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1-year MBA

The MBA is by far and away the most successful degree of the 20th century. Look at the American statistics. The first degree was not given out until the 1900’s. By the end of the 20th century it had a 27% market share of all graduate degrees given out.

A 1-year MBA (Master of Business Administration) allows students to complete the coursework required for an MBA in a shorter amount of time. Classes may include finance, accounting, business operation, management, human resources, and ethics.

The students who pursue a higher education after joining university education often have a flexible lifestyle in Bahrain. Universities also have different types of courses that often suit the needs of the both local and international students. The country's culture is very uncomplicated making it easier for foreign students to interact with citizens.

Top MBA Programs in 1-year MBA in Bahrain 2017

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Hull University Business School MBA - Delivered in Bahrain

Management Development Centre International
Campus Full time 1 year September 2017 Bahrain Manama

We have selected this degree course due to the curriculum’s merits in preparing graduates for life in the real business [+]

Does the course have a practical value on completion?

We have selected this degree course due to the curriculum’s merits in preparing graduates for life in the real business world. Subjects like leadership, team development to grow your business effectiveness are combined with communication and negotiation skills to increase your assets value in a managerial position. Students are exposed to real life situations and full time students can visit our international partner business schools and Executive MBA students can include an oversees study module. Work based elements give students a real insight into how quality management decisions benefit organisations. Your MBA equips you to manage effectively within the changing corporate landscape, with a deep understanding of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in practice and sustainable growth, further enhancing your employability. Out network on international businesses, including corporates partners give you access to business leaders throughout the world. Previous graduates of the Hull MBA have progressed their careers and hold diverse roles across many leading organisations.... [-]

The Strathclyde MBA

University of Strathclyde Business School
Campus Full time Part time 12 - 36 months August 2017 Bahrain Riffa + 1 more

The Strathclyde MBA takes experienced executives from a variety of backgrounds, and equips them with the know-how, skills and strategic orientation to sustain and scale business in today’s global businesses. [+]

The Strathclyde MBA Developing ambitious managers into entrepreneurial, strategic business leaders. The Strathclyde MBA takes experienced executives from a variety of backgrounds, and equips them with the know-how, skills and strategic orientation to sustain and scale business in today’s global businesses. What is the Strathclyde MBA? The Strathclyde MBA is not just a business programme, it's a stimulating, challenging, life-changing experience, which will make you question, re-think and re-evaluate how you do business. The Strathclyde MBA is highly experiential and based on collaborative learning. Students share their varied work experiences, knowledge, understanding and skills. The MBA will shape and guide you as a reflective, open- thinking, adaptive learner. This is facilitated through enhanced understanding of the interplay of theory and practice in management. In particular it: provides the skills required for progression to higher level policy-forming positions allows you to make successful career transitions facilitates the move from technical specialism to general management polishes the skills and enhances the abilities of people working for themselves or about to set up in business What are the prime benefits? Self-development a broad understanding of business and management issues strategic orientation and the ability to successfully implement the strategies formulated development of management skills and techniques self-awareness as a manager and leader increased confidence in all areas of business Career development enhanced promotion prospects new career opportunities access to the extensive Strathclyde alumni network What are the benefits for employers and sponsors? Improved corporate performance greater understanding of corporate goals more knowledgeable and successful management advanced communication through mutual understanding greater awareness of external influences and recognition of the need for a quality customer focus and market orientation increased potential for the effective utilisation of valuable corporate, human and other resources Human resource development greater ability to attract and retain high potential managers flexible approach to management education structured development of individual managers integral part of succession planning and development of tomorrow’s leaders Programme overview The Strathclyde MBA is a 180-credit programme following the EU guidelines as set out by the Bologna Process. The programme is designed around four modules, and the MBA project. Module 1: The Reflective Practitioner The Reflective Practitioner is designed to help students respond to the increasing emphasis in the business world on corporate social responsibility, stakeholder expectations and the professional practice of management. It comprises three component classes. The Learning Manager: analysing and developing self-awareness as a manager and how you interact with others is crucial to becoming more effective, at any level within an organisation. The Learning Manager explores these issues and increases your ability to analyse and develop how you learn, to become ultimately a more reflective learner. Collaborative learning between students, and between students and staff is central to The Learning Manager. Comparative Corporate Governance: to promote good corporate management in today’s complex international environments, MBA graduates need to understand the importance of corporate governance in a free market system. This class will enable you to understand organisational structures and carry out analyses on key organisational stakeholders. Entrepreneurial Management & Leadership: competitive, uncertain and fast-changing environments demand a new breed of manager, and more entrepreneurial leaders. Entrepreneurial Management and Leadership allows you to experience and reflect on entrepreneurial skills and practices that are appropriate to managing and leading in a corporate context. The Learning Manager, Governance and Entrepreneurial Management & Leadership provides you with the foundations to become an adaptive manager open to life-long learning. Module 2: Making the Business Work To become a highly effective general manager, it's crucial to understand the management fundamentals and processes that are vital to business success and that are operated by specialist functional teams in an organisation. By becoming aware of these disciplines students are better able to appreciate each function as well as the inter-relationships and tensions between them. During this second module of the Strathclyde MBA, you'll undertake the following classes: Finance & Financial Management Financial Management Accounting Operations Management Marketing Management Analytical Support for Decision Making Managing People in Organisations Module 3: Strategic Management for Sustainable Success The Strathclyde MBA is renowned for its reputation and excellence of research in the area of Strategy and Strategic management. The three inter-related classes within this module are: Exploring the International Business Environment Strategy Analysis & Evaluation Making Strategy Initially, you'll learn to explore and fully understand internal and external ambiguity, complexity and uncertainty in international business environments. Building on this understanding, you'll then develop your ability to manage in these environments. You'll be armed with structured opportunities to explore the major management and economic theories, alongside the language of strategy and strategic management in the Strategy, Analysis & Evaluation Class. Finally, in the Making Strategy class you'll learn to negotiate strategy in a small management team, putting into practice the management theories acquired in the preceding classes This will involve developing an effective statement of strategic intent, including purpose, competitive advantage and strategic priorities. Module 4: Personal Development As you progress through the Strathclyde MBA academics work with you to help you ‘personalise’ the learning and development, and ensure that the overall experience is highly experiential and relevant to current business practice. Strategic Consulting in Practice is an opportunity to put into practice all that you've learned from the preceding Strategic Management module. Working as a consultant for a client organisation, you, as part of a small team, will be tasked to work on a live organisational issue for that particular organisation. The client will feature significantly in the evaluation of the class and your team’s performance. This session, normally run over a weekend, will offer you many insights into the uncertainties of managing yourself, working with a small team, the task of strategising and meeting the expectations of the client. In the final instructional phase of the Strathclyde MBA, the “personalised” element is realised via a range of possibilities and choices in our elective classes, and the final MBA project. Elective classes With a pool of over 120 academic experts across a wide range of specialist departments in Strathclyde Business School we're able to offer more than 20 different electives all taught by subject specialists. A highlight of the Strathclyde MBA calendar is the annual MBA Summer School, which takes place in Glasgow in May and June. The summer school is open to all study routes of the MBA who have reached elective study stage. It's a wonderful opportunity to study your elective choices alongside a group of like-minded international colleagues. For those unable to attend the summer school elective classes are also offered at our international centres. To reflect both the latest challenges facing business and the latest insights from our world-leading research the range of electives is revised annually. MBA project The capstone element of the Strathclyde MBA is the MBA project. It gives you an opportunity to examine in depth a managerial, organisational or environmental issue of your choice over an extended period of time. The design of the MBA project enables you to put into practice the knowledge and skills that you've developed throughout the Strathclyde MBA. Wherever possible we'll assist you in identifying appropriate organisations and supervisors. The primary aim is to reinforce your learning and development in an area of your choice and, with our encouragement, to undertake your project in a host organisation. The project is an integral part of the Strathclyde MBA. The final project report will be 13,000 to 16,000 words, depending on whether it's an individual or group project. Career and Professional Development Support At Strathclyde we understand that career enhancement is one of the top reasons anyone chooses to study for an MBA. Free and for Life We draw on our many years of experience and industry knowledge from the in-house team, supplemented by top consultants who are experts in their field, to offer dedicated careers planning and development for all our MBA cohorts and unlimited access once you join our alumni. Added Value Complementary to your MBA learning experience, you can access a range of talks, conferences and networking events which will add further value to your Strathclyde MBA experience. Integrated and stand-alone seminars and workshops are delivered throughout the year, online and on-campus. The Career Management Journey Our focus is on developing long-term career management skills. As part of our Career Development Programme we offer: strategies to support self-awareness, personal skills development, competency audits, and professional development needs workshops on core career skills such as CV building, interviews, assessment centres, social media and online branding seminars on key skills such as presentation, pitching, networking, culture management and personal impact exclusive insights from successful alumni and company leaders through our Lunch and Learn programme and guest speakers unlimited one-to-one access to an accredited careers and leadership coach Book a personal coaching session, one-to-one or skype. Our Virtual Careers Community All students and alumni have access to our Career Management Site, where you will find a wealth of information and resources and also become a part of our global careers community, receiving alerts and information on jobs and events. Recruiters SBS is consistently a top-ranked school in the Economist and FT rankings and this is down to our students and alumni, who have added value in organisations and industries globally for many years. Meet our current students at-a-glance and see industry and nationality stats on our profile wall. Want to engage further? Log in to our Career Management Site, where you can search profiles and post jobs and events. If you would like to contact us directly, email, or call Irene Taylor on +44 (0) 141 553 6057. Consultancy Projects Each year we are able to offer a number of strategic consultancy opportunities for students to complete as part of their MBA final project. Sourced from alumni and our corporate network, these assignments allow students to leave the MBA with a client-facing piece of consultancy on their CV. Careers Post-Graduation… Where our Students Go 3 months after the November 2016 Graduation, 89% of our full-time students had jobs or a job offer. Companies hiring included Accenture in the UK, Deloitte in India, Cognizant and Moodys in the US, Coracoes in Brazil, Ineos in Thailand, Central Bank of Indonesia, and Telecoms HK. Industries where you'll find our 2016 graduates: Consulting - 26% Financial Services - 18% Engineering - 10% FMCG - 10% Professional Services - 10% Public Sector/NGO - 10% Manufacturing - 4% Media/Entertainment - 4% Pharma - 4% Technology - 4% [-]

One Year MBA

Westford School of Management
Campus or Online Full time Part time 1 year Open Enrollment Bahrain Bahrain Online + 1 more

*One Year MBA *Dual Certification *International Study Trip *Convocation in UK *Weekend/Evening Classes You will study tools and techniques that will help you develop and manage products and services that will be competitive internationally. As an ambitious and driven student, you will bring to the programme your work experience. This might be from a functional role, for example in marketing [+]

Best MBAs in 1-year MBA in Bahrain 2017. 1 Year MBA, Dual Certification, International Study Trip, Convocation in UK, Weekend/Evening Classes, Fee can be paid on monthly instalments This MBA programme is designed to equip you with essential modern management skills and knowledge and prepare you with an enterprising spirit grounded on solid business practices. The programme also aims to provide you with analytical and decision making capabilities in order to face the rapid changes seen in today's growing business environment. You will study tools and techniques that will help you develop and manage products and services that will be competitive internationally. As an ambitious and driven student, you will bring to the programme your work experience. This might be from a functional role, for example in marketing or HRM, or a profession such as law or accounting. In either case, you will have a considerable depth of experience in one specific area. This MBA will help you to gain a broader understanding of business by exposing you to key aspects of it and showing you how it all fits together. Conversely, you might have had a more varied role, perhaps in running a small business, where you have some understanding over a range of business activities, but need help in developing your existing business knowledge further. In both cases this MBA will update your management toolkit and give you a broader stronger profile to enhance your career. Aiming to give our students the knowledge they need for the career they want, we maintain strong links with the business world and offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses which provide the experience and practical skills that employers value. Our graduates become digitally literate, knowledgeable and enterprising and have a global outlook on life. Admission Entry Requirements Bachelors Degree in any discipline Two years work experience in managerial/supervisory level roles Candidates without graduation will be considered based on minimum 5 years of supervisory/managerial level work experience Age - 23 years and above Admission to the course is subject to the terms and conditions of Westford School of management and university / awarding bodies. [-]

Full-time MBA

Leeds University Business School
Campus Full time 1 year

Our Full-time MBA is an accelerated 12 month programme. You spend less time away from work, and without the day-to-day work pressures you can focus fully... [+]

Full-time MBA

We have completely redesigned the Leeds MBA to create a rigorous, challenging leadership development experience. Through supportive masterclasses you build your skills and connect to practice immediately working on real business issues.Our Full-time MBA is an accelerated 12 month programme. You spend less time away from work, and without the day-to-day work pressures you can focus fully on your career by immersing yourself  in your MBA experience. Your Personal and Professional Development is integrated into your MBA supported by our Careers Team, helping you use the year away from work to plan your next career move.

Benefits of the Leeds MBA... [-]