MBA in Luxury Brand Management


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Program Description

The Luxury Management Program aims to all future managers who want to build a solid and successful career in the luxury industry.

This comprehensive international program provides maximum exposure to the luxury industry. Every candidate is operational within days of onboarding its future dream job.

Nothing better than to acquire this knowledge & skills right in the birthplace of luxury, Paris.

A 360° Learning Program

  • In-class learning: lectures, Case studies, Debates
  • Practical experiences: Field visits (Retail, Foundation, Designers, Craftsman workshop, Fairs ect.), Work Groups
  • Insights from luxury experts: Guest speakers, Masterclasses, Q&As
  • Continuous feedback and evaluation by MBA professors and companies' executives

All classes are taught in English by luxury professionals.

Our students get insights from highly qualified luxury specialists, which represents a great value for a career in a fast-paced constantly evolving industry.

As a result of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand and analyze the branding and brand management in luxury, based on markets, and customers’ profiles and culture
  • Analyze and create brand strategies and brand platforms for the luxury industry
  • Get an in-depth understanding of the luxury industry, with a focus on the French luxury industry, all sectors.
  • Build value on existing or develop new brands
  • Get to ascertain your future role in the luxury industry
  • Develop communication and distribution strategies for luxury brand names


Understanding Luxury Culture:
  • Holistic view of the industry
  • Industry dynamics and evolution
  • Established players and a new generation
  • Profile and behaviors of the luxury clients
  • Case study and work groups
Creating value:
  • From brand identity to Brand DNA
  • How to turn a luxury brand into a success
  • Product innovation and design
  • Luxury and sustainability
  • Case study and work groups (value of a brand, brand personality)
Brand Strategies:
  • Brand positioning - concept, product innovation
  • Brand platforms
  • Operational excellence/customer experience
  • Social network strategies for luxury brands
  • Case study, Workgroups (selective distribution and e-commerce)
Global Image and communication:
  • Online/ Offline communication/Omnichannel
  • Advertising strategies
  • Strategic use of social media
  • Case study, Workgroups
Luxury distribution at Digital Age:
  • Exclusivity and visibility
  • Emerging markets VS Mature markets
  • Case study, Workgroups
Immersion into the luxury world:
In teams of 5, participants are required to solve a business issue for a company (coaching will be provided during the assignment). Presentation, monitored by an MBA professor and a company executive.

Career Perspectives

With 15,000 graduates in a hundred countries, ESLSCA Business School has one of the largest and oldest networks among major business schools.
The Luxury brand management international MBA degree paves the way to unforeseen perspectives, in a very global and diverse environment.
When following this program, you may join as a Manager or a Director the following areas of activities depending on the size of the company:
  • Brand & Communication,
  • Retail Network,
  • Marketing,
  • Digital Brand,
  • Product,
  • Travel Retail,
  • Entrepreneurship, etc.


The School offers the possibility, for all of its courses, to apply online throughout the whole year: spanning from January to December.
The selection of candidates is performed by application file (CV and application question form) followed by an interview.
The candidates should have a professional or academic (Master diploma) background.
In the field of marketing and luxury. Candidates need to demonstrate strong motivation for marketing, brand, luxury businesses.
Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

Forte de ses 70 ans d’expérience, l’ESLSCA Business School Paris propose une pédagogie équilibrée entre expérience pratique et méthodologie progressive. Depuis 1949, l’école a su développer ses activi ... Read More

Forte de ses 70 ans d’expérience, l’ESLSCA Business School Paris propose une pédagogie équilibrée entre expérience pratique et méthodologie progressive. Depuis 1949, l’école a su développer ses activités pour devenir un pôle d’excellence académique, notamment dans les domaines de la Finance, du Marketing, du Management et de la data. L’ESLSCA Business School Paris propose de nombreux cursus de formation tels que des programmes Bachelors, des MBA spécialisés ou encore des formations pour les professionnels. L’école a récemment emménagé dans son tout nouveau campus parisien de 8000m². Situé au cœur du parc de Pont de Flandre dans le 19eme arrondissement de Paris et accessible en RER, métro et tramway, ce nouvel espace moderne, lumineux et connecté a été pensé pour nos étudiants et pour leur épanouissement. Avec 15 000 anciens diplômés présents en France et à l'international, l’ESLSCA Business School Paris bénéficie d’un des réseaux les plus importants de ceux des grandes écoles de commerce et de management. Largement ouverts sur l’international, les programmes de l'ESLSCA Business School Paris contribuent à la formation des dirigeants de demain. Read less