MBA in Strategic Project Management (SPM MBA)


Program Description

SPM MBA Program Introduction

1. Area of Concentration: Project Management

2. Degree conferred: MBA in Project Management

3. Who should apply : People who are involved in project management duties in various industries (Consulting Firms, IT Firms, Movie & Drama Production Studios, Convention & Event Management Firms, Conference & Meeting Organizers, Arts & Sports Management, Telecommunication Firms, R&D & New Product Development, Construction & Engineering Firms, Civil Servants, Officials in Provincial Government, and Executives in Government Invested Firms.

4. Graduation requirements: 45 credits (15-semester courses)

5. Duration of study: 2 years (4 semesters)


The program aims to provide a comprehensive education about project management at the graduate level for those who plan to pursue a business career in the field of project management, which requires strategic business sense and global perspectives as well as excellent management capability.

Program Features

- Students acquire integrated knowledge of project management and business strategy.

- Students receive project management education with PMI standard

- Students can learn PM theory and acquire practical knowledge to be able to take the PMP exam at graduation

- The curriculum focuses on modern day PM theory with service industry and IT projects in mind.

- Faculty uses problem-based learning method and case study for teaching method.

- Students learn practical PM methodology such as Microsoft MS2003.

Growing importance of PM capability as a strategic strength of a business firm.

Modern-day projects are more than just the traditional construction and engineering projects and are carried out in surprisingly various industries such as management consulting, IT system development, software development, festivals and cultural events, movie and drama production, convention and conferences, music concerts and sports events, and so on. Often, the success and failure of such events depend on the PM capability of the organization. In this regard, it is becoming increasingly important to enhance the project management capability of the employees of the firm by training them with the systematic and practical knowledge that is up to the global standard.

Last updated Mar 2018

About the School

Hanyang University Hanyang University is one of the largest and most comprehensive private universities in South Korea and was founded in 1939. Business education was offered for the first time at Han ... Read More

Hanyang University Hanyang University is one of the largest and most comprehensive private universities in South Korea and was founded in 1939. Business education was offered for the first time at Hanyang University in 1959 in the College of Politics and Economy. The School of Business was established in October 2000 as a separate entity to specialize in business research and education. In the intervening years, business courses had been offered at the College of Business and Economics. In September 2004, the drive for further growth gathered momentum when the School representatives and major stakeholders envisioned a new set of Development Strategies for our school, including construction of a new building for HYBS. In fall 2006, the Global-Techno Graduate School of Business Administration was launched as one of the first government-certified MBA programs in Korea. Indeed, our MBA program has been a strong building block of HYBS, striking a balance between theoretical concepts and practical real-world experiences. Hanyang University School of Business Hanyang University School of Business (HYBS) is one of the nation’s premier business schools and a research center. HYBS is committed to educating young minds to have the knowledge, skills, experience, and networks that the students need to have to reach their fullest potentials. The Hanyang experience can transform students by giving them the opportunities to pursue a broad portfolio of academic programs to enrich their minds and to envision themselves in a global business world. The students at Hanyang have an opportunity to interact directly with distinguished faculties who are committed to both the creation and dissemination of knowledge. Our School prepares the Hanyang graduates as future business leaders to manage opportunities and challenges of our ever-changing society which is increasingly integrated with the global economy. HYBS has a long tradition and reputation of generating the graduates who have a mindset of pragmatism to apply and transform their knowledge and passion into real-world experience. HYBS graduates are regarded as one of the most favored groups of business graduates by the private sectors. HYBS emphasizes the importance of creativity, collaboration, and integrity in our business education in order to the HYBS graduates to achieve success and contributes to society in extraordinary ways. HYBS strives to have the next level of innovation and excellence with continuous investment in its human and physical resources. In 2007, HYBS opened a new state-of-the-art building in order to facilitate our goal to become a world-class business school. This remarkable progress at HYBS would not have been possible without the support and commitment of not only the students, faculty, and the staff, but also ongoing support of alumni, parents, and the community. Read less