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Program Description

Master of Arts in Management

The program in Master of Arts in Management allows the student to acquire a profound knowledge of business processes and excel personally and professionally in today’s marketplace. Graduates will be able to communicate and collaborate with others in an effective manner; apply economic, financial and managerial theories to meet their business goals and develop leadership skills to implement in different sectors they will be engaged in.

Master of Arts in Luxury and Brand Management

The Master program in Luxury and Brand Management provides students with comprehensive knowledge of different managerial aspects. Students will be able to apply both methodological skills and practical experience achieved during their education. Graduates of the program will get access to higher-level positions in Luxury and Brand sector.
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 3 semesters(1.5years):2 semesters+Master thesis/internship
  • Start dates: October and February
  • Credits: 90 ECTS
  • Degree Awarded: Master of Arts in Business Administration, Major in Luxury and Brand Management

Example of courses

MALBM101 – Luxury Brand Analyses and Marketing Strategies

This course aims to develop the students' knowledge and skills in core luxury marketing related concepts, as well as appreciate the environmental factors that influence luxury marketing decisions.

Students will develop their analytical skills by working on luxury brands, included their identity, marketing and communication systems. This course provides the knowledge and conceptual framework required to understand the different types of luxury in society taking both a business and consumer view, in doing so they will also explore how changing marketing dynamics are impacting the marketing, experience and consumption of luxury.

MALBM102 – Brand Identity in the Luxury Sector

Traditional marketing principles do not equal to luxury brands. Rather than driving sales at any price, marketing luxury goods require specific principles to enhance and preserve the image of the finest quality, exclusiveness, and hedonic value. This course is designed to sharpen the students' knowledge in luxury brand identity by contrasting traditional versus luxury-specific marketing principles.

MALBM103 – Managing Jewellery and Luxury Watches

The course is designed to equip students with the necessary skills to become leaders in luxury – a dynamic and fast-growing business sector. The program covers various areas of luxury, with a particular focus on fine watches and jewelry. The program also features many

professional visits to different luxury companies, in order to bring alive the theoretical work covered in class.

MALBM106 – Luxury Goods and Services Markets

This course is designed for you who are interested in acquiring managerial expertise in innovative strategic marketing focusing on brand management and customer experiences. By completing this course, students will be able to display a thorough understanding of advances in marketing science in order to pioneer the latest marketing tools and take advantage of consumer trends and demonstrate the ability to critically analyze the international business setting and build innovative, customer-oriented marketing strategies.

MALBM204 – Luxury Quality Management

The course is an introduction to the basics of prestige branding and will provide the students with cutting-edge thinking to enable them to work with real issues faced by today's small entrepreneurs. Students will be able to create a competitive, sustainable, affordable and ethical prestige brand concept that can succeed and create a real Fashion, Food & Fragrance product and Brand Concept to be sold to the public by themselves.

MALBM205 – Luxury Product Design

The Course is a dive into the luxury and design-based industries, with a focus on strategy, innovation, and marketing. It is structured as to provide students with the distinctive principles for effective

management of luxury and design-based businesses, brands, products, and services. The Course explores how luxury and design-based firms and industries have been successful, and what other businesses could learn from them. The Course offers a broad overview of the luxury concepts and trains students on how to use those concepts to work in Strategy, Consulting, Innovation or Marketing, in the luxury or design-based industries, or in any other sector where those strategies may be relevant.

MALBM206 – Luxury Brand Management

This course offers a chance of learning brand management knowledge in the fashion and luxury area. The students will learn to understand the unique consumer behavior at the fashion and luxury market and the influence on the branding strategy of the fashion brands, how to manage the fashion and luxury brand and to understand the know-how of those European fashion brands for their global strategy and to understand the luxury industry and the unique features of consumer behavior.

Admission process and requirements

  1. Send the application form.
  2. Receive feedback from the SSHE staff.
  3. Send additional required documents (previous diplomas and cv, if applicable).
  4. Receive the confirmation of enrollment.

We will contact you as soon as you have sent us the filled in application and the required documents.

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  • Previous diplomas and cv (if applicable)
  • Scan of your current ID
  • TOELF/IELTS(80/7) English proficiency certificate or equivalent


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SSHE is a private university based in Switzerland – the heart of Europe’s luxury, finance and hospitality. University has a Swiss Labeled Accreditation EduQua and part of EFMD and ECBE organisations. ... Read More

SSHE is a private university based in Switzerland – the heart of Europe’s luxury, finance and hospitality. University has a Swiss Labeled Accreditation EduQua and part of EFMD and ECBE organisations. Read less