MBA in Industrial Engineering and Project Management


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Program Description

Master's degree in “Industrial Engineering and Project Management” prepares international-level specialists capable of managing processes and resources of a project from the concept phase to its closure, with respect to economics, risks, and safety.

Course Title




KBTU / ECU / KBTU Partner

Obligatory State Standard Subjects


Foreign Language (Professional)


During the course, English Level should be improved up to Upper-Intermediate and Glossary of Construction should be studied




General concepts of Management and Project Management




Communication and presentation skills should be studied especially in the multi-national environment




Students may choose an elective from all the subjects given at KBTU


Basic Subjects


Introduction to Contracts and Procurement


Understand the standard procurement routes, especially in Kazakhstan.

Current industry procurement practice

Kazakhstan government policy and guidance

Commercial aspects of construction project procurement and contracting

KBTU partner

Service Procurement and Provision


Service provision in facilities management and cases in Kazakhstan and abroad

Know models for a decision-making process for the selection of in-house and outsourced service providers

Be able to apply performance measurement approach to service provision

Know how to examine the human and social impact of service provision

Be able to choose correct management techniques for dealing with changes in service provider and outsourcing

KBTU partner

Strategic Asset Management


Understanding the clients' service requirements in a national and multinational context

Study service procurement within FM

Be able to work on identification, management of third-party service providers

Explore innovative service solutions to support workers and organization environment


People and Organization Management in

Built Environment


Advanced level of knowledge about complex management theories and their application in the built environment

Project management concepts and built environment in organizations


Sustainability for Construction


Understanding the systems and frameworks related to


Evaluation of business and the environment from a local to a global level.

Analysis of the subject in relation to professional responsibilities.

KBTU partner

Environmental Quality Assurance Control


Environmental protection and rational use of natural resources is one of the most important disciplines in the field of environmental management. Environmental protection studies basic environmental problems, the state of natural resources, and issues related to production activities and other anthropogenic factors in the natural environment.

ECU (Sandro Furlan)

Professional Electives


Value and Risk Management


Introduce the concepts of value & risk management.

Be able to solve strategic and tactical problems

Be able to use tools and techniques through the case study


Construction Financial Management


Understanding of the need for financial planning and monitoring and the cost control process


Space Planning and Management


Study space layouts

  • Identify the supply and demand process in relation to property portfolios
  • Relationship between services, structure, and space
  • Tools and techniques for modeling and use of space




Industrial internship


MS Thesis/Project preparation


The research work of the student, including the completion of the thesis


Final attestation



MS Project defense


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