MBA in International Business Marketing Specialization


Program Description


Whether to organize the presence of a company on a show, to identify the right channels of communication, to adapt its product to the local market, to understand consumer buying behavior or highlight its products, related functions International marketing is essential for a brand to succeed in its international development. To meet these skills needs, ILCI Business School has decided to open a specialization in Marketing and digital.

In two years, the MBA program in International Business Specialization Marketing

Based on the International Business MBA, it allows students to acquire the skills necessary to develop an international business while specializing in one of the 5 skills of certification, that concerning the design of marketing elements allowing to the company to promote products and services internationally.

The AIMaD MBA focuses more specifically on product marketing and customer marketing, enabling students to participate in an operational way in customer loyalty and sales development via real or digital channels.

Beyond the objectives of the training defined above, the objectives of the Marketing specialization

  • Master the tools of marketing and digital marketing
  • Know how to analyze and understand a specific market
  • Define a marketing strategy
  • Define the operational positioning of a product, brand or company in a national or international market.
  • Participate in the construction and implementation of the marketing strategy
  • Measure the effectiveness of the actions implemented.
  • Develop a product innovation strategy128614_rsz_icons8-team-m0oste_mjsi-unsplash.jpg


  • Level I Certified Title (2)
  • Acquisition of marketing tools and digital marketing
  • Become aware of the digital transformation in international exchanges and use the digital tools adapted to the targeted market
  • Specialization in International Business Development
  • Immersion in the professional world


  • International customer relations manager
  • International sales promotion manager
  • Head of project or international marketing mission
  • Head (fe) of international brand
  • Web Marketing Manager

Concerned public

Bac 3 level in economics or management or Bac 4 level in international marketing or international management


1st and 2nd year

  • International exchange framework
  • International contracts
  • International sales techniques
  • International call for tenders
  • intercultural management
  • Geopolitics - Country approach
  • Leadership and management
  • Choosing a marketing network and setting up a distribution network
  • Measurement of marketing and sales performance
  • International Business Development Strategy
  • International Sales Promotion
  • Project management
  • Professional coaching
  • Brand marketing
  • Creative and advertising strategy
  • CRM (customer relationship management)
  • Market research and watch
  • International risk management
  • International marketing
  • Large distribution merchandising
  • International commercial prospection
  • Big Data Seminar
  • Innovative Project Creation Seminar
  • Social media strategy
  • Language and Culture
  • Business Visits
  • Professional project
  • Mission in Business
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