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A master of business administration, known as an MBA, is a graduate degree awarded to those who complete a program focusing on business management. Finance, accounting, human resources, and other business-related topics are focused on.

A Master of Business Administration or MBA is a two-year graduate level degree that individuals can pursue after earning a Bachelor. Earning an MBA may help graduates gain the important knowledge, skills, and experience they need to start a career in the corporate world.


If you are thinking of any higher education system that will affect your life positively while giving you practical knowledge and skills, then Canada's education system is what you need. Travel to Canada for your education will make you appreciate the creativity and innovation of the lecturers in these higher learning institutions.

Prince George is a vast area; however, there are many education institutions offering professional courses across the region thus serving the population academically as required by country's standards. It has some unique learning centres like the Aerospace Flight School plus other universities and colleges.

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Master of Business Administration MBA

University of Northern British Columbia School of Business
Campus Full time 2 years September 2018 Canada Prince George

Special attention is paid to the political, social and economic issues of the North, in Canada and in the World. [+]

Masters of Business Administration 2018 in Prince George Canada. In today's highly sophisticated world of business, where Globalization is taking place at a phenomenal rate of change, the need for astute managers capable to effectively and efficiently address critical issues in a timely manner has become an absolute imperative. The UNBC MBA Program offers: One weekend session per month Smaller class sizes that guarantee quality face to face interaction with professors and peers Classes that work on a cohort system which allow students to build a valuable network of colleagues Program Structure Year One of the MBA ProgramThe first year is comprised of eight required courses. Students are introduced to the major disciplinary areas within business studies, including strategy, economics, accounting, finance, organizational behavior, marketing, and operations management. This part of the program builds the broad base of skills required by senior management. Year Two of the MBA ProgramBeyond disciplinary skills, participants learn to interpret the organizational environment and adopt new management practice to new demands. Course participants have the opportunity to focus on individual interests during the MBA Project phase (COMM 799) the capstone of the MBA. Working under the supervision of a faculty member, students complete a major research project, applying relevant theory to the study of a substantial organizational problem or issue. ... [-]