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Why Students Who Can Go Anywhere Come to McGill

With students from 150 countries, alumni living on every continent, and a reputation for excellence that reaches around the globe, McGill has carved out a spot among the world’s greatest universities. McGill University is located in the heart of downtown Montreal, only steps away from the city’s major landmarks, bustling cultural scene, and business core. Students can make the most of their experience, both inside the classroom and beyond.

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#1 MBA in Canada and 48th in the World*

Taking advantage of McGill’s great international reputation, our students learn from classmates, from top professors from across the globe, and from our exceptional alumni, capitalizing on a rigorous academic education integrated with the real world of business. (*2018 Wall Street Journal / Times Higher Education Ranking)

Experience the multicultural essence of Montreal

Montreal is one of the top 5 "Best Student Cities" in the World and #1 in Canada*

Our diverse group of accomplished students has journeyed from all over the world to study here in Montreal, a multilingual vibrant culture hub ranked in the top 5 best international student cities. As Canada is a bilingual country, we invite you and your life partner to join us in Montreal, 3 weeks prior to the start of the program and attend our complimentary on-campus French classes.

*QS Best Student Cities, 2018

The Newly Redesigned McGill Desautels MBA Program

One year or two? Choose between our 48-credit and 54-credit programs, keeping in mind that every student begins at the same time and takes the same number of classes. The difference in credits comes down to the time you spend in the internship, not the classroom. The 48-credit program can be completed in 12 months. The 54-credit takes 20, though many students accelerate it to finish in 16.

Every MBA student begins their program at the same time and takes the same number of classes. The only difference between our 48-credit and 54-credit options comes down to the amount of time you spend learning on the job through an internship. Plan to finish 48 credits in 1-year or 54 credits in 2 years, although some students will opt for an accelerated 16-month program to complete 54 credits. Explore the MBA Program Structure more

Option Fall Winter Summer Fall Winter
1 year Core Electives Electives -- --
2 year* Core Electives Internship* Electives Electives

*Internship can be completed in any term after the core

1 Base Camp

Our intensive, one-week workshop ensures that everyone begins their MBA with a basic level of quantitative competency.

→ Business Math
→ Financial Accounting

2 Specializing

Align your program with your passion by choosing up to two specializations:

→ Global Strategy & Leadership
→ Marketing
→ Entrepreneurship
→ Finance
→ Business Analytics

3 Foundational Courses

Interactive lectures and case studies form the basis of foundational courses:

Business Fundamentals   Leadership & Professional Skills
Module 1 Module 2 Module 3
Accounting Finance Self Awareness
Operations Marketing Team Dynamics
Economics Strategy Effective Communication
Statistics Organizational Behaviour Leading with Empathy
IT International Economics Ethics

4 Experiential Learning

Bringing learning to life in a real-world setting

→ 10-day international study trip: Improve your global fluency through company visits and networking events in a foreign context.
→ Exchanges:Gain a new perspective by studying at another top business school overseas.
→ Internships: Build practical work experience to leverage in your future career.
→ Practicum: Complete a specialized project under the guidance of an accomplished faculty member.

Personalized Career Preparation & Planning

→ Benefit from one-on-one career coaching tailored to your needs.
→ Gain personal insights through advanced psychometric testing.
→ Connect with industry experts to help you navigate your career path.
→ Enjoy comprehensive support throughout your MBA journey.

Grow your Own Professional Network

→ Network in-person in Canada’s two largest job markets through a Faculty-led Toronto trip, Montreal career panels, recruitment fairs, and company visits.
→ Expand your network through DesautelsConnect, a cutting-edge online platform.
→ Engage with alumni and business leaders through various mentorship opportunities.

Take your career to the next level.

Each year, more than 100 top firms come to our campus to explore specific career opportunities with our MBA candidates, supported by the job hunting tools supplied by Career Services. We offer career development and preparation designed to meet the needs of each student through:

→ Career Advisors and Coaches: Full time career coaches that help you determine a clear sense of strength and a target career path. 
→ Stream Advisors: Externally-focused stream advisors that engage with employers to better understand hiring needs and industry trends.
→ Professional Development Programming: a comprehensive MBA curriculum comprised of psychometric assessments, skill-building workshops - all reinforced by one-to-one coaching. 
→ Desautels MBA Mentoring Program: engage with senior level business leaders that will help you leverage your MBA experience in the workplace. 


Applying to the MBA

You are about to make the right decision for your career and educational goals. The McGill MBA is designed for high-achieving, ambitious students interested in making a real change in their careers. McGill seeks talented applicants with strong academics, leadership skills, and managerial potential.

MBA admissions criteria and decisions are based on the following components:

  • An undergraduate degree and any further academic qualifications.
  • Completion of the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).  
  • In addition, applicants who completed their undergrad degree in a university where the language of instruction was not in English are required to complete the TOEFL or IELTS. 
  • A minimum of two years of relevant full-time work experience after completion of their undergraduate degree.
  • The admissions committee will also carefully review your essays, extracurricular interests and letters of reference.

Only qualified applicants will be called for an interview with a member of the admission team.

The MBA application requirements are as follows: 

  1. 2 years minimum of relevant full-time post-graduate work experience
  2. Transcripts from undergraduate and other graduate degrees
  3. 2 professional letters of reference
  4. TOEFL or IELTS (when applicable)
  5. 3 essay questions
  6. GMAT or GRE
  7. Curriculum vitae
  8. Interview (by invitation)

Tuition and Financial Aid

Financial aid is made available through a large number of substantial MBA-specific scholarships and awards. In addition, the Faculty’s exclusive partnership with Desjardins Financial Group allows future students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents access to a line of credit up to $90,000 at the lowest financing rate in the country (prime).

Tuition (CAD): 2021 Entering Class

  • Tuition: $99,500
  • Tuition waiver for Canadians and Permanent Residents*: ($17,000)
  • Net tuition for Canadians and Permanent Residents: $82,500

* Students who can prove that they qualify for Canadian or Permanent residency are given a fee waiver at the time of registration.

Expenses (Per Year; Estimated)

  • Incidental fees*: $2,000
  • Health and Dental Insurance: Canadian and Permanent Residents: $502
  • Health and Dental Insurance: International**: $1,400
  • Books and supplies: $2,000
  • Accommodations (rent and food)***: $13,800
  • Public transportation: $1,020
  • Personal Expenses (coat, boots, etc.)****: $1,500
  • Expenses (Estimated) Canadian and Permanent Resident: $20,822
  • Expenses (Estimated) International: $21,720

Fees are subject to change each year. 

*Estimated - Includes student services, society fees, computer fees, etc.

**Based on a single international student.

***Based on a single student, studying full-time. The estimated 12-month living expenses for a married student and spouse are higher.

****Expenses vary greatly with personal requirements and should be calculated on an individual basis.

Last updated Oct 2020

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The Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University is ranked as one of the world’s top international business schools. The Faculty’s innovative programs and historic reputation for excellence co ... Read More

The Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University is ranked as one of the world’s top international business schools. The Faculty’s innovative programs and historic reputation for excellence continue to attract the finest students and the most prominent professors from around the globe to its downtown campus located in the vibrant metropolis of Montreal. Read less