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Earning a 1 Year MBA in Fashion is an excellent way for business-minded individuals to infiltrate the exciting world of design and luxury. Earning this degree allows financial specialists to take advantage of the many opportunities available in this growing field.

An MBA in Fashion helps students navigate the financial aspect of style. With over $250 billion earned annually, the fashion industry increasingly prioritizes business and marketing. Many corporations utilize of social media and other technology to expand brand recognition, and they need educated individuals to help manage the dynamic marketplace. By investing in educated fashion leaders, top brands are able to better achieve business goals. There are numerous programs to choose from, including specializations in textile, brand, and luxury management, and there are countless opportunities available for MBA graduates interested in this sensational industry.

Earning an MBA in fashion is beneficial for those with an appreciation for fashion and business. A prestigious master’s program in fashion will help you to understand the ins and outs of the marketplace while teaching you how to build a luxury brand.   

The cost of obtaining a fashion MBA in 1 year will vary by school. With many schools around the world offering incredible programs to fashion students, there are several different options when choosing your curriculum and the cost associated with it. 

Holding an MBA in Fashion can open up a number of hands-on opportunities for stylish students. Common careers include from marketing specialists, HR executives, and branding business managers. There are numerous jobs as well as numerous career paths for job candidates with master degrees that combine business fundamentals with niche areas of expertise. 

There are many universities around the world that offer exciting course studies for 1 year MBA students learning the fashion business. It is easy to take advantage of expertise from globally-recognized fashion icons from your home office by attending online courses. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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MBA Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods

Bologna Business School
Campus Full time 12 months October 2017 Italy Bologna

The MBA in Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods concentration offers a unique opportunity to blend theory with experience thanks to the exclusive expertise of the most successful Italian companies in these sectors. [+]

1-year MBAs in Fashion. The MBA in Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods concentration offers a unique opportunity to blend theory with experience thanks to the exclusive expertise of the most successful Italian companies in these sectors. Attending this program participants will be trained to become talented successful mangers for these leading companies. Students will be able to experience first-hand the specific knowledge that Italy has developed in these fields joining creativity, style and unique managerial skills. The “Made in Italy” brand has become a synonym for luxury and high quality. The success obtained by Italian companies dedicated to fashion and design has its roots in an incomparable tradition within this sector. The MBA in Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods keeps the pace with an ever evolving market, which has maintained a strong bond with the past. The Global MBA in Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods is a 12 month full-time program, taught entirely in English. This program is dedicated to students who already have a solid working background. During the first term, class activities will focus on general management, while starting from the second term, participants will study specialized subjects regarding Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods. The program is complete when students complete a 500 hour internship. The internship will help students to improve their problem solving skills, apply their newly developed knowledge as well as give them the opportunity to face actual situations that arise within the business world. Our programs provide an exciting and fulfilling learning experience by... [-]

MBA Luxury Brand Management

British School of Fashion
Campus Full time Part time 1 - 3 years September 2017 United Kingdom London + 1 more

This advanced specialist MBA programme has been designed in response to the growing demand for accomplished managers who can offer a thorough understanding of luxury brand management, creative strategies and superior skills and tools. [+]

The MBA Luxury Brand Management programme is designed to equip candidates who have the relevant managerial experience with specialist advanced knowledge and skills to move on to the next level of their career. The design of the programme will help students gain a deep understanding of the complexities of management within the context of luxury organisations, particularly as luxury markets continue to become more competitive and multi-dimensional, and luxury consumers become more polarised. There is a strong emphasis throughout the programme on the collection and analysis of data to support complex decision-making. Students will develop the analytical skills necessary to examine a wide range of issues affecting the luxury sector and the ability to construct creative solutions. Active experiential learning will enable students to develop strategic thinking, leadership, interpersonal and group skills and a deeper entrepreneurial outlook. Problem-solving capabilities will also be cultivated through case studies, business games and a live briefs project, created in partnership with leading luxury organisations. Luxury brands will continue to succeed through the key elements of authenticity, exclusivity and craftsmanship, but today these need to be balanced with 24/7 access and immediacy, and reflect advancements in digital technologies and the increasing power of the consumer. The MBA Luxury Brand Management examines how luxury brands need to find innovative ways to address the classic trade-off between rarity and global expansion. Assessment Taught modules are assessed by a combination of coursework, discussion boards and online tests followed by a Dissertation and consultancy project. Programme content Creating value... [-]