MBA in Management and Administration of Digital Companies


Program Description

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The management of a company today needs professionals with knowledge of management and administration but also with digital skills. You, who already have professional experience, become the manager of the future with this unique Master in the market

The Master's Degree from the Catholic University of Murcia -UCAM- and Spain Business School in Management and Administration of Digital Companies (MDBA) aims to offer the interested party complete knowledge in business administration, the classic MBA, with the variant that integrates the update to digital companies, while developing both management skills and the values of the correct direction of business.

pixelThe program contains a core block of subjects on business management and administration, while complementing it with the digital methodology that delves into the technical aspects of the medium.

Professionally, these studies aim to provide students, knowledge, techniques, successful practices and skills that companies demand for their intermediate and managerial positions, giving a global and integrating vision of all functional areas.

It is developed in SEMIPRESENCIAL OR ONLINE methodology during an academic course and the obtaining of 60 ECTS from the Catholic University of Murcia, UCAM.

Addressed to

Graduates, graduates and graduates with an aspiration to develop their professional career from the management of companies in the digital environment.

Professionals with a university degree who develop their professional work in the area of department management, or develop strategic decision tasks.

The recipients of the MDBA are all those professionals who wish to project their career towards senior Business Management, regardless of their training of origin. Business management is not only a technique but is acquired through practice, but specific training is required to execute it. Of course, they are not only technical knowledge, but must be complemented with professional, personal skills and a set of values and ethics important to bring the business to success.

Therefore, the perspective of the MDBA is practice, values, good work and training in excellence and self-demand to achieve the objectives.

When developing in online methodology you will require basic knowledge of the Internet and network connection.

Get the goals

The main objective of the Master's degree in Administration and Management of Digital Companies (MDBA), is to ensure that students acquire advanced knowledge in business management, the practice necessary to apply them successfully, while developing managerial and personal skills within of a set of ethical and moral values.


In order to obtain a double university degree, it is necessary for the student to have a recognized university degree in the territory or, failing that, an extensive professional experience in the field of master's knowledge.


The methodology is SEMIPRESENTIAL on the MADRID or ONLINE campus. All our courses have a strong audiovisual component that facilitates learning, being master classes of experts and their notes. In addition, it is complemented by an important practical approach.

Campus access is 24x7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and forever. You will never be alone. There will always be a tutor to accompany you; In addition to the coordinator, the head of studies and the important community of SBS students.

Last updated Oct 2020

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Spain Business School es una escuela nativa digital, líder en formación de negocios digitales de carácter privado, independiente y plural con una función social muy importante. Podríamos indicar se no ... Read More

Spain Business School es una escuela nativa digital, líder en formación de negocios digitales de carácter privado, independiente y plural con una función social muy importante. Podríamos indicar se nos encontramos ante una de las pocas escuelas de negocios sociales si no la única. Está formada por profesionales y directivos en activo que desean compartir su experiencia aportando valor a la sociedad. Deseamos dar servicio y formación a personas con talento, sin importar edad, raza ni requisitos. Además reforzamos la propuesta educativa con la calidad de los másteres universitarios. Read less
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