MBA in International Luxury Management


Program Description

MBA in International Luxury Management

An Institute of Management facing the globalization of Luxury

The MBA in Luxury Management will allow Luxury lovers to better understand the world of Luxury and its various business fields, its culture, its expertise, and excellence.


  • A progression in your career as Manager
  • An evolution in the world of luxury
  • Develop a luxury industry expertise
  • An opportunity to deepen some fields of knowledge (diamonds, gemstones, pearls) thanks to internships and training by the ING - Gemological Institute of
  • A program that is compatible with professional activity
  • A Teaching staff

Teaching Methods


Thanks to workshops students have the opportunity to study real cases and business situations submitted by companies, consulting firms, and by the Executive Committee either individually or in groups:

  • Case studies and synthesis workshops,
  • Experimentation and discussion labs,
  • Speakers from the business sector,
  • Conferences and field trips,
  • Individual coaching sessions,
  • Case studies of real cases and business situations based on the student’s personal and research project,

Workshops will offer participants the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and to develop a professional approach to their learning. Programs are designed to include corporate environment and current event related topics (business news).

This work is generally presented to an audience including companies or consultancies. A debriefing follows the presentation.

European Management Seminars

Delivered in Brussels by business leaders, University professors, Senior EU officials and personalities from the world of International Business. Conferences and Lectures are held in French and in English. Various field trips to European Institutions and Companies are organized during these seminars.

European Workshops

Students will emerge in real life business and European companies and will analyze business life issues in the enlarged EU. The program is tailored to fit the needs based on the participants’ personal projects. Case studies are conducted with the cooperation of our partner centers, Chambers of Commerce and business partners of ECMU in the European Union.
At the end of these seminars and workshops, the participants obtain the "Certificate of European Business Competence - ECMU Levels 2 and 3.

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About the School

For over 35 years, our mission has been to meet the needs of the international market in the field of manager and executive training programs in Hospitality Management, Tourism, Luxury Brands and Inte ... Read More

For over 35 years, our mission has been to meet the needs of the international market in the field of manager and executive training programs in Hospitality Management, Tourism, Luxury Brands and International Affairs.Our Group develops the exchanges and extends its international presence to Europe, South-Eastern Asia, China, and Eastern Europe in partnership with corporations and corporate universities. Our strengths:An innovative and responsive teaching with programs combining the most modern methods of international management and the traditions of excellence in the Hospitality Business and Luxury Brands. A direct involvement in the industry, with courses and management training bringing the students to quickly assimilate the theoretical knowledge and technical-practical skills provided by the courses, and thus be fully operational by the end of their studies. A high-level faculty, made up of professors, from high ranked American and European universities, international experts and professionals. A professional and individual coaching with a coach. The coaching helps the participants to set their career plans and personal development. A multicultural environment with students from over 41 nationalities. This allows our participants to interact with each other, not only throughout the language but also through culture and mentality. A work-based program, that offers the opportunity to start a part-time professional activity for participants starting from the second year and full-time one for the MBA students. A bilingual program (French / English) allowing real bilingualism. European and International recognition of our degrees. Our courses are accredited by ECBE - European Council for Business Education - and ACBSP - Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs, which gives them European and International recognition. Thanks to those accreditations, our students have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad in one of our 750 partner universities of the network ACBSP-ECBE-ECMU and to validate a double degree. Read less