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Business Studies

MBA stands for Master in Business Administration and consists of a program of curriculum that provides a foundation in the core concepts of business, including management, finance, economics, sales, marketing, human resource management, and supply chain management.

Though there are many opportunities for higher education in Sri Lanka, a good deal of residents opt not to attend these institutions. Though international pressure has helped some in development, university proposals are often met with resistance from locals.

Top MBA Programs in Business Studies in Sri Lanka 2018

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Masters in Business Administration (University of Wales)

Imperial Institute of Higher Education (IIHE)
Campus Full time January 2018 Sri Lanka Colombo

An MBA is an academic qualification designed to equip individuals with specialized knowledge and skills across functions of any business undertakings. [+]

Best MBA Programs in Business Studies in Sri Lanka 2018. Masters in Business Administration (University of Wales) Programme Summary An MBA is an academic qualification designed to equip individuals with specialized knowledge and skills across functions of any business undertakings. The University of Wales MBA at IIHE is designed to achieve the above objective through a programme of 12 taught modules and a dissertation. Eight core modules and 4 electives will be taught .The electives are offered to facilitate limited specialization such as Finance, Marketing and HR. In addition to the taught modules, students are required to undertake a research based dissertation. This requires an MBA candidate to identify a management problem and to provide solutions to the problem using scientific methodology and the knowledge and skills acquired from the taught modules. This unique experience develops a manager who finds solutions to organizational problems through a rational decision making process rather than through gut feeling. Candidates armed with the Wales MBA will be able to become strong business leaders. Programme Structure The MBA programme requires the completion of 180 credits (120 credits for the taught modules plus 60 credits for the dissertation). The MBA is awarded on successful completion of Part 1 and Part 2. Classes are held during weekday evenings or during the weekends. Programme Content Part 1 Mandatory Modules Accounting and Finance Quantitative Methods Organizational Behaviour Managerial Economics Marketing Human Resource Management Operations Management Strategic Management Elective Modules Four (04)from the following electives as oered by the institute... [-]


Hindustan University
Campus Full time 2 years July 2018 Sri Lanka Colombo

MBA is a necessary qualification to climb-up the corporate ladder. There is a high demand for good quality management graduates in all the functional areas of Finance, HR, IT and Marketing in various industries. Two years of hard-work, supplemented by the able training of the faculty shall open the gateway for a long and successful managerial career. [+]

The Department of Management Studies established in 1994, is renowned for its superior quality in management education, world class infrastructure and highly experienced faculty. well-designed state of the art air conditioned learning rooms, computer facilities with internet connectivity, a LCD Projector in every classroom, a well equipped world class library, and a multicultural learning environment are the hallmarks of the department. Seminar theatres with the latest audio-visual equipments and perfect acoustics create the best conducive environment for learning. With the myriad MBA specializations offered to you, it becomes important to seek a course that will be in sync with your personal aspirations and professional goals. Choosing the right MBA will make your aspirations go beyond mere profits. An MBA at Hindustan is not just about getting a degree. It is about standing at the cross roads of innovation and leadership, geared with the power of change to move in the right direction. Started in 1994, Hindustan MBA offers you a rich, rewarding and wholesome experience. It guarantees to challenge and help you seek new frontiers and become the person you've always aspired to be. Scale up to the MBA degree at Hindustan and you will see your hopes and aspirations become bigger and better. It will help shape and mould your decisions and actions throughout your life. Welcome to Hindustan, Welcome to an MBA programme that's made for you. WHY HINDUSTAN UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT? Eighteen year legacy of Practical Learning : School of Management has been successfully imparting its... [-]