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A master of business administration (MBA) is awarded to graduate students who complete a program of study that explores various aspects of the business world, including marketing, finance, accounting, and human resources. It is both a professional and terminal degree.

Top MBA Programs in Business Administration in Colombia 2019

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Fundación Universidad de América

The MBA program is aimed at professionals in different areas of knowledge, executives from different functional areas of public and private companies, with broad intellec ... [+]


The structural changes generated in organizations (in terms of productivity and competitiveness) in response to the continuous and permanent changes that occur in the context of globalized economies require management professionals in companies with skills, management and finances that allow them to guide and direct the businesses guaranteeing their sustainability and survival. This requires that the management teams of the organizations are composed of leading professionals, ethical, innovative and that enhance human talent and optimize the resources available.

GOALS To train masters (MBA) with a high sense of social responsibility and business ethics, with ability to investigate and deepen in the managerial and financial areas, with a differentiating approach oriented to the reflection, analysis and application of the general theory of the administration chord with the needs derived from the economic and social situation of the country. To prepare managers and advisers of competitive companies in an environment of high standards of efficiency and levels of uncertainty regarding the decision making, able to create and use tools and techniques managerial and financial to offer solutions to the problems of the organization. To present an international vision that allows to develop in the master student competences and capacities from the area of ​​the management and of the finances for its contextualización, reflection, analysis and application in competitive scenarios. ... [-]
Colombia Bogotá
January 2020
2 years
ADEN Business School

The objective of the Master in Business Administration - Executive MBA is to prepare people able to perform successfully in the business world with an ethical and social ... [+]


European & american official online MBA accredited degree - Unique in Latin America

ADEN International Business SchoolThrough the Francisco de Vitoria University - Madrid, He won the approval the curriculum of its Executive MBA before the ANECA - Ministry of Education of Spain. This allows MBA degrees have official validity in Spain and throughout the European Community and, in turn, can be comparable / refrendables in other countries that do not belong to it.

In addition, the MBA has been accredited by ACBSPRecognizing their standards of educational and institutional quality internationally. This means that no matter where they graduate, graduates always have a certified USA title, the most decisive organization regarding the chosenness of the MBA.... [-]

Colombia Bogotá Medellín Cali
February 2019
IESA - Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración

MBA - The Master in Management is a learning experience that will transform your career, expanding your development horizons. It offers cutting-edge knowledge ... ... [+]

MBA - Master in Business Administration

MBA - The Master in Management is a learning experience that will transform your career, expanding your development horizons.

It offers cutting-edge knowledge for a local context, with a global perspective and also fosters the development of key skills and attitudes in managerial performance, in a highly demanding academic environment.

What skills do you acquire?

Leadership Potential and Responsible Management Attitudes Comprehension of the global environment and great analytical capacity Fluent communication skills, capable of managing change and making decisions Skills for negotiation and conflict management Preparation for teamwork and mastery of supervision tools, which are based on values ​​of respect, tolerance and flexibility in the work Ability for practical application of knowledge, skills and tools, with managerial initiative ... [-]
Colombia Bogotá
October 2019
12 - 24 months
Anderson University South Carolina

The AU MBA is a general management degree emphasizing the integration of business principles and a Christian perspective. ... [+]

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is a general management program that emphasizes an integration of the business disciplines within a Christian framework. It is designed for students with an undergraduate degree in either business or a non-related field. Leveling courses (prerequisites) are offered for the non-business undergraduate. Business undergraduates may or may not require leveling courses before beginning their graduate study.Coursework Details

The MBA program consists of 36 credit hours that are structured in a convenient 6-week class format for working adults. Skilled and experienced professors with real-world expertise instruct the courses and will work directly with you to expand your knowledge and improve your skills. Students will study the areas of human resources, financing, accounting, economics, management, and marketing. Courses are a combination of seminars, case studies, and simulations, and the entire program can be completed in less than 20 months.... [-]

Colombia Ibagué
July 2019
Universidad de los Andes - School of Management

The MBA is a development-oriented management skills and strengthen their students' knowledge in the functional areas of management program. Our MBA is designed for a com ... [+]

MBA Full Time

Why is it important to study the MBA?

The MBA is designed to develop leaders with management skills and strengthen their students' knowledge in the functional areas of management and its capacity for innovation program. Our MBA is designed for a comprehensive transformation of its students.


full time lasts 15 months with classes Monday through Friday during the hours 6:30 am - 6:00 pm and some Saturdays.

The MBA School of Management at the University of the Andes:

It is renowned for its academic quality its local and international prestige during his 40 years of activity we have the Triple Crown, the three international accreditations granted by the World Association of MBA Schools -AMBA-, the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) and EQUIS. in Colombia, we are accredited with the highest rating by the CNA. ... [-]
Colombia Bogotá
July 2019
15 months