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1-year MBA

The MBA is by far and away the most successful degree of the 20th century. Look at the American statistics. The first degree was not given out until the 1900’s. By the end of the 20th century it had a 27% market share of all graduate degrees given out.

A 1-year MBA (Master of Business Administration) allows students to complete the coursework required for an MBA in a shorter amount of time. Classes may include finance, accounting, business operation, management, human resources, and ethics.

Japan has one of the highly integrated higher education systems in Asia. Japans approach to science and technology is highly rated thus their education levels very structured from childhood to primary through secondary to tertiary levels. With 126 million people living in Japan it has a cultural rich environment. Greater Tokyo area is the largest metropolitan area in the world, with over 30 million residents.

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Global Leader Program - Masters in Management

The NUCB Business School
Campus Full time Part time 1 - 2 years April 2017 Japan Nagoya + 1 more

The goal of the Global Leader Program is to instill in our students the motivation for embarking upon or enhancing successful and rewarding careers in global business environments. Our faculty and staff members provide students with the knowledge and skills needed for future employment and leadership opportunities. [+]

Best Masters of Business Administration in 1-year MBA in Japan 2017. The Global Leader Program is the flagship English program of the NUCB Business School that features both professional and international exchange students representing over 40 different nationalities, 96% practitioner instructors with international business experience, and a dedicated administrative team to assist your career development during enrollment and post-graduation. Located in the business and finance district of Nagoya at the new Marunouchi Tower Campus, we welcome you to visit our campus and learn about how you can upgrade the skills you need to reach the next level in your career through the NUCB Global Leader Program! The Global Leader Program (GLP) is a Master’s program designed for those who seek quality and flexibility to improve their skills for future employment and leadership opportunities. The aim of the program is to cultivate highly skilled professionals with a global mindset, a strong sense of ethics, and the ability to contribute positively to the international business community. Start of the program: September / April Duration: 1 year full-time (MBA), 2 year (MBA/MSc) Language of instruction: English Requirements: 3 years work experience (MBA) Class size: Average 40 Additional programs: Study abroad exchange, Double Degree Program Degree: MBA/MSc Global MBA The GLP offers two paths of study dependent on the background of the applicant at the time of enrollment. Applicants with over three years of professional experience enter onto the one-year, full-time MBA track. A two-year option for an MBA through the GLP is also available for students who wish to undertake a double degree program or study abroad exchange with one of NUCB’s overseas partner institutions. Many students who follow the two-year track continue to work in Japan while earning their MBA degree. For applicants with less than three years of work experience, NUCB offers a two-year track for an MSc with a different set of mandatory courses than the MBA track. Urban Business School Located in downtown Nagoya, the Marunouchi Tower Campus boasts excellent access to the centers of both Asian business and Japanese culture. Many international organizations and financial institutions base their head offices in Nagoya, with entertainment and shopping districts well within walking distance. NUCB is dedicated to leveraging its location to attract top business professionals as well as faculty that exert a strong global influence. Active Learning NUCB conducts courses in 100% English following the case study method. Proven in business classrooms worldwide, this teaching methodology facilitates communication between students with immensely diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Furthermore, NUCB boasts its own case center with nearly 800 cases that are specifically focused on Japanese and Asian companies. Over 100 new cases are published each year by the graduate school with cases researched and written by students themselves under the supervision of the faculty. GLP best fits for those who want to Learn from cutting edge business cases Gain new insights on Asian and Japanese ways of business Broaden their perspectives Expand their global network Adopt innovative solutions for their business Application Deadlines - Spring 2017 Enrollment Semester 1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round Final Round* Preliminary Screening October 20 November 24 January 26 February 23* Application October 25 November 29 January 31 February 28* Interview October 29 December 3 February 4 March 4* *For domestic applicants only. Only Japanese Business School Accredited by AACSB and AMBA There are more than 10,000 management education programs in the world. International associations, such as AACSB International and AMBA, accredit business schools which meet their strict standards for the quality of education. In the international business community, only programs with international accreditation are considered 'real MBA programs'. [-]


Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy (Hitotsubashi ICS)
Campus Full time 1 - 2 years September 2017 Japan Tokyo

The mission of the MBA Program in Hitotsubashi ICS builds on our tradition. Our goal is to contribute to society by developing business leaders capable of initiating, implementing, and managing innovation on a global scale. [+]

The mission of Hitotsubashi ICS, which was established in 2000, is to achieve the ‘Best of Two Worlds’, acting as a bridge between diametrically opposing concepts such as “East and West”, “Large and Small”, “Global and Local”, “Old and New”, “Practice and Theory”, “Cooperation and Competition”, and “Business and Society”, through education and research. One year Program or Two year Program Applicants to the MBA program may select from two options (the One-Year Program or the Two-Year Program), both of which offer the same MBA degree. Applicants must choose between the two options at the time of application. The One-Year Program is designed primarily for students who are not seeking a career-change post-MBA and wish to be granted a degree in as short a time as possible. In contrast, the Two-Year Program is designed for those who are seeking a career-change post-MBA or wish to be exposed to broader or more in-depth MBA-level learning opportunities and experiences. Once applicants are accepted into either one of the two programs, they cannot switch to the other program. The selection criteria for admission is identical for both options because all students must take required courses together in the first year, follow the same academic calendar, and must meet the same earned credit requirements for graduation. Students in both the One-year Program and Two-year Program receive exactly the same high quality education and the same level of commitment and support from our faculty and staff. Academic Calendar The MBA Program in International Business Strategy consists of two programs: the One-year Program and the Two-year Program. Students in both programs follow the same academic calendar in their first year. The academic year is divided into four terms. There is a break of at least one week between each term. There are no required courses during these breaks, but there may be elective courses and other elective academic activities. Two-year MBA Program Two-year program students enroll at Hitotsubashi ICS in mid- or late-September and graduate in August two years later. In the first year, two-year students must take all required courses and can select additional elective classes together with one-year students. However, two-year students can custom design and build their second year curriculum in accordance with their own interests and goals. In their second year, two-year students can participate in the following activities: attend an exchange or double-degree program; participate in non-remunerative company internships either in Japan or overseas; conduct individual research projects, which may include writing a business case or a consulting report, or developing a business plan for a new venture; take additional elective courses; and work with the Career Services on post-MBA career opportunities. The Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology allows two-year students who excel in their studies and course work during the first year to graduate early if they elect to do so. Early graduation would enable qualified students to receive their MBA in a year and a half, i.e., at the end of March of the second year. One-year MBA Program One-year program students enroll at Hitotsubashi ICS in mid- to late-September and graduate in August the following year. This option is best suited for company-sponsored and YLP (Young Leaders' Program) scholarship applicants because it is assumed that they will return to their original company or organization after graduation. For non-sponsored applicants who are looking for a career change, this option is not recommended because it is very difficult to balance the required academic work-load with their job search. Although one-year students can participate in all on-campus academic courses and programs as well as intensive academic programs offered both on and off-campus, they are not eligible to attend term-long exchange programs or to participate in company internship programs. Students in both the one-year and two-year programs receive exactly the same high quality education and the same level of commitment and support from our faculty and university staff. Admissions The Hitotsubashi ICS Admissions section offers an overview of our admissions process, including information on tuition, financial aid, international admissions requirements, and our application package. To make sure your application is accepted and reviewed in a timely manner, and that you submit a complete and accurate application package, please take the time to review the contents of this site and also read carefully through the application package materials before submission. There are two rounds of applications for the Entering Class of 2016. The Admissions Committee strongly encourages applicants to apply in the first round, as space in the class may be limited in the second. In addition, applying in the first round will have an advantage on matters such as scholarships, particularly for international students. The respective application deadlines and the interview dates are: ROUND 1 exact dates to be determined. Application term: early December 2016 - early January 2017 Interview date: early February 2017 Admission decision date: late February 2017 ROUND 2 exact dates to be determined. Application term: early February 2017 – early March 2017 Interview date: early April 2017 Admission decision date: late April 2017 It is important to note the following: You may apply for only either the 1-year or 2-year program. Once accepted to one program, you cannot switch to the other program. All application documents, except for TOEFL/IELTS and GMAT official scores, must be submitted via the ICS Online Application System. Applicants are encouraged to submit their application as early as possible in each round. Scholarship decisions for international candidates are made only after a candidate has been admitted. Since scholarships are limited in number, first-round candidates tend to have an advantage in this regard. Careers The Career Services Office provides students who are not sponsored by their employers with one-on-one counseling to help them recognize any career development needs as early as their first month at Hitotsubashi ICS. Taking into consideration the demand for Japanese language ability for most positions in Japan, students who have low or no Japanese language background who desire to work in Japan may want to consider acquiring some knowledge of the language even before coming to Hitotsubashi ICS. Having Japanese language skills will open up many more career opportunities within the country and greatly increase your chances for employment by the domestic company of choice. [-]

MBA 1-year Track (Intensive MBA program)

International University of Japan
Campus Full time 1 year September 2017 Japan Niigata

The MBA 1-Year Track is designed as a full-time, residential program, 12 months (three terms and a summer period) are required for completion of the degree. Previous study at other institutions does not reduce the 12 month residential requirement for the MBA degree. [+]

Best Masters of Business Administration in 1-year MBA in Japan 2017. Profound, On-Going Shift in Global Competition With the rapid rise of emerging mega-markets and the increasingly integrated global economy, global competition today is undergoing a profound shift. Change Leadership for Global Competitive Advantage It is clear that simply observing and responding to the shift is not suffi cient. Instead, corporations must proactively initiate change to create competitive advantage over their rivals. Such initiatives are of cross-functional integrative nature as disconnected functional moves can hardly lead to competitive advantage. Thus, today’s global competition necessitates a critical pool of global managers who can work across boundaries of business functions and mobilize their business as an integrated whole. Why an MBA from IUJ Our MBA puts top priority on your business career. Passport to your chosen career opportunities, top companies recruit IUJ MBAs. Support from a global network of Alumni, world-class faculty, regional communities, multinational corporations and governments. Move to exciting management careers in: Finance, Marketing, IT, HR, Accounting, Operations, Consulting, General Management and More… We are the only Business School in Japan to be included in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s prestigious “Top-100 B-Schools of the World” ranking for 8 consecutive years. We have a World class faculty with wide business experience, who are partnering with Local, Regional, National and Multi-national companies for research and class-based projects. The real experience of cultural diversity in all classes We have about 40 exchange partners around the world, including top schools in the US, Europe, and Asia. Outstanding language programs for both English and Japanese proficiency A State-of-the-art E-Lab All housed in a resident campus, in the heart of Japan’s beautiful Snow Country. MBA - CURRICULUM - PROGRAM STRUCTURE The IUJ MBA focuses on “Leveraging Emerging Asia for Global Advantage.” It delivers the knowledge, skills and mindset required to gain a competitive advantage in the world’s fastest-growing economies. The program is designed to give students a wide range of experience and knowledge suitable for their future careers. There are 1-Year Track and 2-Year Track in the MBA program and they have been designed to offer the highest levels of business management skills within the most appropriate timeframe. The 1-Year MBA is focused exclusively on developing integrative management skills for tomorrow’s regional and global business leaders. It is for those with at least 5 years of work experience with their sponsoring company, and who will return to help their company further globalize. DEGREE REQUIREMENT FOR IMBA (1-YEAR TRACK) Minimum requirements are: Three-term residence in principle A total of at least thirty-eight (38) credits An acceptable Research Report or Master’s Thesis (grade of B+ or better) Total GPA of at least 3.00 The MBA 1-Year Track is designed as a full-time, residential program, 12 months (three terms and a summer period) are required for completion of the degree. Previous study at other institutions does not reduce the 12-month residential requirement for the MBA degree. The courses are divided into the five categories listed below and students are required to complete a minimum of 38 credits according to each category. IUJ Students Diversity The International University of Japan is the home to nearly 400 graduate-level students from more than 45 countries each and every year. Because IUJ is located in the beautiful countryside of Japan, we have a thriving, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious campus environment that provides each of our students with the cultural sensitivity and insights required to lead a global company. After 30 years, IUJ now has more than 3,000 alumni living and working in more than 100 countries around the world. Therefore, anywhere in the world that you are interested in operating your business, or establishing strong partnerships, it is highly likely that an IUJ alumnus will be there to collaborate with your efforts. Team Projects Our programs provide the ideal opportunity to take on leadership roles through team projects across many of our courses. Through working with international colleagues on case challenges as well as real business projects, all participants in our IMBA program will gain new insights into how to effectively lead cross-functional, global teams. Additionally, every student will be exposed to new ways of thinking and analyzing the materials provided in order to create the most effective solutions to course projects together with their colleagues. Interaction with Exchange Students from Top Business Schools Worldwide The International University of Japan has ongoing partnerships with many other world-class business schools around the world. From China and India, to the United States, Europe and Australia, every year our Business School welcomes international exchange students from all around the world to our campus. Summer Capstone Courses Capstone courses represent final, wrap-up courses for the IMBA program. Taken in the summer months prior to graduation, they integrate elements from multiple courses already completed to address timely managerial issues and challenges of competitive importance. Capstone courses are typically one-credit courses and topics may vary from year to year, refl ecting emerging issues of global competition. [-]

McGill MBA Japan Program

McGill MBA Japan Program
Campus Part time 20 months April 2017 Japan Tokyo

The McGill MBA Japan program is a weekend MBA program based on the world-leading Integrative MBA program offered by McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management in Montreal. McGill MBA Japan classes take place in Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo, placing McGill the heart of business in Japan and Asia. [+]

The McGill MBA Japan program is a weekend MBA program based on the world-leading Integrative MBA program offered by McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management in Montreal. McGill MBA Japan classes take place in Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo, placing McGill the heart of business in Japan and Asia. Classes meet two weekends in a row, on Saturday and Sunday, and are followed by a two weekend break. This allows you to continue with your career while completing a full Master of Business Administration from McGill University within 20 months. The program starts in April of each year, and the final paper is submitted in December of the following year. McGill MBA Japan students who begin in April 2016 will receive their Degree in February 2018. To enable you to lead effectively and responsibly in an increasingly complex and interconnected world, the Desautels Faculty of Management has created a truly innovative integrated MBA curriculum that breaks down the barriers between traditional disciplines. Our unique integrated management approach will allow you to work across managerial boundaries and to fully understand how organizations function as a whole, and in an international context. Our goal is the help you become a highly skilled and capable General Manager, which will allow you to take leadership roles within organizations not only in Japan, but around the world. Along with this, you will the skills and mindsets to identify new business opportunities, and lead Entrepreneurial and ‘intra-preneurial’ teams, and start up organizations. The MBA Japan program is offered on two and sometimes three consecutive weekends throughout the year, with the same class hours and academic standards as the program in Montreal. The weekend format allows you to reflect on what you are studying, and allows you to implement new solutions to business issues while you study. Laying the Foundations Integration is achieved through a unique set of core modules. Each module is taught by multiple professors from different disciplines–no other MBA program in the world offers this ground-breaking collaborative approach. Starting with the fundamental quantitative tools needed to understand business issues, our program also addresses the leadership challenges that you need to function as a responsible manager and societal leader. Integrating Disciplines Students begin the Integrated Core curriculum, consists of four modules. The first module, Business Tools, covers the analytical skills they will need in making decisions. This is followed by Managing Resources and Value Creation, which provide an understanding of the portfolio of resources available to managers (human, financial and technological), to create value through the operations of the organization. Lastly, the Markets and Globalization module will challenge you to introduce this value to the global marketplace. The first year Core also includes a business case competition that allows you to put what you have developed to work as well as a Global Leadership module which will help you reflect on what success means for you and what goals and responsibilities (personal, organizational and societal) you would like to assume in the business world. International Study Trip Students in the McGill MBA Japan program participate in an International Study Trip to McGill’s beautiful Home Campus in Montreal. This will further expand your horizons, and develop your worldly understanding of business. The study trip will take place over ‘Golden Week’ in May. Convenient Location The McGill MBA Japan’s location in Nishi-Shinjuku places us only a short walk away from Shinjuku Station: one of Japan’s main transportation hubs, with easy access by train, metro, subway, and quick connections to Narita and Haneda airports, and to the Shinkansen at Tokyo Station. [-]

Master of Business Administration - MBA

Oxademy Business School
Campus or Online Full time Part time 12 - 18 months Open Enrollment United Kingdom Oxford Hong Kong China Shanghai Malaysia Kuala Lumpur India Mumbai Nigeria Lagos Japan Tokyo + 12 more

The Master of Business Administration is a globally recognised postgraduate qualification for ambitious, motivated graduates. [+]

Best Masters of Business Administration in 1-year MBA in Japan 2017. The Master of Business Administration is a globally recognised postgraduate qualification for ambitious, motivated graduates. Oxademy has partnered with worlds top universities to deliver a world-class MBA programme. Our programme is designed to help students realise their leadership potential, learn new specialised skills, and engage with global network whilst living and working in their own environment. The core benefit of studying with Oxademy is the real-life learning though an innovative online and traditional learning methods. 1 Programme - MBA 2 Learning Modes - E-Learning with LIVE Online Lectures / On-Campus 3 Qualifications - CMI, PGD and MBA Highly Affordable Programme 1/3 cost (compare to similar full-time programme) World-class Global Faculty Innovative Blended Learning Model Flexible Delivery and Completion Live lectures to attend from Anywhere, Anytime on AnyDevice Local Tutor Support Real-world Industry Engagement Global Networking Opportunities WHY IS OUR MBA RIGHT FOR YOU? The MBA is a popular choice for managers and leaders across the world seeking the benefits of this well respected, top level qualification to further their career. It offers formal recognition that you have the strategic knowledge, insight and understanding to be a successful manager and inspiring leader. We recognise that in today’s busy environment, time is increasingly precious. That’s why our MBA is studied and assessed 100% as guided online or blended learning – there are no exams. It gives you the freedom to study at a time and place convenient to you, allowing you to plan your studies around your work and family commitments. ENTRY REQUIREMENT At least a lower second-class honours degree or equivalent qualification, a minimum of two years' relevant work experience , which includes managerial responsibility. In exceptional circumstances, candidates with a lower degree level, equivalent qualifications or relevant work experience may be admitted if they can demonstrate their potential for higher degree work. CRITERIA FOR SUCCESS To be successful, a student must: 1. Attend all of the modules (unless there are exceptional reasons); 2. Complete all reflective logs and projects to the required standard TOTAL LEARNING HOURS The total learning hours for phase one is in excess of 220 hours. Phase II can be completed within 12 months. [-]