MBA in International Management

University Institute for International and European Studies

Program Description

MBA in International Management

University Institute for International and European Studies

Whether Master in Business Management or MBA or one of the University's other Master or Postgraduate programs of studies all are preparing candidates for senior management roles in an organization. A full variety of specialization pathways allows either to have the wider managerial picture as content or offers specific pathways to become a specialist for corporations and that in the center of what they need.

The typical Master's program comprises eight modules to which adds the Master's thesis. The Master's programs fully conform with European requirements on Postgraduate studies. I.e., they award 90 ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). Some programs, which UNIES considers as elite programs, go significantly beyond this. These particular programs demonstrate employers the outstanding excellence our Graduates have even more.

The courses’ wider strategic objectives are to educate the responsible manager, who understands the general picture and wider implications by which organizations of different kind and industries are driven and have to be managed. Internalizing these criteria into the curriculum enhances Graduates' employability and career opportunities within organization significantly.

All Master's programs provide Graduates with extended and superior knowledge being fully concentrated on latest research and future developments but focus on modern organizational challenges, forces, and values driving these. The courses combine knowledge on organizations with key management practice skills for real use and application. Cross-functional and interdisciplinary approaches to integrating wider managerial perspectives support Graduates and their organizations equally.

Duration of Program

The MBA program has a duration of 3 semesters with an amount of 90 ECTS-Credits.

Begin of Study

April = begin of summer term,

October = begin of winter term.

Enrolments are generally accepted throughout the year.

Entry Requirements

Completed bachelor's degree (or equivalent)

Learning Structure

All courses are structured according to the Bologna reform in modules. Eight compulsory taught modules within one year and the Master´s Thesis in the third semester.

Mode of Study

The MBA program is based on a practice-oriented and part-time study model. A residential study, web based-learning, blended learning is combined with work-based-study supported by systemic coaching or supervised by faculty and teaching staff.


All modules include a test or examination. Advanced forms of examination, such as presentation, essay, portfolio, group discussion with assessment, etc. are possible.

Final Examination

The final examinations are held at the end of a full program, consists of oral and written examinations and comprise the specialization subjects as well as the thesis/dissertation project (presentation and oral defense of the thesis/dissertation).

Structure and Schedule

This document constitutes the Program Outline for Postgraduate Programmes of studies in the field of Business Administration and Management of the University Institute for International and European Studies (UNIES), The program of studies is aligned with international standards of Postgraduate Education on level 7 of studies and fulfils the criteria of the process of Harmonisation of Higher Education in Europe accordingly. The course awards successful students 90 ECTS credits:

  • 60 ECTS credits by completion of eight compulsory taught modules (7.5 ECTS credits per module), and
  • 30 ECTS credits through the Master’s thesis

The modules are delivered interactively and are based on actual knowledge and research in this pathway. The objective of this program of studies is to introduce students to relevant and latest knowledge with a specific view on the contemporary organization and its management. Therefore all modules of this course and their content are oriented towards actual and future industry trends.

That means the right balance between managerial roles in organizational functions or in self-employment.

They also own an overarching understanding of how organizations function to which add the important elements of corporate responsibility and sustainability.

Each individual module is designed to provide in-depth subject knowledge and also contributes to a cross-functional understanding. The thesis tests students’ knowledge across all subject areas. The overall outcome of this course supports graduates in their career development through the combination of academic knowledge and essential practice orientation of highest standards. The emphasis of the course is employability impact.

This program of studies is considered as relevant, rich and academically valid by the adoption of highest standards of Higher Education. Superior professional standards have been embedded additionally. Learning objectives and module content are further closely related to the Six Principles of the PRME Framework of the United Nations.

This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • German

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