an optimal strategy for the organization or department. Subjects from this module are placed at the beginning and at the end of the program, the introductory course creates a framework for studies and the final course integrates the knowledge gained throughout the course of the program.

3. Financial and Economic Analysis

The third module is focused specifically on finances and analyses, it presents tools necessary for financial analysis, including accounting and statistic methods. Also above the economic scope of functioning of the organization, the emphasis is placed on illustrating of importance and use of these methods and information for the optimum functioning of the bank.

Program Schedule

With an emphasis on strategy formulation, execution, and evaluation, the Chapman MBA in Prague is a 16-month program requiring students to earn a total of 51 credits, including 1 residential, 9 core and 4 elective courses. All coursework is taught in English.

The program is delivered in an intensive weekend format where each 4-credit course is taught over three consecutive weekends; each 3-credit course over two consecutive weekends; and the 1-credit course over one weekend.

Program taught in:
  • English (US)
Anglo-American University
Last updated July 17, 2019
This course is Campus based, Online & Campus Combined
Start Date
Sep 2020
17 months
430,000 CZK
If you submit your application and pay the admission fee by the Early Action deadline (June 30), you will be waived from paying the instructional materials fee. Thus you will save CZK 20,000 which represents almost 5 % of the tuition.
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