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Program Description

IFA Paris Bachelor Certified by FEDE (Fédération Européenne Des Écoles)

  • Duration: 15-month program in English
  • Campuses: Paris, Shanghai, Istanbul
  • Format*: Paris or Istanbul/Paris or Shanghai/Paris/Bangkok
  • Next Intake: September 2019
  • ECTS Credits: 120
  • Application Fee: €150
  • Tuition Fee: €15,800
  • Limited to: 25 students per class

availability of Format(s) may vary from one year to another


Have you always wondered what it would feel like to work for an industry that is in perpetual movement and at the forefront of marketing and technical innovations, but also known for upholding traditional know-how and a strong sense of heritage?

Would you like to be part of a great professional adventure and help resolve the challenges that the luxury sector will face in the future? Are you passionate about finding out how luxury brands can still appeal to traditional mature markets, whilst at the same time embracing the opportunities provided by emerging markets and the arrival of younger generations of consumers?

In order to address these challenges, today’s luxury goods professionals need to be able to:

  • decipher complex consumer data and
  • develop the capacity to anticipate the rise of online retail and social media whilst at the same time
  • adapting to changing consumer habits and the rise of experiential luxury and personalization.

At IFA Paris, we have built on our expertise of the fashion and luxury industry, our strong connections with today’s leaders in the luxury world, and our first-hand experience of Western and Eastern markets to design a course that will help you understand this increasingly complex sector and turn you into a luxury goods professional: the MBA in Luxury Brand Management.

IFA Paris’ Global Reach

The MBA in Luxury Brand Management is designed to take advantage of the unique location of IFA Paris’ three campuses, at the confluence of Eastern and Western influences and cultures, as students in this program can choose between three global cities that each represents a different degree of maturity of the luxury market (availability of track(s) may vary from one year to another):

The Paris track: students spend 4 terms of study in Paris, the birthplace of luxury and one of the traditional luxury capitals of the world.

The Shanghai track (2 Terms in Shanghai and 2 terms in Paris): Besides Paris and its strong luxury heritage, students will discover a country that is about to become the biggest luxury goods market in the world by 2020, and a city where consumers’ tastes and knowledge are at such a level of sophistication that some analysts consider they have reached a level of maturity faster than expected.

Students who choose the Shanghai track can also benefit from our partnership with a key player in the Asian luxury higher education sector, the Luxellence center, and visit their Bangkok campus for 1 term (following the terms in Paris and Shanghai). In Bangkok, students will explore a thriving fashion retail panorama in a city where the most luxurious brands are constantly increasing their presence.

The Istanbul track (2 terms in Istanbul and 2 terms in Paris): students who choose this track will analyze how demographic and lifestyle trends changes are driving one of the healthiest and steadiest industry growth in Europe, and establishing Istanbul as an important gate to the burgeoning Middle Eastern markets.

Our Teaching Philosophy

At IFA Paris, students can also benefit from innovative teaching methods and a constantly evolving educational model based on three main principles:

  • Discovery: Students are being immersed in a workshop environment, allowing them to get an intensive and practical training based on modules that analyze macro and micro trends in depth.
  • Experimentation: While traveling between IFA Paris’s different campuses (Paris, Istanbul, Bangkok, and Shanghai) our students experience first-hand the intrinsic characteristics of emerging and mature markets thanks to IFA Paris’ learning-by-doing pedagogy.
  • Self-affirmation: When undertaking their end-of-study research project, the Capstone thesis, students are encouraged to develop a unique and pioneering perspective on a challenge of their choice faced by the luxury industry and expand their problem-solving skills.

Course Structure

The modules taught in our program will enable you, as a professional, to master the different aspects of the luxury business, from branding, distribution and retail strategies to financial management and business planning. The luxury lifestyle seminars also provide participants with a unique insight into specific sectors of the luxury industry such as Luxury Watchmaking, Cosmetics, and Perfume, Haute Couture or even Oenology and Gastronomy.

You will develop a broad view of the industry, be introduced to the unique secrets of the luxury trades and exposed to the techniques luxury goods professionals use to build trust and authority for brands, such as storytelling and creative strategic thinking.

Finally, from inception to graduation, and regardless of their location, you will benefit as an IFA Paris student from the support of a unique department called the “Career and Alumni Center”. Capitalizing on strong collaborations with groups such as LVMH, Richemont or Kering and building upon an alumni community composed of individuals originating from over 50 different countries, the Career and Alumni Center will enable you to develop a strong professional network, give you access to professional trade-shows and industry experts through regular events such as on-campus guest talks and conferences. The key word here is synergy, whereby IFA Paris, its students, and alumni are all set to be major actors in the reshaping of the luxury industry panorama.

Our MBA Courses are structured with the ECTS framework in mind as set by the Bologna Convention. Upon completion of their studies, participants will gather a total of 120 ECTS that they will be able to transfer if they wish to further their studies. The Course is also accredited by IDEL/IDEART and is certified as “International Master”.


Admission requirements:

  • Preferably 2 years of professional experience (Internships are taken into account)
  • Bachelor Graduate or significant professional experience in related fields
  • IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL IBT 79 (or equivalence) or proof of study in English, for non-native English speakers
  • Interview (on campus or Skype)
  • Online test

Documents to provide:

  • Fill in the online application form
  • Latest transcript
  • Copy of Bachelor diploma or equivalence
  • Motivation letter
  • Resume/CV
  • Passport photo
  • Copy of passport

All applications will be reviewed by the Program Director and Academic Director of the postgraduate department. Should applicants be deemed to not meet the minimum admission requirements in terms of academic background, they will be asked to enroll in a Foundation Workshop held prior to the starting date of their MBA Program.

Course Structure

Our Luxury brand Management course covers a wide range of modules clustered into five main module groupings:

  • Marketing and Management: This grouping encompasses a series of modules that will be sequentially planned based on the structure of a marketing plan. The overall body of knowledge acquired by the students will prepare them to:
    • Analyze complex marketing challenges based on practical case studies
    • Allocate resources strategically to achieve pre-determined objectives
    • Craft brand DNAs allowing for the achievement of a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Business Issues: The capacity to listen and interpret markets’ signals is a key component of today’s managers. It needs to be continuously cultivated. Within this module grouping, students will discover the idiosyncrasies of the luxury industry from an economic and financial viewpoint.
  • Distribution and Retail: In the past 30 years the distribution strategies of the most famous luxury brands and conglomerates have gone through a dramatic change. Tightening control of the distribution channels, creating shopping environments that tell stories, increased utilization of the internet are only a few topics that will be covered in the modules pertaining to the grouping of “Distribution and Retail”
  • Luxury Environment: The concept of rarity has traditionally been associated with the idea of luxury. However, while rarity is still an important factor in determining the value of a luxury brand, terms such as “exclusivity” or “space” are now strongly resounding within customers’ minds as alternative descriptors. In this module grouping, students will study the historical evolution of the luxury industry and will explore macro trends that are structuring the different international markets.
  • Luxury Lifestyle: The series of seminars comprised within the “Luxury Lifestyle” module grouping will allow our students to experience diverse industries and give them more specific insights on each of them. Topics such as Haute Couture, Jewelry, Luxury Watch Making…etc will be covered by specialists of the sectors who will guide the students through their discovery process.

The Foundation workshop will be taught over 2 full weeks (75 Hours) and comprise the following modules:

  • Principles of Marketing – 15 Hours
  • Quantitative Research Approaches – 15 Hours
  • Accounting Principles – 15 Hours
  • Working Methodology – 15 Hours
  • Project Management – 15 Hours

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About the School

The Paris Fashion School for Design and Business. In the words of Suzy Menkes, IFA Paris is where to “Learn the French way of seeing fashion as art.” (HERALD TRIBUNE, JUNE 2004)

The Paris Fashion School for Design and Business. In the words of Suzy Menkes, IFA Paris is where to “Learn the French way of seeing fashion as art.” (HERALD TRIBUNE, JUNE 2004) Read less
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