MBA in International e-Supply Chain Management


Program Description

The supply chain field is seeing a rapid transformation and growth nowadays. New technologies and IT improvements such as AI, blockchain, robotics, machine learning, and cloud computing are shaping enormously the supply chain logistics and management industry as well as our lives.

It’s not a case that the supply chain management sector is expected to reach $24.532 billion by 2025, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 9.7% from 2018 to 2025 according to Allied Market Research. All these developments translate into a speedup and a lower cost of delivery services, plus an enhancement of the reliability of the services. Undoubtedly, the logistics and supply chain industry is not the same as it was a decade ago and is still seeing a rapid transformation in all sectors. That is why technology is not considered a market advantage for the most tech-savvy companies, but a standard at a general level. It is, therefore, essential for key players of the sector to anticipate how the latest innovations will impact their supply chains and take advantage of the new technology accordingly.

By pursuing this double accredited MBA the students will gain access to a reliable and practical education in the field of supply chain management and investigate the latest developments and technologies, with the aim of being able to use and apply them consciously in their professional lives.


Program Curriculum

  1. Strategy & Globalization
  2. Leadership and Human Resources Management
  3. Operations Management and Trade
  4. International Marketing
  5. Financial and Economic Management
  6. Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  7. Business Game
  8. New Technologies and Optimization of SCM
  9. Purchasing and Procurement Strategy in the SCM
  10. Distribution, Storage, Handling, Transportation, and Reverse Logistics in the SCM. Stock Management
  11. Quality, Productivity, and Operations
  12. Final Master’s Project

The final project of the Master’s Degree is written either as a business plan or a case study for an existing business. This is an excellent opportunity for the students to develop their business ideas and give them life, as the projects are supervised and guided by some of the best professionals in the field. We strongly encourage our students to take advantage of the master’s project to push their limits using it as an exercise for entrepreneurship.

The project can be done either individually or in a group.

Student profile

  • Professionals in logistics and supply chain areas who wish to update their knowledge and skills with the best professionals in the sector.
  • Entrepreneurs who wish to gain a detailed view of its supply chain, operations, and logistics managerial aspects, together with the latest developments and technologies available in the market.
  • Recent graduates who wish to specialize in the field of supply chain management with an innovative and unique approach, that will allow them to gain a competitive edge at the time of joining the labor market.


Dual Degree in e-Supply Chain Management

  • MBA in International e-Supply Chain Management by BEBS Barcelona Executive Business School
  • Master’s Degree in International e-Supply Chain Management by UCAV (Catholic University of Ávila)

BEBS is a private business school, providing higher education which is valid worldwide, as well as it is a member of the Association of Business Schools in Spain (AEEN), and the European Union Private Higher Education (EUPHE).

Required Documents

  1. Up-to-date Resume (CV)
  2. Motivation letter
  3. Passport or ID copy
  4. Bachelor’s degree
  5. Academic record (Transcript/Grades)
  6. IELTS 6.0 or equivalent, such as TOEFL or previous education in English
Last updated Oct 2020

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BEBS is an executive business school with international experience in business management and training. BEBS has been at the forefront of executive education, inspiring, challenging and contributing to the development of current and future leaders of many countries and sectors. BEBS is an innovative institution, making a positive, comprehensive and consistent impact on people, businesses, and society. The success of BEBS is based on an academic approach, with a strong focus on professional and humanistic approach to Business and Leadership: during any of our Programs our professors and executive professionals bring reflection, dialogue, critical analysis, projects and initiatives to ensure excellent education, consequently generating a valuable contribution to business and social transformation. Read less